Princess Leah’s Braids

Princess Leah's Braids

Princess Leah’s Braids – Cuttisnips

Star Wars is back in the theater with fantastic new scenes! Yet, many of the best scenes remain on the cutting room floor.

While held captive, on the evil Empire’s Death Star, Princess Leah is given one last chance to reveal the location of the Secret Rebel Base. Hours pass and she sits silently, shackled in her dungeon. Suddenly the door swishes open and Darth Vader’s sinister bulk steps into the cell. His mechanical breathing betrays no emotion.
“You have shown considerable resistance to the mind probes, but you will soon learn that your will is nothing compared to the power of the Emporer.”

Irresistable, dark forces pinch the Princess’ cheeks and chin. She struggles briefly, but her efforts to break free are fruitless. The Sith Lord is firm, “Commander, you may proceed.”
A strapping young inquisitor, with a cruel gleam in his eye, steps behind the seated prisoner. Leah’s apprehension is great. She feels the prickly instrument touch her neck and hears it crackle with electricity as it roams behind and over her left ear. The officer’s fourth pass approaches the edge of her crown. Moments later, the heavy braid brushes her ear, flops off her shoulder and slides down her breast. Although she cannot move her head, the princess feels her soft, auburn hair impact on her lap. Her pure, white garment is in high contrast with the shiny, brown tresses.

Again the clippers creep up her neck. All is silent except for the buzzing. There are a number of storm troopers, behind Darth Vader, in rapt attention to her brutal shearing. They jostle for position, straining to see around Vader’s cape.
The cutting machine is brought back, from her right temple this time. The inquisitor has a grip on her silky mass and steals it from the side of Leah’s head. Her pretty ears are blushed. She has not cried, but her eyes well with tears. Her red lips are pursed, in the grip of the Force. The officer takes a drag from his cigarette and tosses a woven nest of hair on her knee. Gently, he fluffs the stripe of uneven hair that sits limp, in a jagged mohawk, from her forehead to the back of her neck.

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The storm troopers laugh and taunt. Darth Vader shuts them out, when he closes the cell door.
“Now then, Your Highness, where is the Rebel Base?”


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