Hildi’s Cut

Hildi's Cut

Hildi had just gotten home from school, and had gone up to her room to change. Having had a long day at school, she decided to take a shower. As she began undressing, and looked in the bathroom mirror at her long blonde hair which hung to the middle of her buttocks, she wondered (as she had all day while daydreaming in class) how it would look if it was cut short. She had been thinking about cutting it for weeks, and noticed all the cute short hairstyles of the other girls at school.

It was a particularly hot day, and as she pulled her hair atop her head, she felt how sweaty her neck was. Hildi finished undressing, and thought of the five long years it had taken to grow her hair back from the last time it was cut short. As she stepped into the cool shower and wet her hair, she recalled taking a long shower before going for her last haircut appointment. She remembered how excited she was about getting a “wedge” haircut, and how happy she was with the result. She recalled how cool and comfortable she felt in the summer with her hair short.

But did she want to cut it again?

She stepped out of the shower and dried off. She then combed through the long hair, and winced as the comb pulled through the tangles. She looked in the mirror and thought of how light and cool she would feel without all that hair, and decided, “I’m going to cut it.”

She opened the vanity drawer and pulled out a pair of haircutting scissors she used to trim split ends. She slipped her fingers into the scissors, paused a moment, and opened the scissors wide. She seemed to freeze for a moment, not at all sure she could muster the courage to do it. She knew that once she started, she could not turn back.

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Hildi brought the scissors up near her chin, and held them open around her long hair. She squeezed the scissors hard and heard a loud “schnick!” As the three foot long piece of blonde hair tumbled into the sink, Hildi could hardly believe her eyes.

“Well, there’s no turning back now,” she thought. She raised the scissors again, squeezed, and heard another “Schnick!” As her long hair fell into the sink, it left her breast exposed naked.

Hildi was surprised how easy it was cutting through the hair. She reached back and pulled her hair into a ponytail. It felt as thick as her fist. She turned sideways to see where she was cutting, and opened the scissors around her hair just above her hand so she could save the long ponytail. She then squeezed the scissors and her hair let out a groan. She squeezed again and again as she dug the scissors into the long ponytail. She could feel the hair coming loose as she cut and cut until the whole ponytail came off in her hand.

All that remained of her long hair was the front section that covered her left breast. Without hesitation, she raised the scissors to her chin, and with a quick snip, snip, snip, the last of her long hair tumbled down into the sink, leaving her other breast exposed. Hildi shook her head from side to side, and her hair swung freely around her chin. Her nipples began to stiffen from the slight breeze, and she felt incredibly turned on by her act of bravery.

She began trimming the left side of her hair with little snips, trying to get it even with the right side, which was slightly shorter. She also trimmed the back by looking sideways in the mirror, and after about ten minutes of snipping, it was pretty even and straight from chin to chin. She again swung her head from side to side, and enjoyed the way her hair swung freely and fell into place. She wasn’t quite satisfied, however.

“It has to go shorter,” she thought. Cutting it into a wedge would be too difficult a cut to do herself. She thought of calling the hairstyling salon and having them do it. She then remembered her father’s clippers, which he used to cut her three brothers’ hair when they were kids. She went down to the basement, found the clippers and brought them back up to the bathroom. She found two attachments in the box, one 1/4″ and one 1/2″.

She pulled the clippers out of the box. The black metal handle was cold, and sent a shiver up Hildi’s spine. She suddenly felt cold as she stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror and imagined what it would be like to cut her hair with the clippers.

Hildi thought of all the times those clippers had cut her brothers’ hair down to a soft fuzz in the winter and completely bald in the summer. She remembered how her brothers hated getting “butch” haircuts in the summer, and how she always liked to watch when they had their hair cut. She always wondered what it would be like to get a butch haircut.

She remembered how soft and smooth her brothers hair felt when it was cut with the attachment. She had seen other girls with their hair cut that short on a few occasions, but thought she would never have the nerve to wear her hair that short.

The clippers lay on the sinktop next to Hildi’s long ponytail. She slipped the 1/2″ attachment onto the clippers, slowly unwound the cord and plugged it in. She flipped the switch and the motor started with a loud whirr… She was so startled, she turned the machine off. She began to wonder how the others at school would react. And then, she thought of her boyfriend Allen. Would he be turned off?

Then Hildi thought of how silly it was to worry about what others might think. If she wanted to do it, that was all that mattered.

With new-found determination, Hildi flipped on the clippers and raised them to her forehead, poised to run them over the top of her head. She knew that one push on the clippers, and her hair would be cut to the shortest of fuzz. She froze for a moment, and stopped. “I just can’t do it,” she thought, and she lowered the clippers and turned them off. She sighed loudly, both in relief and in frustration at not being able to go through with it.

Then Hildi had an idea. She would cut her hair so short with the scissors that she would have no choice but to clip it afterward. She took the scissors in her hand and immediately put them to work.

The bangs were the first to go. With her free hand, she slipped her fingers around her bangs and held her fingers to just an inch from her scalp. Her chin-length bangs hung over her face as she raised the scissors and held them poised just above her fingers. With a slow, long snnnnip, her bangs fell into the sink, leaving her bangs less than an inch long. Hildi then slid her fingers in just behind her bangs and lifted that section of hair, and cut through it with a quick snip, snip. As she did, the cut hair slid down and landed with the pile that overflowed the bathroom sink. As she looked down at the huge pile of blonde hair, she noticed the clippers on the sinktop, and knew that soon she would have no choice but to use them. The thought excited her, and she reached up, pulled up the next piece of hair between her fingers, and snip, snip, snip, it was gone. She worked more quickly now, and in moments, the top of her head had only an inch of hair, cut a bit unevenly.

Next, she turned to the right side, grabbed a handful of hair near the ends, slid the scissors in just an inch from the scalp and with a loud “SCHNICK!” the whole piece came off and dangled from Hildi’s hand. She dropped it in the sink, and turned to the left side. This time, she slid her fingers around the hair and held her fingers against the scalp, and snipped off the foot long strands of hair. She was truly enjoying herself now, and cutting more quickly than a hairstylist would. She quickly reached around the back of her head and pulled out a piece of hair and just chopped it off close to the scalp. She was cutting wildly now, just hacking off piece after piece until there were no more long pieces of hair to cut.

Realizing that all the longer hair had been cut, Hildi put down the scissors and took a big breath. She knew that the moment of truth had come, and the clippers were next.

She picked up the clippers, and without turning them on, made like she was combing her hair with them, trying to imagine what it would be like to feel them cutting her hair.

Finally, she could wait no longer. She turned on the clippers and raised them to her forehead, poised to run a path right over the top of her scalp. The motor whirred as she prepared to cut, and as she pushed the clippers into her hair, the sound changed to a loud “Bzzzzzz” as her hair cried out as it was being cut. She pushed the clippers slowly over the top of her head, and then peeked under them to see the results. She saw the clippers leaving a path of fuzz just 1/2″ long, which, blonde as she was, may as well have been nothing at all. She could see her scalp through the fuzz. It looked so white.

As the clippers whirred through her hair, a mound of hair gathered atop the clippers’ blade. When she saw the tiny fuzz, she could hardly believe she was doing it. When she completed the path over the top, she said “Oh my God” out loud. “I can’t believe I just buzzed my head,” she said in disbelief. She felt the tiny hairs, and could not believe that the long hairs that had been there just an hour before were gone. She paused for a moment to collect herself, and then continued.

She raised the clippers to her forehead again, and pushed through the hair, this time watching from under the clipper blades as her hair was cut to the shortness of a boy’s crew cut. As she completed the pass, the stripe of short hair had doubled, and Hildi could clearly see her scalp through the super-short hair. As she cut through the third pass, the shape of her scalp began emerging, and she could see that her hair would look all right this short. She was a bit surprised at how short it was, but thought it looked good, in a naked sort of way.

She completed the third path over the top, and began to clip the left side. She drove the clippers straight up in front of her ear, leaving a mere half inch of hair, and exposing her ear.

In order to keep the hair in back from falling on the floor, Hildi bowed her head over the sink, and with her free hand as a guide, began clipping the back. Mounds of blonde hair came tumbling down with each pass of the clippers, and her head began to feel cooler than ever before.

After finishing the back, Hildi ran the clippers up the right side, leaving only a few paths on top. She ran the clippers quickly over the first path, and a mound of blond hair tumbled down. She paused for a moment before cutting the final path of hair, realizing it would all be gone in just a moment. Finally, she clipped through the last path of hair slowly, savoring the experience. As she finished the last pass, she felt a strange twinge in her stomach.

As she looked over the result, she could hardly believe she had done it. She was actually quite proud that she had the guts to do it. It looked soft and fresh and cool. It also looked naked.

Hildi felt a bit weak as she turned the clippers back on and ran them over her head to trim the uneven hairs. When she finally turned the clippers off, the sink was filled to overflowing with hair, and her three foot ponytail sat beside the sink.

Suddenly, Hildi was startled when the phone rang. She went into the bedroom to answer it. It was Allen.

“Hi Allen,” Hildi said.

“Are you busy later?” Allen asked.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m not sure I feel like going out tonight,” Hildi said.

“Why? Don’t you feel good?” asked Allen.

“Well, I must tell you, Allen. I did something today and I don’t know how you’re going to react.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I cut my hair,” Hildi said, “really short.”

“Oh. Well, can I come over and see it?”

“I don’t know. It’s really short.”

“Come on, honey,” Allen said. “You know I don’t love you for your hair. Let me stop by on my way to class.”

“Oh, all right,” said Hildi. “But if you want to dump me, I’ll understand.”

Hildi hung up the phone and returned to the bathroom to clean up. She put the hair and ponytail in a plastic bag, put away the clippers and swept up the floor. She quickly brushed herself off, and got dressed just before Allen arrived.

“Oh my God!” Allen said when Hildi answered the door. “I can’t believe it.”

Allen came into the living room, and just stared for a few moments at Hildi’s haircut. “Who gave you that haircut?” he finally asked.

“I did it myself,” said Hildi.

“Why?” he asked.

“I just wanted to see how it would look short,” she said.

“Can I touch it?” he asked.

“Of course,” Hildi said, letting out a smile. Allen hadn’t touched or kissed her when he came in.

At first, Allen just touched Hildi’s hair with his finger, and then with the palm of his hand, and then began running both hands through her hair. He grabbed her head with both hands, and pulled Hildi to him, kissing her tenderly.

“It’s so smooth, ” he said, “I love it.”

Hildi breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God,” she said. You’re not just saying that?”

“No, it really feels great. It’s like velvet,” Allen said.

At that point, Hildi hugged him, and began kissing him and running her hands through his hair as he did the same to hers.

“I’ve got to go to class, but can I come by afterwards?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said.

“By the way,” Allen said, “You missed a few hairs behind your ear. If you want, I can trim them for you when I get back from class.”

Hildi felt behind her ear and felt a few longer hairs that the clippers had missed. “That’s okay. I can get them,” Hildi said.

Allen gave Hildi a long, wet kiss and left for class. After Allen left, Hildi went upstairs to cut the few remaining hairs. She pulled out the clipper box, and was not afraid of it anymore. In fact, she looked forward to getting rid of the few remaining hairs, leaving a perfect, soft fuzz.

She quickly turned on the clippers and ran them over the section behind her ear. Instead of hearing the sound of a few hairs being cut, the clippers made that eerie sound they make when cutting through lots of hair. Hildi was startled when she saw a mound of 1/2″ long hair tumble onto her shoulder. She felt behind her ear, and felt a tiny tiny stubble. She then looked at the clippers and realized that in her hurry she had forgotten to put the attachment back on the clippers. She almost cried when she realized what she had done.

She stared at the mirror, trying to think of what to do, when she heard a knock at the door. She ran over to the bedroom window and peered down to see who was at the front door. It was Allen.

At first, Hildi wasn’t going to open the door, and then she decided to let Allen in. As she opened the door, she fell into Allen’s arms and began to cry.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Oh Allen. I tried to trim the few hairs I had missed, and forgot to put the attachment on the clippers. Look.”

She turned to let Allen see what she had done. He tried to console her, saying “Don’t worry, Hildi. We’ll fix it.”

Hildi just sobbed as Allen hugged her tight and rubbed his hand over her scalp. Hildi could not help but notice that Allen became immediately aroused.

“I decided not to go to class,” Allen said, “You’re not going to believe this, but your hair is really turning me on, he said, running his fingers through her hair. “Especially this part,” he said, talking about the tiny stubble behind Hildi’s ear.

Nothing could have consoled Hildi more. She knew Allen wasn’t kidding because she could feel the bulge in his pants pressed against her.

“You’re kidding,” Hildi said.

“No, I’m not,” he said, as he nudged Hildi inside the doorway and closed the door behind him. “Let’s make love,” he said.

“You’re a nut,” she said.

“I know. Let’s make love,” he said.

“Not until we do something about this,” Hildi said, pointing to her head.

“Okay,” Allen said. “Where do you want to do it?”

“Upstairs,” she said.

They went upstairs to the bathroom. Hildi picked up the clippers from next to the sink, and handed them to Allen.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Well, you’ve cut too much back here to possibly save anything. I think we have to cut the rest to match.,” he said.

Hildi was both frightened and excited at the prospect of having all her hair cut off.

“Alright Allen. Then do it,” she said.

Without a word, Allen turned on the clippers, raised them to Hildi’s head, and began clipping the hair on the back of her head. He was so turned on at the sight of Hildi’s bare scalp that he nearly came in his pants after the first path he cut. As Allen began using the clippers, Hildi also felt incredibly turned on at the sensation of her hair being clipped, and the power that Allen suddenly held over her.

“I can’t do this without making love to you,” Allen said.

“Okay,” Hildi said. She turned around and began unbuttoning her blouse. Allen could barely stop from coming in his pants. Hildi then unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties. As Allen pulled off his T-shirt, Hildi unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and held it in her hand. She pulled it toward her, guiding it toward her pubic hair. As she leaned back against the sink top, Allen pushed his throbbing cock into her, and she winced with excitement. Allen then turned on the clippers, and the sound brought Hildi to an immediate orgasm.

“Start right down the middle,” she said. Allen then held the clippers to Hildi’s forehead and slowly began the clippers right over the top of her head. She let out a muffled scream as Allen finished the first path, leaving a white stripe of scalp behind. Only a tiny stubble was left, and as Hildi felt her scalp, she made a face as if she had just eaten a lemon.

“Oh my God!” she said. “I can’t believe it.”

Allen felt the tiny fuzz, and said “Wow. That sensation is incredible.”

Allen then raised the clippers to her forehead again and pushed them up and over the top of her head, leaving another path of pure white scalp. As he completed this pass, he let out a moan and came violently inside her. It was the most exciting orgasm of his life.

Hildi said, “Let me turn around so I can watch.” Allen pulled his cock out and as Hildi turned and saw her exposed scalp, she almost fainted.

Without a word, Allen turned the clippers back on, stood at Hildi’s side, and ran the clippers across the side of her head. He then moved to the other side, and with two passes of the clippers, the side of her head was clipped clean of hair. As Allen raised the clippers to her forehead to cut the last of her hair off, Hildi began to cry.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“No,” she sobbed, “Finish it.”

Reluctantly, Allen ran the clippers over the remaining hair on top, leaving only a tiny stubble where Hildi’s luxurious mane had been.

“I always wanted a butch haircut,” Hildi sobbed, “And now that I have one, I hate it,” she said.

Allen took her into his arms and said nothing.

Allen decided that the only way to make Hildi feel better was to join her with a butch haircut.

Unlike Hildi’s brothers, Allen had never had a butch haircut. In fact, his parents had always let him keep his hair long. As Hildi sobbed in his arms, he looked in the mirror and wondered how he would look without his hair.

“My turn,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Hildi asked.

“I’ve never had a butch haircut either,” he said. “Give me one.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Hildi said.

Allen handed the clippers to Hildi and said, “Either you do it or I’ll do it myself.”

“Honey, I know you’re trying to make me feel better, but you really don’t have to,” she said.

The thought of cutting off his hair was giving Allen a tremendous hard on. Hildi noticed this, and made no objection when Allen slipped his cock into her.

“Let me see that,” Allen said, taking the clippers from Hildi. Allen turned on the clippers, raised them to his forehead and quickly drove them over the top of his head. A huge mound of hair tumbled down his back and to the floor. Allen felt a bit faint when he saw the white stripe of scalp left by the clippers. He handed the clippers, still running, to Hildi, and said, “Your turn.”

Hildi reluctantly raised the clippers to Allen’s forehead and slowly ran them over the top of his head. Hildi became so excited that she had an orgasm, almost immediately followed by Allen having an orgasm. When Hildi regained her composure, she continued clipping Allen’s hair on top. As Allen watched in the mirror, he said, “I can’t believe it.” Hildi said nothing, but simply continued cutting his hair, first cutting the left side down to a mere stubble and then the right. She then said, “bend down your head,” and when Allen did so, she began clipping the hair in back of his head. It had taken only three or four minutes to complete his haircut. As Allen rubbed his head, all he could say was, “I can’t believe it. I look like Kojak.”

Hildi rubbed her hand over Allen’s head and said, “Not quite. Kojak’s is smoother. Do you want me to shave you like Kojak?” she asked.

Maybe,” he said. “It might look better than it does now. Yeah. I think it would look better. Let’s shave it.”

Hildi turned on the warm water in the sink, and said, “Put your head down.”

Allen complied, and Hildi began washing his scalp with warm water in the sink. It was an incredible sensation, feeling Hildi’s soft hands on his bare scalp. When she finished washing his scalp, Hildi pulled out a towel, and wrapped it around his shoulders. Allen then stood up, with water running down his face. Hildi gently dabbed his face, drying it off.

As Hildi began putting shaving cream on his scalp, Allen could not believe the sensation. It was different than anything he had ever felt before, sensitive and tingly. Hildi worked the cream into his scalp with her long thin fingers, gently massaging Allen’s scalp.

Hildi opened a package of disposable razors, took the protective cover off one, and ran it under the warm water in the sink.

“Rasp, rasp,” went the razor, as Hildi shaved a path, starting at Allen’s forehead, and working up over the top of his head. The path was pure white. Hildi rubbed the shaved part with her finger to make sure it was smooth. It was. Allen just stared in the mirror as Hildi shaved the top of his head. As Hildi came around to the side, he stared at her, noticing how carefully she was working, not a bit shy standing there naked as she shaved his head. The shaving continued for a long time, probably twenty minutes, as Hildi carefully shaved every single hair on Allen’s head until it was perfectly smooth.

“That looks much better,” he said, as she completed her work.

“Yes, it does,” said Hildi, running her hand over Allen’s smooth scalp.

During the time Hildi was shaving Allen she thought about shaving her head as well, but was reluctant to do so. She wanted to start growing it out immediately. But as Allen’s gleaming scalp looked so smooth, hers looked imperfect as she glanced occasionally at the mirror. By the time she finished shaving Allen, she was more inclined to shave her scalp as well.

“Do you think I should shave my head too?” she asked Allen.

“Definitely,” he said, running his hands over his bare scalp. “The feeling of having no hair is just incredible. It feels so smooth and clean.”

“Okay, let’s do it,” said Hildi.

Allen ran warm water in the sink, and told Hildi to bend down. As Allen massaged the warm water into her scalp, Hildi moaned, “That feels so good.”

When Allen began putting the shaving cream on Hildi’s head, she moaned again. “My dear, that feeling is incredible,” she said, as Allen covered her scalp with the warm, white cream.

Allen pulled out a new razor, and began by shaving a stripe from Hildi’s forehead over the top of her head.

“That feels weird,” said Hildi, who obviously had never felt the pull of a razor across her scalp.

“It’s not hurting, is it?” Allen asked.

“No, it’s fine, it just feels weird,” Hildi said.

Allen continued the shaving, being careful not to pull the razor too hard. Allen kept shaving and shaving for what seemed like an eternity to Hildi. Finally, he ran some more warm water in the sink, and rinsed Hildi’s scalp off. He was afraid she wouldn’t like the result.

“It’s perfect,” said Hildi, running both hands over her scalp. “It’s absolutely perfect,” she said, smiling. She knew that she would still have to face her family, friends at school, and worst of all, her brothers. But for now, she was smiling and enjoying feeling her bare scalp.

“You were very brave to do this,” Allen said.

“Not really. I wasn’t trying to go this far,” said Hildi, “I just wanted my hair short for the summer.”

It really brings out your eyes,” said Allen, and he was right. Her blue eyes looked so big now that they weren’t covered by hair.

“Thank you Allen,” said Hildi, “For doing this with me.”

“I guarantee you,” said Allen, “This is a day we’ll never forget.”


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