Alphabet Cuts: Ingrid

Alphabet Cuts: Ingrid

Ingrid was the first recipient of a chili bowl cut, a precise style that complimented her delicate looks and really made a feature of her animated eyes. Ingrid started work in the early summer, and on my first visit she was complaining about the lack of air conditioning. When I told her that the best way to cool down was to have a haircut, she took surprisingly little convincing. I found it very easy to be assertive with my choice of style, and Ingrid became a very placid yet pleased model. Before I started cutting Ingrid’s hair, it was mid-shoulder length and very fine. Ingrid was talkative as I began the cut and she was quite forthcoming when I probed her about her experiences and desires. Ingrid seemed engrossed as I told her what I planned, and I provided her with a commentary of the cut as I careful worked at the back of her head.

“This style will be very striking, Ingrid, it’s one that I have been longing to cut for a while, and as its not a style that will suit everyone I have had to wait a long time!” She questioned why it was called a chili bowl, not really knowing why I gave my best explanation. “It’s cut extremely short at the back of your head, from the ears downwards, whilst above it is left long and bouncy, so the contrast between the short lengths and longer hairs couldn’t be more extreme. I guess it looks like an upturned bowl.”

I began by cutting horizontally from ear to ear, proceeding cautiously so as to get the most precise line possible. As I cut 6 inches of hair fell away, revealing the previously hidden hair that grew close to Ingrid’s scalp. Once I had scissored the bulk of Ingrid’s hair away I continued using the scissor over comb method to blend the lengthier top of the chili bowl to the shorter hair beneath.

“I will be using my clippers soon, to take this even shorter.” Ingrid seemed surprised as I fingered the short hair at her nape. Sensing her surprise I played upon her nervousness. “They really are most efficient, if I were to use them without a guard they would shave all your hair off, down to the skin in no time.” My teasing of Ingrid excited me as much as the prospect of such a close, all-over shave did.

“Don’t worry though, I won’t be going skin tight, although it will be short and extremely sexy.”

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“Er, OK then,” was all the reply Ingrid offered.

She shuddered as I bought the unprotected clipper teeth to her hair and carefully clipped along her neckline, I barely moved my wrist, delicately flicking up the clippers as I moved along her hairline. As her fine hairs were shorn away more of her scalp came into view, I said, “Ingrid, I am cutting it very short at the hairline, if you would like to feel you will find it hard to sense any hair at all.” Ingrid’s finger, hesitant at first carefully and deliberately explored her denuded hairline as if seeking to locate every hair, clipped as close as it was to its follicle. “See I told you it was close, how does it feel?”

Ingrid considered her reply. “It’s weird when I rub like this.” She moved her fingertip in a circular motion over her hair. “It is all smooth and silky, but I thought that with it being stubbly it would be coarser, but it’s not.”

“You like it then? I can carry on clipping a bit more?” Slipping on the shortest guard I continued pushing the clippers up from her nape to the horizontal cut. I soon had clipped Ingrid’s head from ear to ear, where once there were 6-inch tresses there was now a fine, brunette pelt, closely cut to her nape.

“There we go, what do you think?” Placing a mirror behind her head so she could see how close the cut was I encouraged Ingrid to explore her haircut, her scalp. Since Ingrid had taken off her glasses before I started clipping she relied on her sense of touch until she put her glasses on. “It’s not too short is it?” I said teasingly.

“No, it’s great, it’s better than I thought it would be.” Her eyes were sparkling, her whole face animated. “I was a bit wary when you got the clippers out, I thought I’d end up with no hair, but what you’ve done is great. It’s not until you see the back of me that you realise how short it is! I love it.”

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