Emelda’s Cut

Emelda's Cut

Emelda’s Cut by Closely Cropped

I liked nights because it was never busy. You know, people always coming up and asking where is this or that item? Either that or it was the dreaded “spill call”. That’s when someone breaks something in an aisle and yours truly has to go mop it up! I was lead night stockier at Safeway, I had been there almost three years. I had 2 other guys working under me but we always seemed behind getting all the sections restocked for morning. I knew we needed one more guy and I had told Mr. Leon the store manager about it several times over the last 6 months or so. He always said “we will see”. I knew what that meant, don’t hold your breath!

It was Tuesday and I had just started to restocked the canned goods in isle 4. The night store manager Gary walked up and said “Jarred, I want you to meet Emelda.” I was a bit startled but arose from my kneeling position and turned to address Gary. As I turned around my eyes instantly fixed on the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. “Jarred,” Gary said. “This is Emelda, your new night stockier.” I nervously wiped my hand on my apron then reached out to shake her hand. “How do you do?” I said. Her hand was small and warm to the touch. “I want you to train Emelda in your sections for the next week, Jarred,” Gary said. “She has just arrived here from the Philippines and does not speak very good English so take good care of her.”

Gary turned and walked off. Emelda stood there standing still and staring at me awaiting further instruction. “Come on, I’ll get you an apron and box knife” I said. We walked through the storeroom doors and into the back office. I found a clean apron and box knife and handed it to her. “Thank you” she said in a sweet voice. She slid the apron down over her head and then tied it in back. Then she placed the knife in the apron front pocket. “O.K.” she said. Just then she reached back and slid both hands under her hair and lifted it out from under the apron string that hung around her neck. I watched as if in slow motion it seemed to take forever to get all the hair out. “God!” I thought. I had never seen such thick long hair on anyone before. It fell just to the bottom of her ass and was as thick at the ends as at the crown. No doubt this hair had never been cut. It was jet black and so shiny. She gave a toss of her head to the left which brought the whole mane around to her front right side where it hung down over her breast. I could smell her perfume, she smelled wonderful! She was nicely dressed in some black stirrup pants and a red soft shirt.

“Let’s get started” I said. “We will start back where I was in aisle 4.” She followed me to aisle 4 and we resumed where I left off. I made her do it all as I watched. Hands on is the best method I believe. It was great! She would bend down to grab cans out of the box, her hair falling down in front and her ass sticking out. Then she would rise up to put them on the shelf. As she rose she kept having to toss her hair back. I could smell the shampoo she had used. The adrenalin was pumping, my heart racing. She seemed to get a little irritated after a while. Finally she took the scrunchy off her left wrist and pulled her hair into a ponytail. The ponytail must have been about 2 inches in diameter. I wanted to reach out and grab it in my hand so bad. She continued on restocking while I just stared at her body and hair. The hair still fell in her way and each time as she rose up she would have to give a toss of her head to send it back.

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As the week went on I taught her how to face the merchandise in the aisles and showed her all the little stuff that had to be done. She learned really fast despite not speaking too good English. Finally after the week was over I assigned her to aisles 8 and 9. That was toiletries and beauty products. She continued to do a great job over the next month. Always on time for work and she always looked great.

As the start of the shift approached we were all in the back office waiting to punch in. Eric and Mark were talking about their girl problems, I was reading the paper and Emelda was sitting across from me. “Excuse me,” Emelda said. Eric and Mark stopped talking and stared back at us. I lowered my paper to find Emelda looking right at me.

“Yes Emelda?” I said. Eric and Mark went right back to talking as soon as they noticed she was talking to me.

“Where is mall?” she said. I told her it was in Oakdale, about a 20 minute drive from here. “How I take bus to mall?” she asked. I went through all the details of where to switch buses and when to use a pass but she did not understand one bit of it. She just sat there with a sort of bummed look on her face.

“I can drive you to the mall if you like,” I said.

“Please,” she said in a kind soft voice. “When will you take me to mall, Jarred?”

My heart started to really race when she called me by my name. Up until now she had never spoken more than one word at a time to me. Let alone use my name. “Ummm,” I moaned. “How about 12 noon tomorrow?” I asked. “That will give us time to go home and get some sleep and cleaned up”

“Yes, thank you” she replied. We agreed I would pick her up at her apartment. She showed me the address on a piece of paper she had in her purse and I wrote it down.

After work I went home and tried to get some sleep. I could not sleep knowing I was to chaperone a long-haired beauty to the mall later that day. I started to fantasize about her hair and how I would love to take a good sharp pair of scissors to it. I would chop it off in sections I thought. First at about mid back, then just above the shoulders. I always wanted to cut off a woman’s long hair.

I fell asleep for a little while but woke to my wind up alarm ringing. It was 11.30 am. Time to get ready. I shaved, brushed my teeth, and showered. I put on some jeans and a tee shirt and grabbed my keys on the way out the door. As I pulled up in front of the apartment complex Emelda was waiting out front for me. I pulled up to her and unlocked the door. She climbed in and fastened her seat belt. As we drove to the mall I tried to get to know her a little more. She told me she had been in the U.S. for almost 2 months now and that she really liked it. She apparently had no family here except a brother who lived in San Diego, CA. Never married and no boyfriend either.

After arriving at the mall and pulling into a parking space I went around and opened her door for her. “Thank you,” she said. She seemed impressed that I was a sort of gentleman. As we entered the mall I held the door for her as she went in. As soon as we got inside she stood staring up at the ceiling and all around. Her brown eyes were as wide as saucers in amazement at the size and atmosphere of the place. “Wow,” she said, over and over again.

“Well, where should we start?” I said.

“I need clothes” she said.

“Right this way then” I said. We walked to Learners, I thought they would have just the type of stuff she liked. She went crazy in the place. She tried on just about every article of clothing in the place, each time asking me if it looked good. I kept telling her she looked great. It was the most alive and excited I had seen her since meeting her.

After she spent all her money on clothes we stopped to eat. I ended up paying for it which I did not mind doing. We walked around the mall some more, stopping in various shops to look. As we approached the jewelry store she shot ahead of me and right in through the door. I followed her in and found her looking at earrings. She was oohing and ahhing over everything in the place. She asked to try on a pair of gold and ruby earrings. After putting them on she looked at them in the small mirror on the counter. “You like?” she said as she tucked the hair behind her ear and turned her head toward me.

“They are very beautiful Emelda,” I said.

“How much?” she asked the saleslady.

“Two hundred and twenty five dollars,” the saleslady replied.

“Wow, too expensive for me,” she said. She reluctantly took them off and gave them to the saleslady.

“We will take them!” I said all of a sudden.

Emelda looked up at me in amazement. “No Jarred,” she said after a moment. “They are too expensive, please.”

I could not help myself, I could tell she wanted them so bad and I had the money. What the hell, I would just blow it on something else anyway. I walked over to the register where the saleslady had gone with the earrings. Emelda followed behind me still protesting the purchase. I laid my VISA down and she rang up the bill. I signed it and took the bag.

As we walked out of the jewelry store and into the mall I handed Emelda the bag. “Thank you Jarred” she said. Then she grabbed onto my arm and squeezed it tight again saying thank you.

“You’re welcome” I said. “A beautiful lady like you deserves things like that” I said. Yikes! I could not believe I just said that. I looked to her to find her staring at me with glossed over eyes as if about to cry.

“You are a nice man, I like you,” she said while squeezing my arm again. I could feel her hair touching my arm. It was so soft! I wanted to put my arm around her but did not want to seem forward. It was hard to resist.

As we walked along we passed Regis hair salon, a nationwide chain of hair salons found mostly in malls. I like to stare in as I walk by hoping to see some long-haired beauty being shorn. Sometimes I would come on weekends just to sit in front of the salon on a bench and pretend to read a paper, all the time hoping to catch some beauty losing her locks to the cutter’s scissors.

“What are you looking at Jarred?” Emelda asked, looking over to the salon.

“Oh, nothing” I said.

“This is a hair cut place, no?” she said as she stopped.

“Yes, it’s called a hair salon” I replied.

“I need haircut” she said.

“No you don’t” I said reluctantly.

“Yes, my hair has not been trimmed in over a year,” she said. I was hoping she would say something more dramatic, like ‘I want to cut it all off short’ or something.

“A trim?” I said. “No need to pay for a trim Emelda, I went to school for two years to be a cosmetologist, I can trim your hair” I replied.

“Why are you working in store instead of here?” she asked. Oops! She was smarter than I thought.

“Oh, I developed real bad skin allergies to the hair products and could not practice anymore,” I said. Would she buy the story or not?

“I’m sorry” she said. Yes! She took it, hook, line, and sinker. Boy I’m good. “When can you trim my hair, Jarred” she asked.

My heart started pumping so hard I was sure she could hear it. I tried to reply but had to clear the lump out of my throat. I coughed then said, “How about right now. We can go back to my place and I’ll give you a trim?” She thought for a few seconds then said, “O.K.”

All the way back to my place I was going crazy. I was ignoring all the rules of the road as I wove in and out of traffic, my heart still pounding as I fantasized about how I would trim her hair. I had never raised a pair a scissors to a single hair on anyone, how would I seem as though I knew what I was doing? All these thoughts raced through my head and before I knew it we were home. We entered in and I asked her to have a seat on the couch. “I have to go to the bathroom” I said. In the bathroom I dug through the vanity for the needed supplies. I found the home haircutting kit I had just bought recently, it had a good sharp pair of scissors in it, a cape, some clippers with various attachments, and a comb. I grabbed the spray bottle of water from atop the sink and came out of the bathroom. Laying them down on the kitchen counter I called to Emelda. “Come on in the kitchen and we will get started” I said.

“Where should I sit Jarred?” she asked.

“Shit!” I thought. “Um, Bring the white bar stool over,” I said as though I knew exactly what I was doing. As she put the bar stool down in the middle of the kitchen she did not even seem a bit nervous. I guess since I was I thought she might be catching on. No way, she was hooked.

“Just a half an inch please,” she said as she sat down.

I took the cape out of the box and gave it a good snap to get all the folds out. She seemed startled for a moment and turned to look. As I brought the cape around her neck I thought I was going to explode. I gently brought it up around her neck, then I pulled the mass of hair back and fastened it. I was actually touching it now. “God! It is so soft and thick,” I thought to myself. I took out the comb and picked up the spray bottle. I began to spray down her hair starting from the top. I then started to comb it out, it was a gorgeous mane. I combed and sprayed, combed and sprayed. Over and over again until it was soaked with water. I ran my fingers through it pretending to try to get tangles out. “So much hair!” I thought. Then I placed the comb at her forehead and began to make long strokes all the way to the ends below her ass. She seemed comfortable all the time and did not say a word. I took a few more strokes to bring it all straight in line then reached for the scissors. “Schick, schick, schick!” I closed them together. Emelda twitched her head a little. I hesitated for a moment not knowing where to start. “Just a little bit, O.K.?” she said in a meek voice. “Of course” I said.

I placed my hand to the top of her head and pushed it forward. She obediently complied. I got down on my knees level with the ends of her hair. I took some ends between my fingers and raised the scissors to them, but I found myself wanting to take the scissors much higher. I combed down once more and slid the scissors into the hair at about mid back starting at the right side of the long locks. I closed the scissors down hard, SHNICK! A thick long strand plopped to the floor. I quickly grabbed it up off the floor not believing what I had just done. “Shit” I said almost aloud.

“Not too much please,” Emelda said once more.

“O.K.” I said nervously. I raised the scissors again and closed them around another long thick lock of hair, SHNICK! Again I snatched it up off the floor. Then again, SHNICK! and again SHNICK! until it was cut cleanly across in a neat line. I now had a massive handful of long wet black hair. I cleared my throat again.

“Are you done Jarred?” Emelda asked impatiently.

“Almost” I replied. I wondered how I was going to explain this to her. Then I got real serious. “Emelda, you have a lot of damaged hair back here, I had to take much more off than you wanted,” I said.

She immediately grabbed a thick section of her hair with her right hand and ran her fingers through it. “No! Jarred! Oh my God, you cut all my hair off!” she cried aloud. She was now crying and stroking it through her hands. She stood up and turned around. “How could you?” she screamed.

“I only took off 10 inches of badly damaged hair, Emelda” I replied.

“Take me home right now! I want to leave,” she cried as she stood there.

“No, missy! You will sit right back down and I will finish cutting this mop!” I said demandingly while I stood there holding the hair in my hand.

“No! I won’t” she cried.

I grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and spun her around and pulled her ass into the chair. “Shit! Now I’ve done it! She is going to report me to the police or something,” I thought. I expected her to get right back up but she just sat there. “What the hell” I thought. “I’m sorry Emelda but the rest of this hair is going to have to come off too,” I said. She really started to cry now.

Once more I pushed her head forward. She obeyed reluctantly this time. I combed it down straight again. She raised her head up slightly but I quickly put my hand atop her head and pushed it down again this time leaving it there. As I held her head forward I slid the scissors in right at collar level this time and began to cut straight across. SHNICK, SHNICK, SHNICK! The scissors reached the other side and the hair just lay there severed from the rest. I gathered it up into another ponytail and laid it on the counter with the rest. Looking back I was amazed at the line I had cut. She now had a collar length bob. It looked really great too. I went around front of her and raised her face up by the chin to have a look. Tears were rolling off her cheeks. She looked very sexy now. “You look so beautiful with short hair Emelda” I told her. She did not say a word but did give a slight nod yes. “Wow, maybe she will like it,” I thought. “I’m not done with you yet though” I said sternly.

I combed the hair again and sectioned it off by running the comb around her head about one inch above her ears. Then I clipped the hair in place. I combed out the section hanging free. I was about to give her a good short wedge little did she know. I slid the scissors in right at eye level and began to cut around her head. She really began to cry now. Over the right ear, around the back, and over the left ear. The four inch strands of hair fell down to the floor and some right down the front of the cape and into her lap. At this point she was sobbing. I came around front, lifted her chin with my hand and whispered, “I’m sorry.” Then I kissed her on the forehead. I went back to work by releasing the section of hair from atop her head and combing it out while wetting it again.

Starting at the right side one last time I began to cut sections off just a bit below the undercut I had just finished. Hair was raining down as I cut away the ruminants of her long locks to a perfect clean straight line around her head just an inch above the ears. She was no longer sobbing.

“Almost done sweetheart” I said. I pulled out the clippers and attached the shortest attachment I could. I plugged them in then flicked them on. They came to life with a BUZZZZ! Emelda flinched. I grabbed the right side of her head and pushed it to the side. Bringing the clippers up to just in front of her ear I began to clipper her hair up to the line I had just cut around her head. I moved up over the exposed ear, the new earrings I had just bought her were now shown off properly. Then I started at the base of the nape where the hair was still collar length. I pushed down hard on the clippers as I brought them up the back of her head to the line again as long locks of hair cascaded to the floor in a rush. “Ouch!” Emelda said with a wince. “Sorry,” I said while again pushing her head forward again, I noticed the razor burn I had just given her. The clippers left an 1/8 inch of stubble behind as I continued to push down hard and buzz up the back of her head and then up around the left ear. All the time she was wincing and saying “ouch.”

“There, one more thing and we’re done,” I said. I combed a thick section of bangs up from her forehead and cut them to just above the eyebrows. I went around front to have a look. She looked very cute now. I went to the bathroom and got the blowdryer, a mirror, and some hair gel. I gave it a quick shot with the blowdryer and ran some gel through it with the comb. “Emelda, have a look at the new you, honey,” I said.

She took the mirror and studied her new haircut for a moment. “It’s nice” she said.

“So you like it” I asked.

“Yes I do, thank you Jarred,” she replied.

“You’re welcome,” I said as I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

I removed the cape and she stood up. She turned around to face me and wiped the tears from her cheeks and eyes. “Oh my God” she said as she saw the enormous pile of hair on the floor. She threw her arms around me. I kissed her cheek, then her buzzed nape. She smelled so good.

Later that night we went to dinner. Then back to my place for a night of well…


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