Hair Story

Hair Story

Hair Story – [email protected] (buzz) What am I going to tell Cindy when she comes to pick me up for work this morning. Maybe I can just call in sick and hide. No.. it would take to long to repair what I’ve done I thought that maybe she will just laugh and say don’t worry about it, but I got a feeling she will not accept it, let alone the people at work.

You see, this morning I had a dream that I was at a beauty shop around the corner and they would not trim my bangs, and when I looked in the mirror, they needed cutting. The dream was so real, that I woke up distressed, thinking I needed my bangs cut.

Well I got out of bed and entered the bathroom, reached into the op drawer and took out my small five inch scissors that I used to nip off split ends. When I realized what I was doing, I finally was awake enough to realize that my bangs didn’t really need cutting. I stood there for a second and then thought what the hell, they probably could use a little shortening. I took the comb on the counter and combed them down straight to my forehead and brought the scissors up to my bangs. I didn’t even stop to assess their length, and then I began to shear them off about one half inch shorter. Well as I cut, I started to think of the hunk hairdresser in my dreams. He had a big bulge and he seemed to enjoy the thought of cutting and curling my hair. Back to reality, I realized that the scissors were cutting a bit on a angle and that they left small hairs, the blades must have missed.

I started to re cut the bangs and again I was thinking of that hairdresser. Oh shit… I cut a little into the temple area of my bangs and would have to even up the other side.

I was getting turned on, the more hair I cut, the more I thought of the guy in the shop, in my dream. With my left hand, I reached down to my pussy and started to rub. The more I cut, the wetter I got. This has never happened to me before. I’ve heard of hair fetishism and how hairdressers get turned on cutting hair, but I never thought I could get hot doing it. I don’t know what came over me, but I returned to my bed and laid down and started to play with myself. I found that when I thought of cutting my hair that feeling got stronger. So I brought the scissors up to my hair, because I was laying down, my hair was messed up and when I cut a little into my hair, I wasn’t just cutting the ends but I was cutting into my shoulder length ash blonde hair. Fuck em…the feeling was great…what’s a little hair, I’ll pin it up and nobody will notice. I masturbated and snipped little bits of hair and when I came, I almost exploded. It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. It was as if my hairdresser friend was cutting my hair and I was sitting in his chair playing with my pussy and watching him and his bulge.

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Well the alarm went off at 6:20 and I felt all relaxed and I had a itchy feeling to my face and neck. I wiped my face and neck and realized my hair was in my face. I got up and went to the bathroom. I sat on the john and looked down at my night gown and saw pieces of hair all over it. Then I remembered the dream, I was masturbating in the stylists chair as that hunk was cutting my hair. When I finished I went to the mirror to brush my hair. YIKES…what had I done, my hair looked as if a madman had hacked my hair off at all strange angles as I slept. My bangs, if you could call them bangs were only half an inch long. and the sides of my temples and the top of my head had bald spots where I must have just placed the scissors close to the scalp and hacked my hair off. I ran into the bedroom and turned on the light. I looked over at the bed and there were chunks of my long ash blonde hair laying all over my pillow. I reached up and placed my hands on the back of my head and all I felt was stubble….What ever will I do, I have that presentation at work today…I have to go, or I’m fired. Oh God….I returned to the bathroom and thought about it for a while, I lent my wig to my sister and she was out of town….what can I do?…..SHAVE IT….that’s all I can do.

After all, I cut too much off to cover it up by pinning my hair up, a kerchief is stupid looking and a hat will not cover the neck and sides. I decided if I take the scissors and chop the rest off real short, and put some hair remover on it, the overall effect will look less weird then if I were to leave it. Cindy will be here soon…what should I do….Fuck It…where’s the Nair. Soon my head was covered in lemon smelling Nair. I waited 25 minutes, trying to come up with a reason why I had no hair….then it dawned on me Celtic Razor Blades…that it. That’s the presentation I had this morning…what better for a Razor blade advertisement then a freshly shaved chick giving the presentation…after all Cindy knew I was prone to crazy ideas…I wonder if the boss will buy it. I jumped into the shower and lathered up my lemon scented head and watched as the remaining stubble of hair go down the drain…I got out of the tub and put a towel around my head.

Walked over to my dressing room mirror, put on my makeup and darkened in my light, pencil thin brows and put on my makeup. I put on my red mini dress, the one with the low cut top and put my nylons and high heels on. In front of my full length mirror I stood and removed the towel in a quick jerk….Stunning.. the lady looking back at me was beautiful…Bald…but very beautiful, you know I just might carry this one off….the sound of a horn in the distance, Cindy was here………..

This is a story of fantasy. A dream that has been embedded deeply within a person’s unconscious mind, for how long not even they know. To come out when time begins to stand still for them, with nothing else to do. A “destiny”, in a way, that has held many back, but soon to be known to the right person. A person who, for whatever reason, has the same fantasy within their self. Will the two met to explore and achieve their fantasy is one thing. To live out what others see as strange, but to them it is a wanting. That is the question one must ask their self. Or, to let it die as the years take their toll, on one’s body and soul. It is only you who can decide ……….


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