Electra and Lizzie’s Turn

Electra and Lizzie's Turn

Electra and Lizzy’s Turn – Jaci

Lizzy and Electra were both friends with Chelsea, who had recently had her head shaved and tested with some “gook”, as they called it, which made her bald forever. They didn’t believe her and still loved her as if she was their sister. They still hung out with her and always felt her head and they said that they would never end up that way. Since school was finally out Chelsea decided to invite Electra and Lizzy over on Saturday night so they could spend the night and have fun on Sunday.

Both of them could hardly wait as they loved her house with the big patio and all of the DVD things and the cool salon that was in her basement. Lizzy had plans on Saturday but was going to make it. Electra was going to some cheerleader thing on Friday night and part of Saturday but they would both be there. Lizzy went to a salon on Saturday to have the split ends on her hair done, along with her always growing bangs. After that she headed back to her house to pack for the night of fun.

Electra was having a blast with all the cheerleaders as they worked on new moves and were fitted to new uniforms and specialized bags, shorts, shirts, rain ponchos etc. She decided to wear her new uniform to Chelsea’s to show off in front of her for the fun of it. Once she was back in her hometown she took a shower and got ready by packing and getting her uniform to fit nicely. She then put in her white bow as it completed the green and white uniform nicely.

Lizzy picked up Electra along the way as they were off to Chelsea’s house where unknowingly to them, a surprise awaited them at the door. On the way there, Electra asked, “Do you think this uniform looks good on me with this hair?” Electra had brown curly hair which reached down to her shoulders. Lizzy meanwhile had blond hair which was straight that reached past her shoulders and was always smooth and sexy.

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“I think it looks just great,” replied Lizzy. Lizzy to decided to show off with her new black mini skirt with a white top and her hair all done up. They finally arrived and knocked on the door.

Chelsea opened the door and they walked in. “Hey gals, you look nice but you need to dress out into normal clothes.”

“Why?” replied Lizzy.

“Cause we’re going out to dinner and that’s a little too upper class. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I guess,” they both said.

So Lizzy dressed out into jeans and a sweater with Electra wearing bell-bottoms and a black shirt. They went to dinner and then returned to Chelsea’s house. Her mom told them to wait while she unlocked the door.

“Wait here 5 minutes then come in the house. My mom wants to talk to me in private. Alright?” Both of them nodded yes and watched Chelsea walk in.

The 5 minutes had passed and Lizzy and Electra started to walk towards the door. They opened the door and Chelsea put her hands over both of their heads. “We have a suprise for you two downstairs,” she said. She carefully rolled out 2 sets of handcuffs and just barely placed them on both of their wrists without them realizing a thing. “Just keep your eyes closed,” she said. They both walked downstairs and then Chelsea took Electra by the arm and quickly cuffed her without Lizzy knowing. Chelsea quickly did the same to Lizzy. They both opened their eyes to find people coming towards them.

“CHELSEA, WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” they both screamed at the same time. The two men took each one by the arms as Chelsea applied tape to their mouths and they just looked wide-eyed at everything that was happening.

Chelsea then walked away and up to a man that looked rich. She started to talk to him with an innocent look on her face. Electra and Lizzy watched her talk and heard her yell over the music playing in the background and throw her arms down and somewhat pitch a fit. She then walked over and talked to them. “I’m really sorry, you guys, but they’re gonna shave your head like they shaved mine. I can’t stop them because I’m under orders. This wasn’t my idea, believe me!” They both just stared at her with disbelief as they both were about to kiss their sexy-body-making hair goodbye and probably for good.

After they both lost their thought they found that the men were pulling their pants off and tossed their shoes out. Next they started to pull down the panties. Lizzy couldn’t believe what was happening as she looked up to see a woman taking pictures of her half-naked! Electra had much of the same except she showed no emotion and just stared at the camera with an awed look. A man then talked to them.

“We’re gonna take your handcuffs off for a second but don’t move unless you are directed, got it?” They both just nodded as the men unlocked the cuffs and they both raised their hands high as directed. The men then took off their shirts as more pictures went off and then Lizzy felt her bra kind of loose as it then dropped to the ground. Electra’s did right after. The cuffs then went back on and they both were told to face the camera as more shots went off. Then a man walked over with two things in his hand. She didn’t know what it was except for a orange thing on a strap, a ball mouth gag. “I’m gonna take the tape off and you both are gonna open wide.” He did and Lizzy opened wide and with no problems he buckled the back strap tightly and then the chin strap. Much the same for Electra as she still showed no emotion whatsoever.

Electra then was taken by the arm over to a normal salon chair and her cuffs were unlocked and she sat down in the chair. The person then took her left arm, put it on the armrest and fastened her wrist with an already built-in shackle on the arm and then it was locked. Then the same was done with the right wrist and both ankles. A tight belt was then applied in the middle with rope being attached at the thighs. A belt was applied at her chest, pushing her boobs out, then more rope was applied to the leg area. Lizzy was then escorted and Electra much the same except that they applied a crotch rope that wasn’t too loose or tight.

For both of them their hair was let down as more photos flashed off. Next walked over a man and a woman. The woman took a neck tissue and applied one to Lizzy and then Electra. She then took out a big black cape and applied it over Lizzy and fastened it tightly around her neck. The woman doing Lizzy’s hair took a good chunk of it and put it into a ponytail. She then took a big pair of scissors out. Lizzy almost had a heart attack at the sight of them. As she approached Lizzy’s hair her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t believe it. She closed her eyes and the next thing she heard was “SHHHHHHHHINK” and her hair then felt lighter. The woman took the tail of hair and tossed it in the sink. Electra saw it and she just stared as the woman next to her then took her head, faced it towards the mirror, made a ponytail and then pulled out the scissors. Electra closed her eyes and the next thing she heard was “SHHHHHHHINK” as her hair too felt lighter. She looked in the mirror to find her hair above her shoulders. Lizzy’s was a sloppy bob; Electra’s was still longer but both of them knew they were done for.

Both woman then grabbed the girls’ heads and faced them directly towards the mirror. Lizzy looked frightened while Electra still had the same no-emotion look despite her starting to give in. Lizzy then started to shed her first tears. Then Lizzy saw the woman take a comb and a set of clippers. She took the guard off and fired them up. The noise approaching her ear scared her to death as it came closer and closer. “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” was what she heard as the woman took the comb and brushed some hair and then Lizzy started to see her beautiful blonde hair fall on the cape. The woman kept picking up hair with the comb and just buzzing it right off with the clippers. More and more kept coming off as she worked around the side. Now the other woman picked up her set of clippers and fired them up. “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” was what Electra heard as she saw them approach her head. She then heard them go off all of a sudden. The woman put the clippers back and Electra thought she was getting off the hook but instead she took out the bigger ones that looked scarier.

She picked them up and took the bag off the head to reveal big blades on them. She turned them on to hear “BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR” as she saw them approach her head, but this time they weren’t stopping. She puhsed Electra’s head down and started buzzing up on the back of her head. Electra couldn’t see but she knew her hair was falling off as she felt more of a breeze. Lizzy was also being worked at hard – her hair was becoming shorter by the second. It was down to about just the top of her ear. The woman then stopped using the comb and she aimed the clippers right down the center of her head and just glided them across the center and down the top of her neck and back over the same spot. She worked to the right, making two swipes each time. Lizzy’s tears were beginning to fall quicker and she just bit down on the gag as she couldn’t be heard even if she did scream. Electra’s hair was now down to a crewcut and it was getting to the point of bald. Her barberette shut off the big clippers as all of Electra’s hair was piled on her cape and she just kept the same no reaction look. She stared at the mirror as the woman fired up another set of clippers. She worked down the middle with two swipes, then worked to the left, around her ear down her neck and nape, around the right side and around the ear. Electra was now down to short little stubs on her head. Lizzy was now down to a crewcut as she was still being worked on. With more swipes she now also found herself with short stubs on her head. Lizzy continued to cry and the barbertte just laughed as Lizzy tried to whimper through the gag. Both women now took their other set of clippers and both were fired up. Electra’s and Lizzy’s hair was now about to be gone as they both made final swipes up and down on their head.

Now both women reached over to their hot lather machines. Lizzy just looked at the mirror teary-eyed as the woman brought over the machine over her head. “This lather is extra hot just for you, slut,” and as she said that she pressed the button and the first of the hot lather hit her head. At first it burned but then felt just warm after a moment as the woman put on some more on her head. She then spread it around. Over the middle, around the sides, down the back of her head and neck, around her ears and then on the forehead. She then took out a straight razor and guided it over the lather. Over the middle of her head, around the sides and ears and down the neck. “Well Lizzy, you’re now bald. Now after your little bitch friend is finished we’ll finish this ordeal.”

Electra’s barberette took the hot lather machine to her desk and put some of it in her hand and started to spread the warm lather on the center of Electra’s head. She continued to apply and spread it around her ears and neck and then whipped out her straight razor and went to work. She worked down the middle and then to the sides and around her ears. She then shaved down her neck and around the strap of the gag. “Okay Lisa, ready to apply the shell?” Both of them didn’t know what the “shell” was but both women exited the room briefly and when they entered so did Chelsea. Chelsea was gagged, cuffed, and naked as she was sat down in the final chair next to Lizzy and then anchored down to the chair. She was then caped and a towel was applied to her neck. Over walked the barberettes with two bowls of pink goo which was then placed on the desk. They took towels and applied them around the girls’ necks.

The barberettes took out some gloves and put them on. They then proceeded to mix the concoction and then took large spoonfuls. Electra was first to feel the gook as it was dumped on her head. It was warm and it felt good but Electra didn’t like it as it was spread over her head. It was applied once and it still felt warm to Electra and then came the second and then a third coating. Now she couldn’t feel that tingling. She was worried. While this was happening Lizzy was looking on as Chelsea was having her eyebrows shaved off. Then Lizzy’s head was grabbed. She then felt a warm feeling on her head as she looked in the mirror to see the pink stuff being applied to her head. She was also worried as by the second coat the tingling feeling began to go away. After the third application the women then both took a cold towel and wiped it across their newly shaved heads. As they wiped off the residue they walked over to Chelsea and put the leftovers in a bowl. They then dumped the bowl over Chelsea’s head. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHH” was what they heard as the stuff just dripped down her head. Lizzy was looking as her head was grabbed. She saw a set of clippers and they were fired up and then her eyebrows taken off and the same was done to Electra.

After the barberettes finished with Chelsea, they removed the capes and towels off Electra and Lizzy. They were unshackled and untied but handcuffed before they were let go. They both saw the barberettes walk over with a razor and the pink gook. Their arms were lifted and their armpits shaved and then applied with the stuff. Then the women approached their bushes and shaved and then applied them with pink shell. After that they then did it around their vaginas.

After all of this and some more photos the girls were then dressed again in matching cheerleader’s uniforms. After some forced play they were finally set loose. Electra and Lizzy were informed that they were bald for life. They were advised not to tell about specific details or more of their friends would suffer. Chelsea was then back to her normal privileges again as she got what she was supposed to.

Electra and Lizzy would never forget that frightful night. Electra quit the cheerleaders’ team and Lizzy was relocated to a private Christian school where she would be forced to make new friends. Lizzy would be forced to become Ms. Perfect Christian and she and Chelsea would attend the same church. Yet they would be seperated from each other and hardly could talk to each other. The night that they had their heads shaved bald permanently was the beginning of their new life. Chelsea would go on to get into Bondage and would actually graduate college with a degree with political science. Lizzy went on into college to graduate as the top softball player in the nation and would go on to become a world coach and work for several people as she also go into Bondage. Electra would become a cheerleader again and graduated college with a degree in hairstyling and she would go on to shave many people’s heads and start to get revenge as she also went into bondage. They all grew used to bald heads. But they still wished they had their hair every day.


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