Pampered and Pierced

Pampered and Pierced


I had heard so many good things about this new place that just opened up downtown. My friend, Heather, compared it to heaven which certainly had my interest peaked. Then she added, “Our kind of heaven! You really need this, Chris!” I wasn’t sure what to expect except that the name of the place was “Pampered and Pierced” and they did everything there … tanning, manicures, hair styling, piercing, and they even had a tattoo artist working out of there. Hard to believe such a place existed but I was definitely on my way to check it out.

As I entered the salon alone, I was somewhat surprised by the surroundings. It was a reception area with only a few chairs, painted and decorated in all black and white. I could hear the faint buzzing of the tattoo artist’s gun coming from down a long corridor. That sound always gets my heart racing. The reception area was empty, when this man suddenly appeared from behind a curtain, which went back into an area that I could not see from where I was standing.

He asks, “What’s your pleasure?”

Somewhat taken back, I reply, “Excuse me?”

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He says again, “What’s your pleasure? What brings you here today?”

I suddenly felt embarrassed and spit out my reply, “Well, I’ve heard this is a great place to come to be pampered. And I need some pampering.”

He began to smile and looked deep into my eyes, making me feel slightly uncomfortable but yet delighted at the same time. He said, “May I make a suggestion? I think you should start out with a nice, relaxing tanning session, followed up promptly with a fresh, clean haircut?”

That sounded like a wonderful plan to me, especially since I hadn’t given any thought as to what I was going to have done at this new salon. As I followed this man down the long corridor, I noticed room after room of closed doors. Some with the hum of tanning beds, some with the faint giggles of both men and women. What was going on behind those doors? My interests grew stronger. What exactly did this place have to offer? I was going to find out before I left … that was for sure!

Once we reached the last door on the right, the man pulled out a ring of keys and quickly released the lock on the black door. As he swung the door open, my eyes were anxious to take in every aspect of the room. There was your standard tanning machine against the far wall, a contoured chair in the middle of the room, which I figured would serve several purposes if needed. It looked like a dentist’s chair but was positioned upright. A table was to the left of the chair against the wall, with towels and toiletries on top and four closed drawers beneath. As we stepped into the room, I was soon surrounded by mirrors. Everywhere I looked, I saw myself staring back. Then behind me, next to the doorway was a large shower stall, with a vinyl chequered curtain pulled halfway back. I glanced in and noticed several bottles, razors, soaps, and creams. This must be for after the tanning session, I thought. They were thorough, weren’t they? After turning back from the shower, I caught a glimpse of the man shutting the door behind him. What was I supposed to do? I thought that this must’ve been one of those self-service tanning beds so I made sure the door was locked behind me and walked over to the machine. It had dials and knobs that I was familiar with so I quickly undressed to begin my tanning session. Twenty minutes should be good to start with. I set the timer, placed the complimentary earphones on my head and tuned in the local alternative station. After positioning my naked body just right on the cool glass, and putting on the light goggles, I lowered the top. As always, I feel trapped but soon after, I am able to close my eyes and enjoy the warm glow of the rays that surrounded my body. I drifted off into a relaxed state where my body felt warm and tingly. Next thing I know, there was a loud click and then darkness followed. That was a fast twenty minutes. I pushed the top up, removed the goggles, and took off the headphones. As I swung my legs over the side, I gasped with surprise. There was a strange man standing at the table across the room, looking about as shocked as I was.

He said, “Well hello there! My name is Tom, and I will be pampering you today. By the look on your face, you weren’t expecting me to be here, were you?”

I managed to squeak out, “No, I thought I was alone.”

He smiled nicely, grabbed a towel from the table and walked over to me, “How were you expecting to cut your hair alone? Jim must’ve neglected to mention that I would be your head masseur today.”

My mind was racing, completely oblivious to the fact that I was still naked until he handed me the towel. I choked out a “thank you” once I quickly wrapped it around me. I stood, my knees a bit wobbly, and walked over to the shower stall. Tom was rummaging through the drawers now, pulling out random items and placing them on the table. He noticed that I was going to take a shower and told me that would be after the haircut. That was strange but I guess it made sense since the freshly cut hair would be everywhere. But it would be all over my clothes after the cut, and it would be useless to take a shower then.

As if reading my mind, Tom goes, “You can get dressed if you like but most women prefer to keep the towel around them so they don’t get hair all over their clothes. I think they prefer to stay undressed just so they can feel their hair falling onto their bare shoulders. But that’s just my opinion.” He turned to me, smiled and laughed in this manner that just made me melt. I soon found myself enjoying this uncomfortable situation. I don’t know how, but I was.

He guided me to the contoured chair where I was soon seated. It seemed as though it hugged every curve of my body and adjusted to different positions and levels. He came over with a pair of electric clippers in his hand and a brush in the other. I instantly panicked!

“What are you going to do with those?” I cried out.

He told me in a soothing voice, while flashing me that ornery grin, “Nothing you don’t want me to.” He snapped them on and held them close to my ear. Even though my heart was racing with fear, this was beginning to excite me. He told me to sit back and relax because his job was to pamper me. He was right – that’s why I was there. He gently pressed the clippers against my cheek at first. They were cold and vibrating against my skin. It felt pleasurable to me. I was beginning to enjoy this experience … maybe a bit too much as I noticed myself getting wet between my legs. What was this stranger doing to me?

He turned the clippers off, placed them on a hook, and began to brush my hair, following each stroke with his free hand … as if he were stroking me long and slow like a beloved pet. This felt so wonderful and relaxing. My hair was short but long enough for him to run his fingers through it. He lowered his head to my ear and whispered, “Can I cut your hair now?”

“By all means.” I replied. I’ve never wanted a haircut so bad in all my life. Drawing his mouth even closer to my ear, his breath hot against my neck, “Can I make you sexy?” I wasn’t sure how to reply but the word “yes” escaped my mouth before I knew what I was saying. In the mirror across from me, I saw him reach for the clippers again and snap on some sort of an attachment. While stroking my hair with his left hand, he snapped on the clippers with the other. I was completely and totally enthralled by this man who was about to cut my hair. He reassured me that this was going to be the best haircut I’ve ever gotten and no sooner did the words escape his mouth, I heard and felt the clippers moving through my thick, red hair. Chewing and gnawing their way through as if on a mission. The hair began to fall onto my bare shoulders, rolling down over by chest and stopping on the edge of the tight towel I had positioned, covering my breasts. I undid the knotted towel and pulled it open. What was I doing? This wasn’t anything I would ever do but I did it anyway. Tom didn’t seem to mind, as I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror, looking at my now naked body. The only thing now covering me were the quickly forming clumps of sheared hair. Caught up in the moment, my thoughts focused on my hair again. I looked in the mirror and soon discovered that half of my head was shaved down to about a quarter of an inch. My hair!! I loved the new me. It was so fresh and light and free looking. I had to touch it. As my hand glided up the back, feeling my head, I became so turned on. This man had just transformed me with the ease of his clippers. I loved it! He placed his hand over mine as we stroked the hair together, guiding me to his points of interest. I liked the control he had over me. I was finding myself very attracted to this stranger. The feeling between my legs was now making me squirm in my seat. How much more of this is to come?

Once again, as if reading my mind, he comments, “I hope you don’t have any plans this afternoon, because I’m going to make this last a nice, long time.” I just shivered with delight at that statement. Sitting there in complete and utter ecstasy, I watched as he buzzed the clippers over my head, slow and long each time, shearing off more and more. After what seemed to be a glorious eternity, the buzzing of the clippers stopped. No sooner did the sound cease, when I felt both of his hands on my head. Massaging, rubbing, petting the fresh new cut, all over. Oh, God, did this feel wonderful. Never has a man paid so much attention to my head. This was the best form of foreplay I have ever experienced. At least that’s what I thought it was. I never wanted him to take is hands off of me.

As I peered into the mirror closest to me, I saw the new style I was sporting. It was beautiful. It looked to be about a quarter of an inch on top, tapering down to stubble near the neckline, my bangs hanging loose over my forehead. The contrast of the long bangs against the short crewcut was very complimentary to me. He was right. I did look sexy.

With one hand left to massage my head, the other trailed down my shoulders, gathering the loose hair that had tumbled down over them. As his hand went lower, his massaging hand rubbed harder and longer. His hand brushed against my left nipple, immediately making it stiffen with excitement. Did he know what he was doing to me? Did he give this special treatment to every woman he worked on? At this moment in time, I really didn’t care. All I knew was that I wanted him. Bad.

While massaging my scalp and my breasts, he leaned down and kissed my neck. Right at the hairline. His mouth felt so good I couldn’t hardly stand it. Tracing his tongue along the hairline, reaching my earlobe, running it up the length, along all my earrings, feeling his hot breath on my neck and ear, he was giving me goose bumps. He whispered in a sexy voice, “Can I make you even more beautiful?” As if knowing what my answer would be, he walked around to the front of me, the bulge in his pants was quite noticeable by now. The fact that this was arousing him as much as me was thrilling beyond belief. He grasped his clippers in one hand and angled the chair as if I were sitting upright. He stood over me, snapped on his clippers and began to run the vibrating base over my neck. I stretched to feel them better. He moved them slowly down my chest and over my breasts. My nipples were so hard. They ached to be touched by this vibration. My chest heaved with anticipation. After giving ample attention to each one, he moved the clippers slowly over my stomach, coming to rest over my bellybutton. I knew what was about to happen and I began to spread my legs with great urgency. I wanted to feel this man and his clippers on my most private area. The area that yearns for this attention. With my legs straddled over the sides of the chair, he began to lower the clippers onto my mound of pubic hair. They sheared it off quickly and with such ease. Catching a glimpse in the mirror of this man shaving me was utterly sensual. The vibration of the clippers against my crotch was making my muscles contract. With his free hand, Tom slowly inserted two fingers into my now dripping wet pussy. The combination of this and the clippers was too much to handle. My hips began to buck against the thrusts of his hand, making it difficult for him shave me, but he managed to finish.

Without saying a word, only looking into my eyes, he guided me off of the chair and walked me to the shower stall. Sliding the curtain open and turning on the water, I wanted him to join me. My hands were quickly removing articles of his clothing. I was removing his shirt over his head, unbuttoning his jeans as he slipped out of his shoes. With such urgency, I had managed to strip him naked in the amount of time it took the water to heat up. My eyes feasted upon his now naked body which stood before me. His cock and balls were shaved smooth. Never had I seen such a beautiful sight, so clean, so smooth. We stepped into the shower together, feeling the warm water pound against my naked, sensitive flesh, while his hands were all over my body. He turned and grabbed a can of shaving cream and a razor. Squeezing a bit of the foam into one hand, he turned me so my back was to him. I felt his lathered hand along my neckline, smoothing the cream onto it. I lowered my head a bit, and with precise care, he took the razor and shaved my neckline smooth. Angled it into a v-shape along each side. The cold razor he held in his hand was soothing to my warm skin. After he was finished with that, he turned me back around and pulled me close to him. Our wet, hot bodies pressing tightly against one another. His hands running from my head all the way down to my ass, then back up again. My hands doing the same to him. We pushed apart and he reached for the shaving cream again. With a very sensitive touch, he applied the cream to my pussy and its surrounding areas, gently sliding a finger in to tease my clit. He then lowered himself to his knees, took the razor, and very delicately and precisely, shaved me smooth and clean. This was the most intimate and erotic thing any man has ever done to me. After washing away the remaining lather, he kissed the newly, shaven area. Long, slow kisses. All over. His tongue darting inside every now and then to flick at my now swollen clit. I spread my legs farther apart to help get a better stance. With his left hand, Tom slowly entered me, all the while kissing and licking my soft pussy. It was hard for me to keep standing, with as weak as my knees were getting. His tongue lightly flicking at my clit, almost as though he were teasing it. Then moving to my soft, inner thigh, biting lightly. My hips bucking against his thrusting fingers. I felt myself beginning to cum. My legs and ass tensed up, the muscles deep inside of me beginning to convulse around his fingers. My swollen clit, quaking in waves. The combination of all this was too much. I was soon realizing that this was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. But it left me wanting him even more.

Now it was Tom’s turn. This man had just given me the best haircut, the best shower and shave, and the best orgasm of my life. I was a woman on a mission now. We stepped out of the shower and quickly dried one another off. Tom sat in the chair as I followed him there. His cock still hard and very enticing to me. I looked at this beautiful, smooth cock and wanted to taste it. I was holding his soft, smooth balls in one hand while the other was squeezing lightly at the base of his cock. First licking the very tip, tracing down then back up the vein running along the underside, then lowering myself to take the head into my mouth. His heart racing, cock throbbing. I could feel it reach the back of my throat. It was so hard and thick inside my mouth. His hands rubbing my velvety head, guiding it gently up and down the shaft of his erection. I was sucking as my mouth formed around the shape of his cock. It seems to grow even larger in size. Inside my mouth, I could feel the pulse of his every heartbeat. Just doing this to him, made my pussy wet with anticipation again. I wanted to feel his smooth cock inside me. In one quick motion, I had pulled myself onto the chair and began to straddle his straining, rock hard cock. Lowering myself very slowly at first, feeling him enter my smooth, wet pussy. Then thrusting myself downward with force. His cock, filling me, felt so sweet. Our hands were soon on one another’s heads, while pumping each other with a fierce energy. I was going to cum again and I wanted to do it with him. This thought was so appealing to me that I bucked even harder, crying out in the silence of our mirrored room. With every long, deep thrust, our bodies meeting, I was drawing nearer. I wanted to wait. Wait for him. To cum together. His pace quickened and his cock pulsing, almost to the point of orgasm. A little faster, harder. Just as I felt his cock twitching and shooting it’s hot cum into me, my muscles clenched around it, quaking and convulsing, all the while holding his cock tight. Every muscle shaking, every nerve pulsing. All the while, our hands managed to stay on each other�s head, rubbing with such urgency.

I collapsed onto his chest, with a sublime, relaxed feeling all throughout my body. I could feel his heart beating against my chest as he slowly stroked my hair. Now I knew what she was talking about when Heather referred to this as “Our kind of heaven!” But then my mind strayed to the question, “How much should I give Tom for a tip?”

The End.


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