Myth America

Myth America

Myth America

Nerves, that’s what Laura felt as she walked by the room for the fourth time, her stomach in a knot. This was her fourth circumnavigation of the student union, each time passing the double steel door with the sign that read ‘Myth America contestants enter here’. ‘This time,’ she thought to herself, ‘I’m gonna go in there and do it.’ Walk by the door, walk towards the door, pull away. She ducked into the women’s room a few doors down from the chamber that the campus feminist group had reserved for the special event. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror: a healthy woman, about 5’7″ wearing a dress with a floral print that stopped right above the knees. Her long auburn hair, very curly and four inches past shoulder length was pinned up and on careful examination one could see the way the back had grown into about three inches after she had buzzed it earlier in the year, tempted by the thought to go all the way, but not taking the finale step. The hair framed a pretty, not beautiful, but very pretty face with blue eyes, tan skin and a silver loop through her nostril. She hadn’t shaved her head three months prior when her stylist had pinned her hair over the top of her head and in less than five minutes reduced everything from the nape of her neck to about mid ear to stubble. Now, she had a reason, a cause and an excuse. To protest the Miss America Pageant, the campus feminist group was going to follow the lead of Ann Simonton and have their own alternate celebration. The message was to be strength and the object to expose the objectification of the ‘real event’. ‘All right,’ she thought and took a deep breath. ‘Time to do it.’ Yet another walkby, she didn’t even stop this time, her stomach even more of a knot. She was going to just march down to the escalator, hang a right and head to the library where she should have been anyway, studying for a cell Biology exam that was to take place the next day. Except this time, creak, the door opened! ‘Laura!’ exclaimed her friend Caitlin, who walked out wearing a baseball cap with a tinge of bare scalp showing around the ears and her profile revealing a clean back of the head.

‘Are you going to do this? Jill said something about it to me, but I couldn’t believe it. I mean you have such long beautiful hair. I didn’t have that much to lose,’ chuckled Caitlin.

It’s true, the near crew cut she maintained wasn’t that much to lose, but she had gone through with it.

‘I’ve gotta run, but I hope to see you on Thursday.’ Thursday was the day that they were to rally on the campus green and let the 40,000 students at the large California University know what was going on.

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‘I don’t know,’ stuttered Laura. ‘Yes, I mean no… Er yes.’

By then Caitlin had walked off, and lapsing into a state where it almost seemed that someone else had taken control of her thoughts, Laura opened the steel door and stepped inside. There were ten chairs in the middle of the room. Hair was everywhere. Blond, black, brunette and all shades in between were represented. The women operating the clippers, themselves freshly shaved, had long since removed their shoes and were kicking piles of hair out of the way with their bare feet.


She heard a cry from the back right corner of the room, where standing next to an empty chair, one of the few actual barber chairs with a mirror across, stood her friend Samantha, whose curly black hair was gone and well shaped skull graced with a fine black translucent film of stubble. Sam was only recognizable by the tattoo of the sun on her back. She beckoned Laura to sit with the clippers she held. Laura silently complied, setting her backpack next to the chair.

‘So, we’re shaving all of it off?’

She nodded, experiencing the most wanton combination of fear and longing that had ever come her way in her twenty years. Sam whipped a smock around her neck and Laura instinctively looked down, seeing nothing but her tanned, well conditioned legs, firm from years of mountain bike racing, ending in a well worn pair of Birkenstock sandals, the left ankle decorated with an ornate garland/floral tattoo. She waited for the click of the clippers, it came. They sounded like a vibrating portable hornet. Sam was picking up pieces of hair and moving the instrument but the meager clippers were not up to the challenge of Laura’s thick tresses.

‘These aren’t working too well Laur. Let me see if I can find another pair.’ Laura craned her neck around to see that no noticeable damage had been done. She could still walk away unscathed, but before she could entertain those thoughts, Sam returned, this time holding a huge pair of black clippers. She plugged them in and flipped the toggle switch. This time there was no buzz of hornets, but something rather akin to a mechanized purr. Laura gulped.

‘Sam can I watch?’ she said.

‘Sure,’ said Sam, turning around the chair. Laura faced herself, pale faced, eyes bulging, hair in a mess all round her head. Sam had begun working the clippers up the back of her head. There was only a muffling of the purring as they smoothly worked up the back of her head. In the chair to her left, a woman wearing black Doc Marten shoes was having her long, straight, blond hair removed by the clipper that had so failed on Laura’s head. The long, thin tresses offered no resistance as the barber for the day peeled layer after layer off. To her right, an Asian girl was having her head lathered and then shaved smooth Laura was mesmerized by the sight she saw of bare skin after the safety razor had marked its path. Behind her, another woman with impossibly thick curls was being shorn, each piece of hair contracting into a tightly coiled spring as it hit the floor. She was so distracted that she almost didn’t notice that Sam was done the with the back of her own head. Sam kicked a pile of hair out of her way and grabbed a hand mirror to show Laura the beginning of her work:

The back of her head was covered with mere stubble. She instinctively felt it and was infinitely grateful for the cape around her. She was starting to feel a warm wetness in between her legs and was almost sure that the bikini underwear wouldn’t be up to the task of stopping the flow.

‘All right, let’s get going again,’ Sam said, the whir of the turned on clippers not far behind. Now she attacked the side of Laura’s head. There was a muffling again, replaced by the sound after a swath had been cleared.

‘I’m really doing it’, Laura thought. ‘I’m shaving my head.’ The thought excited her beyond reason. Sam took another swath off, then another, revealing the perfectly rounded scalp underneath. Without warning, Sam put the clippers in the center of her forehead and pulled them back. A huge clump of hair fell down on her open toed sandals, she instinctively wiggled her toes feeling the silky tresses, looking down, thinking ‘I have that much hair’. Sam cleaned off the right half of her pate and then the left. The bulk of hair was a huge mound on her lap. Laura laughed when she saw the comical left side still un-buzzed. Sam soon took care of that however and Laura was left staring at herself completely buzzed. In the meanwhile, the Asian girl had begun to walk off, completely shaved, wearing a short black skirt and black super high platforms that accentuated her gorgeous legs. She looked so hot bald that Laura wondered if the whole point of their protest might be muffled by her raw beauty. Laura got up to pull her dress which had been crawling its way upward, when she did another pile of hair fell on her almost bare feet. The blond girl had elected to not opt for the lather shave, her blond stubble invisible as it was. To her left sat down an African American beauty, who only needed the lather to remove her kinky short tresses.

Sam dusted off Laura’s head and showed the back again. This time, there was nothing all around. She was so excited that she could hardly to get home, take a shower and feel the water on her shorn head. Having Sam jump in the shower with her crossed her mind as well. Laura had a boyfriend, but the closeness of having her head shaved and the sexy gender bending revelations had aroused feelings in her that she always had suspected existed.

‘Do you want it smooth?’ asked barber cum object of desire Sam. Laura didn’t even need to think before she nodded yes. The hot towel wrapped around her head, she took another peek around the room. The turnout had been higher than expected. newly shaved women walked around the room, laughing, throwing hair at each other, wondering at the marvel of their newly discovered erogenous zone. Sure, some of them would be called ‘Butch’ or ‘Dyke’ when that was only the case for a couple of women in the room, and they were proud of their butchness or sexual preference. Kirsten Howse, a sorority sister had her salon perfect auburn mane shaved and she looked great and would look even better once the tan on her scalp matched that on the rest of her. Nicole Jackson’s nose looked a little big, but the short, cute triathlete definitely had acquired character as well as a few seconds in the swim leg.

Sam removed the towel and squirted Edge shaving gel all over her head. She lathered it, grabbed a Sensor and started shaving. After three heads of practice, she had mastered the technique. First, she went with the grain. Laura touched her head, disappointed not to feel smoothness. Sam, as if reading her mind, said, ‘Not done yet’. She wiped off Laura’s head, reapplied the towel, re-lathered and then went against the grain. This time there was to be no disappointment. Laura’s head was as smooth and creamy as the skin between her thighs. She was bald. Sam whipped the cape off and said, ‘Wow, you look great babe!’

Laura turned to see herself in the mirror. She did look great. The nose ring accentuated her beauty and the dress was the perfect accompaniment to her shaved skull. Her legs, tanned and smooth were beautiful too. As she picked up her backpack and walked out, leaving the noisy scene behind her, she could only feel relief and sadness that the experience had ended so quickly. Walking home, she ran into her friend Dan who also expressed disbelief at the beauty of her shaven head. But, it wasn’t completely worth it until she took that shower and returned the stubble removing favor to Sam. The first kiss on her bare scalp was pure ecstasy in itself.


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