A Fantasy – Allaura

I show up at your door at the time we mutually agreed upon. You tell me that I’m right on time for my appointment and lead me to “the” chair. As I take a seat, you grab a black hair cutting cape from the tools that you have laid out and place it around my neck. Once the cape is fastened, you remove the clip that I have in my hair, allowing my long blond tresses to cascade down my back. Chills run down my spine as I feel your fingers sliding through my silky mane.

I do not protest as you restrain my hands…You know that this has always been a fantasy of mine. You then pick up a brush and begin running it through my hair, ensuring that it is tangle free. You tell me what beautiful hair I have and ask me if I know how long you’ve waited to fulfill this fantasy.

I hear a distinct clinking sound as you pick up your scissors and position yourself in front of me. Using both hands, you pull my hair forward, on each side of my shoulders, letting it spill over my chest. My hair is so long that it falls below each of my breasts and as you pick up a lock of my hair, your hand brushes against my erect nipple.

You pick up a comb and run it through the strand of hair as you deliberately hold it up in front of my face. After several strokes with your comb, you place the blades of your shiny scissors on either side of the lock of hair. Ever so slowly, you close the blades as we both watch eight inches of my blond hair fall to my lap. The contrast of my hair against the black cape is very dramatic.

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The excitement that I feel as you pick up another lock of hair is overpowering. You repeat the process and I watch closely as you continue shearing my long mane. Before long, there is a large mass of hair in my lap. After what seems like an eternity (and believe me, I’m not complaining!), you finish cutting off most of the length of my hair. It still falls below my shoulders, but you tell me that at least now, it will be easier to work with.

You again brush my hair and position yourself in front of me. You comb my bangs forward and slowly trim them to just below my eyebrows. I admire your precision and steady hand. Next, you walk behind me, and I feel your fingers grab a section of hair at the crown of my head. I feel a slight tug as you pull the hair straight up. I hear the scissors close and see ten-inch strands of hair fall into my lap. It has been years since my hair was this short on the top of my head and the tingling sensation that is stirring between my legs is unbelievable!

You continue to crop the hair on top of my head before moving on to the sides. I know what you are about to do as you grab a section of hair just above my ear, but I am in disbelief. The last time I wore my hair above my ears was when I was five years old! I have to close my eyes as I feel the scissors close on the lock of hair. Once you finish with the right side of my head, you start on the left. Before long, you are ready to move on to the back.

My head already feels lighter as you begin shearing the long hair left covering my neck. A short while later, you set your trusty scissors down and run your comb through my hair, removing the loose trimmings.

As you pick up your clippers and turn them on, I feel like I might explode. The tingling sensation between my legs intensifies with every passing second. Next, you do something that I have fantasized about most of my life…You purposefully push my head down against my chest, and hold it there, as I feel you place the clippers against the nape of my neck. Words cannot describe how good it feels as you run the clippers up my neck. The buzzing seems to reverberate throughout my entire body and I know that I am on the verge of orgasm.

You continue working diligently on the back and sides of my hair. Once you are satisfied with your work, you shut the clippers off and set them down. Next, I feel your hand on my neck and it is cool and wet. You then reach for a razor and proceed to shave below my hairline. I know that you are almost done now and I am very anxious to show you my gratitude.

After a few more snips with your scissors at the crown of my head, you stop to admire your work. I am shocked at the amount of hair that has accumulated in my lap. You reach down to release my hands and gently remove the cape from around my neck. I start to clean up the clippings, but you tell me not to worry about it. You grab me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom…


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