Growing Up

Growing Up

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Growing Up

Part I – Freshman Year

“Well, class of 2000, here we go,” cracked Kat.

“I swear, if I hear that once more I will scream,” noted Leila, her best friend. “Just because we are that doesn’t mean everyone has to go positively nuts with the ‘oh, they’re going to be the class of 2000.'”

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“Kat!” Kat’s mother called. “We’ll be going in about ten minutes!”

“Sure, Mom.” Kat replied.

“Where are you going?” asked Leila.

“The hairdresser’s.” Kat ran her fingers protectively through her straight black hair, which fell to the middle of her back.

“Getting a pre-high school trim? You know, you could look so pretty if you cut your hair a little,” Leila noted, grasping Kat’s hair in her fist.

“How short?”

“About to there,” Leila replied, holding the hair so that about an inch fell over Kat’s slender shoulders, pinching the front so they formed a thick bang over her forehead. Kat examined the reflection. She was still sufficiently young that her beauty was not fully developed, but old enough to have a definite womanly look to herself. She was a pretty girl, whose looks were made of the ivory skin and sharp features of the English.

On the way to the hairdresser’s, Kat’s stomach churned. She caressed the mane that had been her pride for her whole life as she sat in the chair. Her stylist, Julia, skillfully lifted up her hair and let it flow over the cape.

“Your usual half inch, Kat?” she asked.

“Uh, uh no.” She swallowed a lump in her throat. “To there, I think, with bangs.” Julia studied Kat’s face for a moment.

“Well, if you’re sure…” Julia skillfully ran her comb to the indicted point and snipped. Plop! A six-inch piece of hair fell to the floor. The remaining hair popped up in seeming relief of not having the weight dragging itself down. Plop! Plop! Julia combed a good deal of Kat’s hair into her face. PLOP! A foot-long piece of hair fell to give way to a thick bang. As Julia dried it, Kat admired the cut. It made her face stand out, instead of her hair. Her eyes seemed stunning in the reflection. She got up and went to go see her mother.

“Oh, my, Kitten! What did you do?” she asked, more pleased than angered, caressing the shorn ends.

Part II: Sweet Sixteen

Kat stood at the entrance of Julia’s. Two years have passed since we saw her last. The soft signs of womanhood have blossomed Kat into a beautiful woman. Today Kat turns 16. She sits in Julia’s chair, waiting for Julia to approach her. She studied her hair in the mirror. The basic style had barely changed since she entered high school, although now it brushed her shoulders and created more of a frame for her face.

“Happy birthday, Kat. Another trim? You know, there is a new book of styles that you might want to look at.”


Julia took out the book. She flipped almost immediately to a specific style. The model’s hair was a sandy brown. The cut was a crop that had sweet curlicues going behind the ears. Kat stroked her hair contemplatively. “I like that one.”

“Very well.” Julia led Kat over to than shampoo basin. “The best thing to do is cut your hair off once you have decided to do it.”

Julia washed and towel-dried Kat’s hair for the last time. She expertly combed out sections and twisted them, leaving only the nape of the neck’s hair hanging down. “Ready?” Before Kat could answer, Julia snipped, and a five-inch piece of hair fell to the floor. She carefully took other hair on the back of her head and quickly blended them into the rest of her hair. She continued with the rest of the cut, sending long pieces of hair all over. Kat shook her head, rebelliously. She studied her face, she suddenly looked much older than she was. She turned and went to see her mother.

“What did you do? Your beautiful hair, Kat, it’s gone.”

“I know,” said Kat, smiling.


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