Control, Clippers and Kerri


Control, Clippers, and Kerri – Billd (Clipper)

To all my fellow female shaving fans. A short time ago, many of you may recall that I posted a fictional story in which a woman, who was involved with a dominant man on irc, was ordered to shave her head during an irc session with her net master. I received many, very positive responses to that story due to the fact that although there was an element of force involved, the woman was completely free to refuse her master’s command to shave her head as he was not actually physically there. Those of you who read and enjoyed that story know what made it erotic, without being abusive and antisocial.

In any case, when I wrote that story it was a complete work of fiction. The name of the woman is different now, but the story is now true. There is an additional little twist to it however. Well why not just tell you all?!

I logged onto the undernet irc server and made my standard notify list. All the names were female, women whom I had been talking to for months and who shared my hair fetish to one degree or another. It was a slow day on irc so I decided to cruise around a bit and perhaps meet some new people. Soon I found myself engaged in a lively intelligent conversation with a woman who went by the nick SweetSlav. It was no accident of course that I struck up a conversation with her. Her nick was an obvious indication that she is a submissive, (another sexual dynamic that intrigues me) so I had hoped to probe her mind a bit and find out what being submissive was to her, and did for her. My intention really was only to try to understand the dom/sub relationship dynamic more fully.

After a couple of hours of very interesting and informative chat, she asked me what my nick stood for. Well to my pleasant surprise, she seemed equally, if not more so, interested in my fetish as I was in her sexual submissiveness. She questioned me extensively about the sexual and sensual aspects of cutting hair, with many a hmmmmm and ahhhhh as I told her of the fetish from my own perspective. To my surprise she posed the semi-hypothetical question, “I wonder if our two fetishes can be combined in any way?” All of us who enjoy the shorn female head know how to recognize and seize an opportunity, and it was obvious to me that she was now presenting me with one. Tentatively at first, I began to assume a dominant role with her. Within a few minutes she confessed to me that she had always wanted to be controlled and dominated completely by a man. That she would do absolutely anything for such a man. A fifty foot neon sign could not have made it any clearer. Within another hour, I had arranged for this woman to perform her first act of total submission to me.

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She had just gotten six inches worth of the length of her hair cut off last week, taking it from low back to bra strap length. I told her that she was going to get significantly more than that cut off this time. In a very demure and submissive voice she said “Yes master.” I decided that having this woman cut her own hair was not the way to go, so I commanded her to call her stylist and make an appointment for later that day, and to tell the stylist to expect a call from me, at which time I would tell her exactly how Kerri’s hair was to be cut. Again she said “Yes master,” and the arousal in her voice was clearly apparent. To my surprise she asked for my phone number explaining that she wanted to call me after she made the appointment. I gave her the number.

Five minutes later I was on the phone with her. She told me the appointment was made for 6 pm, and that the stylist Evonne was expecting my call. She had told Evonne that I would be instructing her as to exactly how short to cut her hair, and that she was to do exactly what I said, no matter what. She then asked me in a pleading voice how short I would be ordering her hair to be cut. After assuring her that no matter how short I wanted it, she had absolutely no choice in the matter, I told her that she would be getting a very short clipper cut. She immediately agreed that she had no choice, and that she would obey her master no matter what. She told me how incredibly aroused she was by the control I was exerting over her. After a few more minutes of her expressing to me how erotic this all was for her, I told her I was going to call Evonne and arrange to have her hair buzzed off. Her simple response was, “Yes master.”

Kerri had already told me that due to her job, she could not have her hair too short. In other words, she could not have her head shaved. I respected her position, so a few minutes later, as I talked with Evonne, I instructed her to give Kerri a very short crewcut. I told her that the sides and back were to be shaved completely to the level of the occipital bone, at which point she was to begin tapering it to an eighth of an inch all the way to the crown and the rest of the way up the sides. The top was to be cut to a uniform quarter of an inch and blended into the sides and back. Evonne, who had been trying vainly for a very long time to get Kerri to go with such a cut, eagerly agreed to perform the cut.

A short time later I realized that I had forgotten to tell Evonne to leave Kerri’s bangs intact, so I called back. When she realized that it was me on the phone, Evonne informed me gleefully that not only was Kerri in the chair at that moment, but that the cut was for the most part already done. She began to explain to me exactly what she had done and said that she was at that time in the process of finishing the cut. I listened intently to the sound of the clipper shearing Kerri’s hair. As she cut, Evonne gave me a clip by clip commentary of what she was doing. Kerri took the phone from Evonne, and in a very husky, arousal-laden voice, told me how much she was enjoying being shorn. The phone went back to Evonne, who having heard what Kerri said, brightly announced that the sides and back needed to be shorter. The clipper hummed and clattered as the rest of the back and sides of Kerri’s hair were reduced to mere stubble. Then Evonne informed us both that the top now needed to be a bit shorter to blend in with the shorter sides and back. A few brief moments later the clipper fell silent. Evonne gave Kerri the phone and walked out of the room. Kerri looked in the mirror. A series of moans of pleasure came over the phone, as she told me how much she loved it. Evonne came back and began cleaning everything up. I commanded Kerri to call me as soon as she got home so we could talk some more. She kept talking to me about various things and it occurred to me that she was stalling, not wanting to leave. Again the meaning of this was not lost on me. I ordered her to run her hands over her freshly shorn head, to feel how sexy and erotic her new short hair felt. Her moaning began all over again. I then commanded her to tell Evonne that she wanted it a little bit shorter. I listened as Kerri got Evonne’s attention, and said, “I love it Evonne, but don’t you think it could be just a bit shorter?” Evonne had by this time had cleaned everything up, and put all her equipment away. Kerri informed me that she would not cut it any shorter at that time. So I ordered her to make an appointment for today. She was so aroused at this point over being so completely controlled, that she eagerly made the appointment.

Later last night she called me from home. After some small talk she announced that she was so aroused and desperately needed release. I directed her entire self- gratification, ordering her where and when to use the various toys she had at her disposal. After her orgasm, she once again expressed her desire and need to be completely and absolutely controlled and dominated. I informed her at that point that at her appointment today with Evonne, her hair would be cut half again as short as it already was. She said, “Oh god yes master. I love the way you control me.” I told her that from now on she would wear her hair exactly as I say, and would get it cut whenever I commanded. Her response shocked me. She said, “Why don’t you just make me shave it master?”

Without missing a beat, I informed her that that was exactly what I intended to do, and that she had best enjoy her last night of having hair, because today it would be shaved. With that she had an instantaneous orgasm.

Well my friends. It is now 1:00p.m. EST, Tuesday the 24th. I am going to end this post at this point, because it is now time for me to call Evonne and inform her that she is to shave Kerri’s head completely bald today. Kerri’s appointment is at 12:00 pm pacific time, a scant two hours from now. Yet another bald woman is about to grace society. Ain’t life grand !! : )

P.S. Having suggested the shave herself, Kerri was quick to assure me that her job was completely secure, and that her impending shave would not present a problem.


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