Jamie’s Haircut

Jamie's Haircut

Jamie’s Haircut by Crewctguy

Jamie was the kind of model that people loved look at and dream about. She had gorgeous, long brown hair, which she usually kept in a ponytail. Plus, she was born with the perfect model’s body, so she was in every hot magazine.

Before she and her husband Tony had wed, Tony confessed to her that he liked short haircuts, preferably ultra-short haircuts, on girls. Also he said he liked long hair, especially Jamie’s. Jamie never wanted a short haircut after what had happened when she was 15. When she was growing up her parents had always had her with long hair. Once, when she was 15, she had her hair cut to her shoulders, but she hated it. Besides, she loved the compliments about her long hair.

One day, while riding in the back of her limo going to a clothing show, her chauffeur accidentally took a turn on a back road. Jamie noticed that this wasn’t their normal route and asked the chauffeur. He replied that it was a short cut his friend had told him about. Jamie didn’t think anything of this because she was late, so it may help. As they were getting ready to turn on the main road, Jamie noticed a group of punk girls walking towards them. All the girls had different short haircuts and each of them looked wonderful. This brought back all the memories of wanting to cut her hair short, but they pulled up in front of the studio and she didn’t think anything more of it.

After the hair show she went home. Her husband, Tony, was late as usual, so she decided to watch TV, and she clicked it on. On the TV there was a babe getting her long hair cut off. Jamie thought back to how hot she had been during the hair show, and how nice it would be to have short hair. She decided that short hair would be a lot better than her long hair. She knew that she didn’t like her hair last time she had cut it semi-short, but she decided that she may like it better. She had always admired girls who had chopped off their long locks. When one of the models at the studio had their hair cut to a short bowl haircut, she dreamed about cutting it off. But that thought had passed and she thought this thought may pass as well. The more she kept thinking about cutting it short, the more she wanted to. Finally, she decided to cut it off before she changed her mind.

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Jamie went up to the bathroom where they kept the hair clippers and attachments for Tony’s hair. She also grabbed the barber’s scissors out of the drawer. Then she went to the kitchen and found a sheet to put on the floor. She put a chair in the center, along with candles on the table. As she was doing this Tony walked in.

“Hello, pumpkin,” he said and then he realized something was going on. “Why do you have all this stuff here?”

Jamie replied, “Remember when we got married you said you liked babes with short hair? Well, tonight your dream for a short-haired babe is going to come true, and you are the one who’s gonna make it happen!”

Tony couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was a miracle! He decided not to lose this chance and he asked her how short she wanted it cut.

She said, “I was thinking maybe a bowl cut. I kinda would like the ‘bowl’ above my hair with my neck buzzed.”

So Tony got right to work. Jamie had put on a sexy little dress, and sat in the chair with her long hair flowing over the back of the chair. “Are you sure about this?” asked Tony.


“You know that your hair won’t be like this for a long time again?”


“Well then, on with the shearing!”

Tony took the scissors and began cutting off Jamie’s gorgeous brown hair just above her shoulders. Hair began falling all over the floor, as well as Jamie’s sexy petite shoulders. After he was done cutting her hair with the scissors he grabbed the clippers, put the #2 attachment on them and brought them to life. Jamie jumped when they came alive, but she started to get more and more interested.

Tony then took the clippers and started buzzing from the nape of the neck to just above Jamie’s beautiful ears. He pushed the clippers through her think, brown hair. It was tough going, but well worth it because what remained was the stubble Tony had dreamed of turning her hair into since the first time he had seen her. He saw that she was getting very turned on by the buzzing, but she still was a bit nervous. He started the next pass and she told him that this was the sexist thing they had ever done. He worked his way around her head, amazed at the hair falling to the ground. He started to see that Jamie was even more beautiful than ever. Her long hair had covered her beautiful facial features and now they were revealed for the first time in her life.

He was almost done, but he still had to even up the weight line and make it look super sexy. Her hair was left in a jagged bowl line, but he thought this cut was even more beautiful than her old style. He took the scissors and started clipping about ear level, cutting off the edges. He trimmed off at about one-inch above her ears, so that her longest hairs were only about 4 1/2 inches! Now this was pure pleasure!

Finally a half hour after he started, his beloved wife emerged from under the clippers wearing a very sexy, short bowl cut, or if you want to be proper, a beautiful, sexy wedge cut. Jamie looked absolutely awesome. Tony could not wait to show off his sexy little hottie with this new haircut! He decided to call and make some reservations at a very fancy restaurant downtown, “The Gold Spike.”

She changed into a beautiful, red dress with a slit in the side clear up to her thigh. Tony about fainted when she spun around and her hair no longer stayed flat with her head. Instead it did that sexy little move swishing around her. She was definitely the sexist thing he had ever seen! He was glad that she was a model and pulled off the haircut so well. He could not have planned it better. Her sexy looks, combined with her profession, might influence hundreds of women to shed their long, outdated locks.

They climbed into her limo (the chauffeur had not seen her yet) and headed downtown. They pulled up to “The Gold Spike”, and the chauffeur got out and opened the door for Jamie. He almost fainted when he saw what she had done to her hair. He thought to himself: “I have never seen a babe with this sexy an out-of-the-norm haircut.” Jamie just smiled at Roger when she saw his reaction to her bowl cut. Tony got out and took Jamie’s arm and together they walked into the restaurant. The head waiter asked for the couple’s name and thought they were lying when the man said, “Mr. And Mrs. Tony Pilzkopf.” Surely this wasn’t the famous model that he had seen all over the media. He asked for some ID, and just shrugged his shoulders when it turned out the man was telling the truth. He had to admit though, that whoever that babe was that was with him, she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, except for his wife. He led them to a table and decided to break protocol and ask who she was.

“Excuse me miss, but are you the famous supermodel Jamie Pilzkopf?”

“Why yes I am, don’t you recognize me?”

“Not really, you look totally different from usual.”

At this point, Jamie became really nervous. She didn’t know if anyone else would like her new bowl cut other than herself and her husband. So she asked the waiter.

“Do you like my new haircut? I mean, this is the first time I have been out in public since I had it cut.”

“Yes ma’am. It is one of the sexist haircuts that I have ever seen; and I say this after many years of seeing girls with long hair and other boring hairstyles come and go from this restaurant.”

“Why thank you. After you asked me if it was really me, you had me just plain scared that I hadn’t done the right thing in getting it cut.”

“No, No! That wasn’t ever my intention. I never thought that any model who cut their hair would ever look even more sexy than they did before they cut it off. You know what I mean?”

“Yes I do. Thank you. You have given me back my confidence.”

Tony and Jamie ordered and could not help but see how many people in the restaurant were admiring Jamie’s new bowl cut. Their meal came and it was some of the best food they had ever tasted. They left, and went back out to there waiting limo and went to the movies. They saw “GI Jane” and Tony asked Jamie if she would ever shave her head. Jamie said, “You never know do you…?” They went home and had the most passionate night of their lives.

The next morning, Jamie went to the studio as usual. When she got into the changing rooms, no one could believe how sexy she looked. They had never thought that in a million years Jamie Pilzkopf would ever cut her hair off. They thought that it was her crowning glory, but they never knew she could ever pull off short hair so good. She was the first model employed by the studio that had ever gotten her hair cut this short. Sure they had girls with crops and at one time they had a girl with a buzzcut, but never had they had a model with such stunning features cut her hair this short! However, she was able to pull it off. She became one of the few models that had a bowl cut and were at the top of their profession. A few models got their hair cut like Jamie’s, but no one looked as good. Even a few more people cut off their hair and got bowl cuts. But is this the end…


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