Reincarnation by DPTemplar

THE AZTEC EMPIRE – a young woman gets arrested for violating one of the sacred rules of the empire: one must never disturb the flow of nature, for the consequences would be disastrous for Motecuhzoma and, in turn, the state. She could have been sent to sacrifice, or been sent to work until she died under the blistering sun. But they had another punishment: they would shave her head. In this case, she got off easy. As they slowly removed her hair, a young man from the Aztec military looked onward. At first, he was happy that justice was being served, and that this criminal got what she deserved. Then he looked at her… her beauty, her eyes, and her hair, which was rapidly leaving her scalp. He didn’t understand why, but he started getting aroused over her punishment….

13TH CENTURY CHINA – A young woman enters a monastery, and asks to join. She is then told for purification, and the way of the monks, she must be shaven bald. When asked if this made her want to change her mind, she said no, and went ahead with the shaving. The head monk took a long sharp straight razor and dry shaved her. One of the recent monks to enter the monastery was looking at this beautiful woman get shaved. Although he took a vow of abstinence, he was getting somewhat aroused, and couldn’t explain why….

1940s – A beautiful Gypsy woman is taken with her family, along with many Jews, into different concentration camps. This woman is taken to Dachau, considered to be the nastiest of all concentration camps run during WWII. The Nazis decide to have fun with this girl, and start to humiliate her, and make her suffer. The last insult to the girl was to shave her bald right in front of her family. One Nazi didn’t want to participate in her humiliation, yet he felt like he just had to participate in her shaving, for there was something about it that was stimulating, not to mention eerily familiar….

1969 – A girl wants to rebel against her parents; she was against the Vietnam War, and her parents were supporting it 100%. They not only scolded her about her beliefs, but they were deadset against her going to Woodstock. She had totally snapped that day, and decided that if she was going to rebel, she’d do anything. She went to the barbershop, and saw a guy waiting to get his hair cut. The two hit it off, and felt as if they’d seen each other before. She asked if he was going to Woodstock, and he was. She told him to pick her up that next day in order to go to Woodstock, but first she had to do something. In an act of total rebellion, she asked the barber to cut off her hair. Her hair went down to her rear; the guy and the barber couldn’t believe it. After styling her hair to a very short bob, she told him that she’d like it shaved off. The barber and the guy were awestruck! As the barber turned on the clippers, she smiled at the guy who was going to take her to Woodstock. She was then shaved, and she then paid the barber for a job well done. She then kissed the guy on the cheek, and said, “See you tomorrow.” He couldn’t explain it, but he got aroused as she was getting shaved, and thought that he had seen this before….

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PRESENT YEAR – At a bar, a guy walked up to a cute woman having a drink, and said, “I’m sorry. This is NOT a line, but… I think I know you. I think I’ve met you before.” Usually, she laughs at this line, but she looked into his eyes. She felt the same way; she had met him before, but where? The two began to talk, and they went to dinner that next night. A week later, they decided to take their feelings of déjà vu to a hypnotherapist, to see if she could read anything out of it; at the very least, it would be something to laugh about that next day. She analyzed the man first, and was told via his unconsciousness positive signs of his former lives – an Aztec, a monk, a Nazi, and a hippie. Then she analyzed the girl and felt the following – an Aztec slave, a female monk, a Gypsy in a concentration camp, and a 1960s rebel. Then she felt that these two had met before, and that they should try to explore their common bond that connected them throughout time. When they asked her what the common bond was, she responded, “Shaving.” Laughing at the absurdity of her answer, they thanked her, and paid her, then went on their way.

On the way back to her place, the girl replied, “Well, you know… I did recall being shaved on a few occasions in past lives. And well… I’ve seen this site with cute girls getting shaved, and something deep inside me said that I should go this route, as well. Sound weird?”

The guy just smiled at her and said, “Well, actually, I did recall that while seeing you, that is to say your past lives, getting shaved, my past lives each got aroused. And, seeing a cute woman shave her head is a bit thrilling. Maybe this was meant to be….”

He then turned down the road, and went to a store to get a realistic-looking wig, as well as clippers, shaving cream, and razors. She was going to be shaved (again), and this time, along with watching, the man was now going to experience the pleasure of shaving her bald and shiny. At least this time, this current life he was living had the technology to record her shaving.


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