Barber Shop Girl

Barber Shop Girl

Her name was Susan Frey, and she was just 6 years old when her grandmother took her to a barber shop for her first haircut, outside the home. At that time she got it cut very short, down to about 2 inches at its longest, and the back and sides were tapered close as the barber used the hairclippers on her. At that time the awakenings of her desire to go to the haircutting shops started. Susan, progressively over the years, would bug her mother to have her hair cut more often than was needed. One time when she was 10 years old she kept hanging around the barber shop in the neighborhood so much, that the barber asked her if she wanted a haircut, at no charge. The old barber clipped her hair off close to her head, leaving it 3/4 inch at its longest, and the back and sides were clipped almost to the scalp. He even shaved away the hair around her ears and neckline with a straight razor. When Susan’s mother saw how closely clipped her little girl was, she was really beside herself. For a long time she bugged her mother and the barber to shave her head completely bald, as she saw happen at the barber shop on many occasions. But, she would settle for a close clipping. One time, after her mother took her to a hairdresser for a haircut, she got home and looked at herself in the mirror, and didn’t think she cut off enough and trimmed it herself using dress shears. Susan messed up her hair so bad, her mother took her to the barber down the street. In order to get her hair to look nice, he had to clip her hair down to less than 1″ on the top, and the sides and back were clipped to her scalp, showing the bluish white skin underneath. Susan loved the haircut, but her mother had a fit seeing her daughter looking so naked.

When Susan was 11 years old, the barber retired and another took his place, who was a woman. The lady barber was in her early twenties, and wore her own hair in a very short style most of the time. Her hair was cut close to the sides and back, and the top was 2-3 inches with bumper bangs.

Susan continued hanging around the shop, and the barber whose name was Joanie Tetrealt liked to have her there with her. Susan would generally help out in the shop and clean up the hairclippings. All the time she would watch the haircutting being done, and subconsciously train herself in the art of cutting hair. Because Joanie liked Susan, she would never take money from her or her mother for their haircuts. She would usually trim Susan’s hair every week, mostly just to satisfy the girl. Susan loved the feel of the clippers used on her and the vibrations around her ears and neck, also of the clipped hair they left behind.

One time Susan was bugging her mother that they should both get identical mother and daughter haircuts, so they would both look alike. So, one Friday evening they went to the shop for their haircuts, Susan’s mother, coming along a little reluctantly, since her hair was a little past her shoulders, and wavy. She would lose quite a lot to the barbers shears.

Joanie welcomed them into the barber shop and she hugged the two women, ruffling Susan’s short cropped hair as she did so. They talked for a while. Joanie calmed down Susan’s mother, whose name was Edie, and soon Edie was soon convinced that she would look real good with an ultra short haircut like they wanted to give to her, and that Susan wanted for herself. First it was Susan’s turn in the chair. They talked earlier, and both agreed that Joanie would clip her hair down as close as she dared, so that Edie would not get mad. Joanie snapped the inch comb on the clipper, and with her between Susan and her mother, Edie would have a difficult time seeing what was going on, she ran the whirring machine up the back of her head, across the top and left 1 inch hair in its wake. She clipped several paths all over her head, leaving the same 1 inch all over. When she switched blades on the clipper to taper it closer on the sides, Edie could see how close she was cutting, and reacting in a concerned way, saying, “You don’t expect to cut my hair that close, do you Joanie?” Susan spoke up saying, “Come on mom. You said you would get the same haircut I had, you promised. You know how much I love having my hair cut off and how short I like it. Come on mom, Please cut off your hair for me, please?” “You really would look good without all that hair, Edie, you have very fine features and would look just great,” said Joanie. “I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you. I’ll cut off my hair just like yours, after I’m finished, okay? And you can do the cutting.” Edie looked at them both and answered, “Well, I’m losing much more hair than the both of you combined, but, okay I’ll go along with it. I hope I can cope with it so short.” Joanie finished Susan’s haircut by clipping the hair up the back and sides in a nice tapered effect. She shaved the tiny hairs all around her neck and ears, leaving a nice clean neckline. Susan ended up with a haircut like a military recruit. Then, it was Edie’s turn in the chair. Susan got out of the chair, running tier hand all over her new crew-cut, enjoying the feel of it’s soft bristly brush. Edie also felt her daughter’s clipped head of hair and said to Joanie,” I guess I’ll get real sheared also, won’t I honey, and we’ll be the same like you want it.” Edie climbed into the chair and Joanie snapped the cutting cape around the older woman’s neck. Slowly she evenly combed out Edie’s hair for her all around her head. She picked up the scissors and clippers in each hand and asked Edie, ” Which of these would you like for me to use first, hon?” Edie looked at her in surprise and after a while said, “Oh, I don’t know, you may as well start clipper, since you will have to eventually, and get it over with much faster that way.” Joanie snapped a new 3/8th inch blade onto hairclipper, and came around to her right side. She placed the whirring machine at Edie’s right ear and pushed it up the side of her head. In the first path of clipping she started, she clipped off about 12 inches of hair, and it fell to the tiled barber shop floor with a soft plopping sound. On and on the pretty barber ran the clipper up the sides of Edie’s head, leaving 3/8th inch of hair in it’s wake, Then it was time to do the top. Joanie put the clipper at Edie’s front hairline and pushed it back to the crown area. She clipped all the hair off Edie’s head until there was only a soft brush-cut left. Edie looked at herself in the shop mirror, and was flabbergasted at how naked her head looked without the hair she used to have. Susan watched her mother’s clipping with a gleeful look on her face. Joanie then snapped the “0000” blade on the machine and tapered all around Edie’s head, as she had done to Susan. After she shaved around Edie’s hairline and the stubble at her neck, Edie got out of the chair rubbing her clipped head in wonder as her daughter did after her own clipping.

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“Well, Edie, it’s my turn now, just as I promised you I would do.”, said Joanie.

Edie looked at her and replied, “You do not have to do than honey, I know that you were only trying to calm me down and get me to give up my hair. Besides, I don’t know how to cut hair, and would probably mess it up real bad.”

Joanie looked at the woman with kindness and some admiration in her eyes, and replied, “Edie, I really did mean it when I said you would look real nice with all your hair cut off, and I mainly did it for Susan who, as you know, has a fanatical liking for haircutting and short hair. If you are not sure about cutting my hair short, how would you or Susan feel about shaving my head bald for me ? I have several wigs, and haven’t shaved my head for a long time.”

Edie looked at the barber, and said, “You what? You want us to shave you completely bald headed?”

The barber looked at her and said in a voice that was commanding, yet soft, “Yes, I really do mean it. I have shaved my head many times in the past, and also shaved many people. And, at times, I happen to like being bald. Also, I know that some women like cutting and shaving hair, just to see how it feels to do it.”

Susan looked at her friend, and at her mother, and said, “Oh, mom, could we please shave her? I for one would love to shave her, please?”

Edie looked at her daughter in surprise and wonderment, and said, “Wow, I have never thought that you would like anything like this dear. I guess we’ll have to help out Joanie then. Would you like to shave your head now, or get a wig from home first?”

Joanie didn’t say anything and went over to a drawer in the back of the shop. She pulled out a bunch of wigs she kept there.

“I always am prepared for a haircut, any kind of haircut that may arise.”, she said.

Joanie got into the chair and Susan snapped the cutting cape around her best friend’s shoulders. Edie just stood by watching her daughter prepare the barber for her own haircut.

” Mom, would you like to do some cutting now or later,” said the young girl.

” No honey, you go ahead and cut her hair yourself. If you like, I’ll shave her head clean and smooth for her when you finish the clipping. okay ? ”

“Sounds good to me, mom,” she replied, and she picked up the clipper with the closest cutting blade, switched it on and she placed it at the front hairline of Joanie and pushed it back to the back of her neck, leaving a freshly clipped and bluish white path of stubble in its wake. Over and over she ran the clippers across the woman barber’s head, eventually leaving her completely bald headed. When Susan was finished, Edie got some lather from the soap machine and coated the woman’s head with it. She took out the straight razor from the drawer that Joanie told her it was in, and shaved away all the stubble remaining. She had to shave the woman’s head 4 times to get it smooth enough to suit herself.

Joanie got out of the chair, rubbing her freshly shaved scalp, feeling its nice smoothness, and was smiling at herself in the mirror at how nice she looked.

Joanie came over to the two females and hugged them fiercely, saying, “Thank you both, I really love this shave.”

They all hugged for a while, and Susan could not keep her hands off her friend’s shaved head. She loved the feeling and said to her mother and friend, “I think I’ll wait until the day after school lets out, and have you shave my head for me also. Is that okay with you mom?”

Her mother looked at her daughter and replied, “I really don’t care one way or the other dear, it’s your hair. With our hair as short as it is now in these brush-cuts, it would not matter if we were bald or not. Besides, I might join you for a shave. I think Joanie looks terrific without any hair.”

They all kissed and left the barber shop.

The day Susan got out of school for the summer, she rushed to the barber shop, and, as previously agreed upon, Joanie sat her young friend into the chair, snapped the cloth around her neck and picked up the clipper. Joanie had the closest cutting blade on the machine and placed the teeth against her nape line and pushed it up the back of her head and across to the front hairline. With a flick of her wrist she flipped the cut off hair into her lap. Susan smiled broadly as she saw the bluish white path of scalp down the center of her head. Joanie continued clipping off all the girl’s hair until there was just a stubble remaining. She then placed a hot wet towel around her head and waited for the stubble to soften up, and then applied warm lather all over her clipped scalp. Joanie put a fresh blade in the Trac II razor and very carefully shaved away the soap and stubble. Four times Joanie shaved her friend’s head to get the scalp as smooth as she could. When she finished shaving her, Joanie wiped the traces of soap away and applied some water diluted Shalimar cologne to give her a nice scent.

When she was finished shaving Susan, she said, “There you are honey, all nice and clean shaven. Now, if you want to keep this way, you must shave your head smooth every day, and if you want, I’ll shave you every morning. Okay ?”

” That sounds real good Joanie. I’ll be here first thing every day, except for the days you’re off, and I’ll have to wait or do it myself or have mom do it for me,” answered Susan.

All that summer she kept her head shaved nice and clean. Several times she shaved her eyebrows clean too. Susan even shaved her head clean the first morning of the day school started, and wore a wig to school, until the girls there encouraged her to take it off. It appeared that everyone in school, including the teachers, liked it, and she got some of them to come to Joanie’s shop to be shaved as well.

Susan kept hanging around the barber shop as much as possible until she graduated high school and went to college. Joanie taught her friend to cut hair in her spare time and Susan became quite good at doing it. She especially liked using the hairclipper, and would shave Joanie’s head like hers was. She even had her mother come to the shop on several occasions to be shaved bald, and her mother really liked it. Many of the female members of her family and relatives got shaved also. Edie, on several occasions, had her best friends come to see her being shaved bald by Joanie, and a few of them got the same treatment at their request.

Susan took up chemistry in college and got her masters degree. She soon got a very prestigious job and was paid very well. All the time, she either came home on weekends or during school breaks from school, she would visit her buddy and get either shaved again or get a good close clipping. She even took courses in barbering and hairdressing in her spare time so that she could get her license.

Susan finally got her license and would legally help her friend at her shop on her days off work.

At work, Susan was developing a formula for hair growth and restoring hair if someone got alopecia. After about three years she perfected it and became famous. Part of the rewards she got was a increase in pay, and making more than ten times the amount from before, a Nobel prize, several grants from the company and some government grants. She also got a stock option of 50 % of the formula worth more than $20,000,000 in cash up front, and a dividend of $75,000. per month. Susan paid off all her family’s bills and gave her mother $1,000,000 in cash, tax free. She gave her friend Joanie $1,000,000. in cash and bought her a nice new barber shop that could seat 6 customers at a time, and paid off all her bills also. Susan bought herself 4 beauty salons that dealt in haircutting and 2 wig shops. Her salons were known for shaving heads sometimes.

On as many weekends as possible, Susan would come back to town, to her own house she bought near her mother’s and Joanie’s barber shop. Naturally, Joanie, would welcome her with open arms. Susan would work for Joanie at her shop, doing mainly the closest cuts and shaves on the women who came there.

The formula that Susan developed, would grow hair very fast, and it needed heat to help it along. After putting on the lotion, the girls hair would grow at a incredibly 1 inch per hour for the average person. Susan’s hair would grow 2 inches per hour and at times even 3 inches an hour. She nor anyone else, could ever figure out why her hair would grow faster than anyone else’s. One evening, at 6 p.m., Susan put some lotion on her 2 inch wavy hair and a heat cap to speed the growing process. At 8 a.m. the next morning, her hair was an incredible 40 inches long, and it woke her from a sound sleep, because her hair was so long it would get into her face-and mouth. She got up, showered and shampooed real good, and then brushed out her luxurious long wavy tresses.

She left her hair in a long wavy cascade down her back after dressing, and went to her friend Joanie’s shop to show her how she looked. As Susan walked to the shop, she received many long admiring stares at how nice her hair looked.

Joanie was, of course, very happy for her friend, and sat her in the chair and combed and brushed her hair for. She then styled it very nicely in a elaborate high style.

Joanie suggested that Susan enter the local beauty show the next day, and let some stylist do her hair for her, and maybe cut it all off for her on stage. Susan said yes right away, and Joanie called a stylist friend of hers to tell her all about it. It was decided that Susan would have all her hair cut off extremely close to her head, on stage in front of hundreds of people, and most of them stylists.

When Susan got home that afternoon, she told her mother, who by this time liked extremely short hair now, all about what was to happen to her the next day. Her mother wanted to go to the show and watch her little girl be shorn so closely.

About 7:00 p.m. that evening, Joanie called Susan and asked her if she could come over, and to bring the hairstylist who was going to cut her hair for her, with her. Susan. of course, said yes, and the two women showed up about 8:15 p.m.

The pretty barber came into the house first and the hairstylist after her. Susan was delighted to see that her stylist wore a extremely short flat top crew-cut, and the sides and back were almost shaved smooth. Her hair, what remained of it, was a very pale blond color, and she looked almost bald headed.

The woman, whose name was Anita Wolff,, stood about 6’4″ tall, and her figure was outstanding, with her wide shoulders and large breasts, that was about 4″ wider than her hips and waist. She, without a word, walked over to Susan and stood behind her. She took Susan’s elbow and asked her to take a chair to examine her hair and it’s quality.

Susan just smiled at the two women and told them to follow her, and she led them down the hall. She opened the door of a room and switched on the lights to reveal a hair shop with two barber’s chairs in it. Along the walls were at least 50 hanks and braids of hair ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches on display. There were several photographs of bald headed women and many ultra short haircuts of others.

With delighted looks on all three ladies’ faces, Anita escorted Susan over to one of the chairs and helped her into it. Joanie sat in the other barber chair to watch.

Anita took Susan’s hair down for her, and it cascaded down the back of the chair to almost touch the floor. She took a brush and brushed her hair for her until it shined nicely in the overhead fluorescent lights.

When Anita finished with the grooming, she told Susan that she intended to cut her hair exactly like hers was, and if she minded.

Susan and Joanie looked at each other and laughed. Joanie quickly explained to Anita about Susan’s unusual likes of being clippered and shaved bald.

Anita was delighted at hearing this and proposed that after shearing Susan at the show, she could also shave her head bald for the audience there.

Susan agreed quickly and they agreed to meet at the convention center for the show the next morning at 8:00 a.m. Joanie, at the request of Susan, said she would stay over at her house that night.

At the show the next morning, there was what seemed like controlled pandemonium going on, as all the models were being registered and the stylists were entering competitions for the days activities. There were over 1000 stylists and over 3000 models being taken care of.

Susan was standing in line with Anita, waiting for their turn, and Susan said to her stylist friend “Anita, I want you to know that I would like to keep my hair after you cut it off into a ponytail, okay?”

Anita hugged her new friend and replied, “Of course honey, do you want to put it on display with the other hair you have?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I want to do. Joanie and I must tell you about my formula invention later on.”

Anita continued smiling and hugging her friend and said, I already know about it, Joanie told me. I was going to ask you later if you would not mind if I grew my hair long and have someone cut it all off like I am doing to you.”

Susan happily agreed to the proposition and soon they were finished with the registering.

At 11:30 a.m. it was time for the event that the girls were entered in to start.

Susan and Anita walked out to the chair on the stage that was assigned to them and Anita helped her charge into the chair. The contest they entered was the ultra short hairdo event, and when the audience saw the length of Susan’s hair, word spread throughout the building about the amount of hair that was to be cut off. Within 15 minutes the room was filled to standing room only and was very crowded. Many photographers and video taping people were getting the event on film.

Anita whispered into Susan’s ear that they were going to be surprised at the short haircut she was going to get and even more surprised at her head being shaved clean and smooth.

The emcee of the show introduced herself and then introduced the stylists who were competing. There were 44 hairstylists in the event and soon the emcee told them to start the cutting.

Anita first combed all Susan’s hair back and placed a thick rubber band around the ponytail as close to her head as she could get it. It hurt Susan a little bit, but she understood why it had to be so tight. When the ponytail was done, Anita picked up a pair of her heavy duty shears, and started cutting the ponytail from Susan’s head. The photographers and sound people got the entire procedure onto film and tape as they heard the shears making a squenching sound as they cut their way through the thick hair. It took some doing, but soon the ponytail came off Susan’s head, and the remaining hair fell forward towards her face, almost covering it. At the back of her head,, some of the scalp could be seen, since she cut it off so very close. When the ponytail came off in Anita’s hand, the crowd all let out a gasp at seeing Susan’s crowning glory being taken away from her.

Anita took the ponytail and twirled it around so that the hairs were all twisted into a tight curl, and the hairs would all be even. She placed the long hair onto the table beside her and later Susan could have her hair back. Anita then picked up her heavy duty electric hairclipper and snapped on the 1″ cutting blade. She switched the clipper on and placed the whirring machine at the base of Susan’s neck. Slowly she pushed the clipper up the back of the young girl’s head and over the top to her forehead. Lengths of 6″ and 8″ hair were falling to her lap as Anita quickly placed the blades at her nape again. Over and over she ran the whirring machine on Susan’s head, and the remaining hair she had was reduced to 1 inch all over. When she was finished with the clipping, Susan reached up with her right hand and smiled for the cameras as she caressed the little bit of hair she had left. Anita then snapped on the closest cutting blade she had, tilted Susan’s head forward, and started clipping off the hair at the back of her head and all around the sides, leaving a minute stubble in it’s wake. She then lathered around her ears and neckline, and shaved away the hairs to make a nice neat outline. Anita and Susan won first prize for the haircut, and then they really surprised the audience when she again picked up the clipper and clipped Susan completely bald headed. She then lathered her head and shaved her completely smooth all over. Many people could not believe the event taking place, and a very beautiful bald girl sitting in a barber chair, on stage, smiling at everyone.

When the two women walked off the stage after the show was over, many other women came over to them giving them their congratulations and praising them. Lots of people could not keep their hands off Susan’s shaved head.

Every place she went, women would want to touch or rub her smooth scalp, and Susan was enjoying every moment of it also. She even helped a hairdresser who was doing a demonstration haircut, cut off another woman’s hair. The press that was watching it all, were photographing just about everything she did.

When the show was over, Susan took Joanie and Anita home with her. Anita asked, and was told it was okay to bring 4 of her friends with her to Susan’s place. They were going to have a haircutting party later.

When they got to Susan’s house, the seven girls went in, and Joanie made them all drinks from the bar. After a short while they all went into the haircutting shop for haircuts.

Joanie was the first into the chair and Susan quickly shaved her best friends head clean and smooth. Then it was Anita’s turn and she asked Susan to also shave her crew-cut off for her. The 4 girls watched as Anita became bald headed, and were amazed at how much she was smiling at losing all her hair.

Anita looked at Susan in the shop mirror and said, “I really like it, that I am having my customer, whom I shaved bald headed, also shave me too. oh, honey, it feels real good to be clean shaven, thank you.”

Susan smiled happily at her barber and finished shaving her head smooth and clean for her.

One of Anita’s friends was next in the chair and she looked at her barber, Susan, and said, “Do your best cutting for me honey.”


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