Linda Gets Caught

Linda Gets Caught

Linda Gets Caught

Linda is sitting in the corner of the dark room and did not know what to expect next. She had been forced into a car hours ago and stripped of her clothes expect for her underwear and some paper slippers that they gave her.

Linda is a tall medium figured gal who is a journalist for a large newspaper.

Now in a state of shock, waits for something to happen someone to release her or tell her what is going happen to her. She waits and waits. Finally, several hours later, a tall women opens her locked cell door. Linda looks up in fear at the women.


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Linda’s slowly moves upward. Unconsciously moving her long blonde hair behind her. Linda said in a low voice, “Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’ll asked the questions. YOU will do what you are told. Take off your rags and follow me, bitch.”

The guard directs Linda down a narrow hall. It has a smell that is quite noticeable. She is led into a small room with no windows and told to undress and walk through the next room, advance and take a shower.

Linda does what she is told and when finished opens the next door and sees that there is a chair next to the table with some instruments. What have I done? Where am I ? she thought to herself.

She finished her shower not knowing what to expect next. She dried her shoulder length hair the best she could.

A different guard was waiting for her now. She tells Linda to sit in the chair. After she sits down the guard places a pair of handcuffs around her hand and put her hands behind the chair. The first guard said, “Look this way!”

“You through you could outsmart us? It didn’t work. You belong to us now. Your side can’t do anything about it. You’ll be here for a long time for espionage against our county.”

Linda’s eyes opened wide with shock. The guard prepares her for the next procedure. The guard removes her wedding ring and the one dangling ear ring hanging loosely. She knows she has nothing on her except the thin sheet that covers her body.

The other guard plugs in the electrical instrument that was slightly out of her view. The electrical instrument is turned on. She turns her head and looks at the instrument which starts buzzing louder as the guard approaches her head. She realizes what it is. Hair clippers that was seconds from removing her twenty years of straight long hair. The large clippers now removed one side of her hair and quickly cutting the other side. She always wonder what it would feel like to have a buzz hair cut like some of the guys she made love to over the years. The guard finished with the clippers. Linda smiles and says, “Hey, don’t forget the shaving cream.” The guard smiles and says, “You will get it the way you want it.” She starts to apply the shaving cream.

Linda did not move to much. She knew better than to resist or to show emotions. All her long hair that she had groomed since she was a young lady now lay on her lap and a cool cement floor being stepped on by some overweight guard, who seems to be enjoying this task.

After that she was escorted to her cell and told that she would be interrogated. The cell had some water on a old wooden table. She lied down on the cot and placed her hands on her cleanly shaven head. She felt excited and depressed at the same time. Soon she dozed off.


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