Dollies and Haircuts

Dollies and Haircuts

Dollies and Haircuts – Crazy Clippers

This is about Jamie, who loved to give her toy dolls haircuts. Jamie was 12 years old. She liked to dress and cut the hair of her toy dolls. One evening she had cut the hair off of her last dolly with hair.

The next day her mother spoke with her and told Jamie she had to leave for a couple of hours. “Enjoy whatever snack food you like but don’t go in my office for any reason.” Jamie’s mom left and Jamie was very curious about the private room. Jamie took one little peek and her mouth dropped wide open as she saw a room full of unusual dolls. Naturally she walked over to start playing with them and before too long she had scissors cutting the hair of these dolls, even her mom’s 5’ft tall doll that was valued at $500.

Lucy, Jamie’s mom, came in the house and when she looked inside at her collection, anger filled inside her as toys she’d had as a little girl had been destroyed by Jamie’s love of giving dolls haircuts. Lucy decided that Jamie needed to learn a lesson. Lucy called her friend at the hair salon, Tory. A few minutes later she appeared in the kitchen with Jamie. Lucy told Jamie they were going to spend the day together. Jamie got in the car with Lucy and they went through a drive-thru for food. Lucy asked Jamie, “How would you like to see other people get haircuts and get a style of your very own?” Very eagerly, Jamie agreed.

Upon arriving at the salon, Tory greeted them and said to Jamie, “Come with me and you can see a book of different hairstyles after your shampoo.” Jamie got in the chair and Tory put a cover around her and fastened Jamie into the chair. As her mother nodded, Tory smiled and used a pair of velcro restraints to secure Jamie’s hands onto the chair arms. She told Jamie, “We don’t want you falling out.”

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Tory shampooed Jamie’s scalp then, smiling at Lucy, put some real cheap curls in Jamie’s head. Jamie said she really looked pretty. Tory told Jamie she would now shape the hair. Tory pulled out a pair of scissors and started clipping. Lucy stood smiling. Tory told Jamie how pretty her hair was, teasingly. Snip, snip, Jamie watched her hair fall to the ground. Now Jamie realized, she couldn’t get out of the chair and her hair was almost as short as a boy’s. She started to cry.

Tears ran down her face as Tory finished. Lucy nodded her head and asked Tory to use the scalp massager for Jamie, the one with a buzz. Tory told the crying Jamie that it’d feel good. Jamie at that point burst out in a big loud cry. The clippers went up and down Jamie’s head till she only had stubble on top. Next, Tory took cream hair remover and massaged handfuls of it slowly over Jamie’s head. Tory gently rubbed Jamie’s head as the hair remover thickly coated it. Jamie could feel Tory’s hands as they slowly rubbed up and down her head. As the shave was completed, Tory dampened a towel and washed off all the hair remover lotion and teasingly said, “Baby’s got a smooth soft head.” She took creamed oil and lubricated Jamie’s head.

Lucy pointed at her eyebrows and Jamie. With that Tory wiped the running tears from Jamie’s face and told Jamie she needed a facial. Jamie, being shaven bald at this point, started to cry. Tory showed her a jar of cold cream and said smell. Jamie did and Tory told her, “This will make your face feel good.” Tory laid her back in the chair and smiled at Lucy as she switched to a jar of hair remover.

Tory put a small handful in her hands and started to rub Jamie’s cheeks. Gently adding more hair remover in her hands, Tory rubbed across Jamie’s eyebrows and eyelashes, massaging Jamie’s face and humming to her. Tory rubbed her fingers under Jamie’s chin and massaged her lip area, then checked on the coated eyebrows and lashes, giving a full massage till the hair came off.

Once Jamie’s face was hairless like her head, Tory nodded to Lucy. Lucy came over to Jamie and said, “I promised you the haircut of your choice, so here are three wigs to choose from.”

Jamie turned to the mirror to see her face and she started crying. Lucy gave Jamie another gift, an eyebrow pencil so she could fix her eyes the way she wanted to.

Lucy said, “Now you can fix yourself instead of my dolls.”


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