What an Exciting Day

What an Exciting Day

What an Exciting Day by Ron

“Good bye Daddy, good bye Mommy…”

“Good bye dear. Don’t forget to clean the fallen hair after every bath, I don’t want to come back to a pipe blocking.”

“Yes, Daddy…”

Mr. and Mrs. Brown closed the van doors and drove away. Karen stood at the front yard of her house, waving to the big red car that was going to be parked for a week at the airport. She stood there, excited about staying home alone for a week, and more excited about her plans…

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The van disappeared at the end of the street, and then Karen rushed into the house. She began running to her room. She opened her closet and took out the bright and shiny clippers she had bought a few days before.

For a long, long time, Karen was obsessive about her hair. She had straight reddish hair that reached below her shoulders. She liked to touch it all the time, and play with it. But also, the thought of cutting all of that hair got her excited. Whenever she’d walk down the street and see a girl with cropped head, she got thrilled. She wanted to do that too, but she never had the courage to.

But in the passing year, she was very close to doing that twice. Once she went to the salon, all decided that she was going to ask for a buzzed look, but she chickened out at the last minute, and once when she was at a friend’s house and saw the exciting machine standing there. She almost took the clippers and passed them over her head.

The moment she knew about her parents’ trip she knew that that was her chance. She had it all in her mind – she’d go and buy a pair of clippers, hide them, and use them the minute her parents went. Karen was too shy, and she couldn’t cut her hair while her parents could be watching every piece of it. She wanted to be alone when she did it – also because she knew it’d get her aroused, and that would be embarrassing in front of her parents.

But now she had an empty house, and she was going to take advantage of it.

She remembered to charge the clippers the day before, and now they were ready to be used. All the years she spent dreaming about her hair falling away, leaving her head bare almost to the scalp… And now it was really happening! Karen was so excited. She told herself all week that now she mustn’t chicken out, she must do it! And she was determined indeed.

She took off her shirt and jeans and went to the bath. She stared at the mirror for something like 10 minutes, and then she clicked on the no-attachment clippers. The machine vibrated in her hand. She clicked the clippers off and took a brush. She started brushing her shining hair, and tried to touch it as much as she could. Her hair felt so good… All the brushing aroused Karen more and more and she couldn’t wait longer.

She turned the clippers on, and steadied them firmly at her forehead. She froze like that for a minute or two, and then, slowly, she pushed the clippers up. The clippers reached to her hairline, and reddish hair started flowing everywhere. Her hair was always flowing, but now it was flowing to the floor. That got her very excited but her hand remained firm on the machine, that climbed its way to the crown of Karen’s head. She looked at the gray-stubble path, which crossed her head in the middle. She raised her hand and touched it. She was already feeling very sexual…

She continued clipping the top of her head, path after path, from forehead to crown. When she was through, she understood that the abused-hair look just made her more aroused, and that was when she decided to deal with the rest of her hair cruelly…

She took the scissors and strongly pulled a piece of her hair from the left side. Then, with the scissors, she sliced that piece. She continued working like that, strong and fast. She passed to the left side and then to the back. The pain in pulling her hair so strong, the relief when slicing through it… She started to feel wet…

Then, with the clippers, she reduced the short hair to stubble.

Karen looked at her new self in the mirror. She was totally buzzed, almost bald. She had a pretty beautiful scalp, a fact she hadn’t noticed till that day.

She raised her hands to her head and touched the stubble. It was the best feeling ever.

Karen went to her room, sat on her bed, and while with one hand she was feeling her buzzed scalp, with the other hand she started touching herself. She felt more feminine then she had ever felt in her life.


The plane had taken off exactly on time. Karen’s parents were thrilled, but not only from their approaching trip.

“Gail, tell me something, did you see the clippers Karen hid in her closet?”

“Oh, yes Mike… I think she plans to use them this week.”

“Yeah, otherwise why should she buy clippers?”

“I just can’t wait to see her with short hair.”

“I just hope she won’t totally shave her head.”

“Even if she does, treat her nicely, Mike. Not everyday girls cut their hair short. I’d bet she would be very sensitive to it.”

“Anyway, It’d be a blessed change. No more pipe-blocking.”

“You only think about that. I think she’ll look very good.”

Quiet conquered them as the non-smoking signs went off.

“Gail, do you have an idea why she hid them from us?”

“No, Mike. I don’t have a clue.”


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