The Call By Tucriah

Charlene thought, “Is this heat every going to end?” She was waiting for the person in front of her to pull out of the parking space in front of her. It was always hard to find a space downtown.

She began to think of Jerry, her fiancé. She was sure he was fooling around with her best friend Kerry, but she was not a confrontational person. She hated that about herself. She could never stand up for herself, she just got too scared and nervous.

The car pull out and as she was going to pull into the spot a blue Buick pulled in ahead of her. “Hey, I was waiting for that spot,” she thought. “You snooze, you lose honey,” the old woman said out the window with a laugh. “Would I like to tell her something,” Charlene thought, but never would say out loud.

She went around the corner and parked on the side street. Charlene, Charlie to all her friends, got out of her car and began to walk down Main Street. She caught a glimpse of herself in a store front window. She was really tan from three weeks at the beach house her family had. Even thought it was just the beginning of summer, her blonde hair was almost white from the sun. Her thick, long hair was back in a ponytail. She was two weeks overdue for a trim. The ends looked split and dried. “Have to take off a half an inch this time,” she thought. She was on her way to Woodfield barber shop. It always made her laugh to think she got her hair cut in a men’s barbershop, but her high school friend Anne had moved from the hair salon to the barber shop. She had no choice: no one but Anne cut her hair. The one time Anne had gone on vacation she recommended Jill to trim her ends. Jill talked her into a perm. She could not say no, but wished she had. That perm was a frizzy mess, took a whole year to grow out. She couldn’t stand up for what she wanted that time either.

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When she looked up she was standing at the door to the barber shop. It was kind of old-fashioned, with a new look to it since Tom took over the place from Leo the former owner. Tom was a nice young guy. He let Leo stay on after he bought him out. Tom did nice men’s styling and most of the businessmen that came in, Leo tended to do most of the older cusTomers. Anne did say, for how old he was he sure did the best flattops she had ever seen. Anne did all her old clients from the beauty salon and she seemed to attract all the younger guys. Anne had long straight dark hair and a killer figure.

Charlene opened the door and walked into the barbershop. It seemed slow for a Tuesday afternoon. Tom was reading the paper in his chair. “Hi Charlie,” he said. Leo looked up but didn’t say a thing, just kept the clippers moving. I don’t think he can see past the rims of his glasses, I’ve never seen glasses so thick! Anne looked up from the young guy she was cutting. “Hi Charlie, I’ll be right with you. You look great.” No one else was in the shop

Charlene thought, “Yes, I guess I do. Tan, no need for make up, great body thanks to the gym and dieting, but this hair needs a good trim – the ends are bad. Thank God she could take me today. I couldn’t go one more day.” Tom put down his paper and said, “I’ll be back in 45min. I’m going to lunch.”

“OK, we can handle it,” Anne said

Charlene sat down and picked up a magazine. She began to read but her mind drifted away. She began to think of Jerry, engaged for over a year and no talk of a wedding date. Now this thing he had going on with Kerry. While Charlene was in the middle of her daydream, she didn’t hear the shop phone ring. Anne was taking off the cape from the boy she had just finished. “I’ll get it.” Anne answered.

“Barber shop.”

“Is Anne Macky there?”

“This is Anne.”

“Your mother was in a car accident. She is at Mease hospital. She’s OK but she wanted us to call you.”

“I’ll be right there,” Anne said and hung up the phone.

Anne went up to Leo who had just finished his customer. “Can you tell Charlie I’ll call later and take care of things till Tom gets back, Leo? My mom was in an accident.”

“No problem,” Leo said.

“Thanks Leo,” she said as she ran out the door.

Charlene was just coming out of her daydream when she saw Anne going out the door. Leo’s client was paying and walking out too.

Charlene was confused at what was happening. All of a sudden, the shop was empty except for her and Leo, who was now cleaning off his chair. She got up to leave when she heard Leo say, “OK Charlie, you’re next.”

Charlene was in shock, did Leo just say she was next? Was he serious? “I was waiting for Anne,” she said.

“Anne had to leave, told me to take care of you, didn’t she?” Leo could not remember.

“Did Anne really say that?” she thought. Charlene got nervous and her words started to come out shaky. “I always go to Anne.”

Leo was getting annoyed. “Listen, Anne had to leave, something about her mother. She said take care of Charlie, are you Charlie?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Do you need a haircut or don’t you?”

“Well yes,” Charlene said. She could see Leo was getting more annoyed. “Yes I do.”

“Well, I don’t have all day,” Leo said.

Charlie didn’t know she was moving till she was sitting in Leo’s chair. Why would Anne tell Leo to cut her hair? She was definitely shaking now.

Leo went right to work as he had done so many times before. He took out a neck strip and placed it around Charlie’s neck, then on went the cape. A couple pumps of the chair and he was ready for action. Charlie reached up and pulled out her rubber band that held her ponytail. As her hair fell down past her shoulders, Leo said, “Been a while since your last haircut?”

“Yes, it has,” she said. “I’m way overdue.”

“How would you like it cut?” asked Leo.

“Just a 1/2″ and square it off,” Charlene started to say.

“1/2″ it’ll be,” Leo said.

“Great,” Charlie said and started to relax in the chair. Maybe this is not so bad after all.

Leo picked up his scissors and comb and started to cut the back, saying, “We’ll just get some of this out of the way.”

She could not see what was going on because the chair faced away from the mirror. She was felling better until she saw a 12-inch piece of hair fall on the cape, then another and another. She was almost in tears when she managed to say “Just a half inch?”

“Right,” Leo said. “You’ll have a half inch left all over and a square top, a flattop, when I’m done, Mister. Flattops are a great summer cut,” Leo added.

“Mister? He thinks I’m a man! He’s giving me a man’s flattop!” She was getting hysterical when all of a sudden Leo stopped cutting. “Thank God,” she thought.

Then she heard the clippers. They came to life with a snap and a hand grabbed her head. She wanted to get up and run but her body would not move. Then she felt the vibrating movement at the back of her neck as it went higher and higher till it reached the top of her head. More and more hair was hitting the floor and a cool breeze touched the back of her neck that she had never felt before. Another pass of the clippers and another, the whole back of her head felt lighter. Leo moved to the left side and started running the clippers around her ear, and up higher and higher. It felt like she was in a dream. The buzzing from the clippers was hypnotic, it must be a dream, she thought, and it was becoming a wet dream. Her insides were beginning to respond to the clippers too. She was beginning to have a sexual feeling from this haircut now. Leo moved to the other side and buzzed that side to match the other, again he stopped for a minute to put some gel on the top and blow dry it straight up.

“Now for the top,” Leo said. He pulled her head to look right at him, turned the clippers back on and with a wide flat comb he started to buzz the top into a square flat box. She still felt like she was in a dream, waiting to wake up any minute. Just then Leo asked, “Want me to square up those sideburns?”

“No, no sideburns,” she said.

“High and tight, then,” Leo said. “OK.”

With that, Leo took out another clipper and started on the left side. He began at the bottom of the ears and brought his clipper up, taking the hair down to nothing. When he was done there was no hair on the sides or the back till about half-way up.

He turned off the clippers and put some more gel in, and with a firm bristle brush brushed her hair back and up into a perfect man’s flattop.

“There you go, sir,” Leo said. “You look just like a new recruit. How do you like it?” With that, he turned the chair so it faced the mirror. If she was dreaming before, she wasn’t now.

As she looked in the mirror, she did see a recruit looking back at her. Her long blonde hair was gone. The sides and back were bald and what was left on top was standing straight up and as flat as a table. She had never seen anything like it on anyone, especially not her.

She brought her hand up to touch it, as Leo began to put a towel around her neck. It felt like spikes, like needles coming out of her head. The back felt like stubble. She looked down. There was blonde hair all over the floor. She heard a whirling sound from behind her, then warm cream was being smoothed on her sides and her neck.

“We’ll finish you up real nice,” said Leo as he shaved the bottom of her head.

She could not believe what she was seeing in the mirror. What happened next she could not believe. She felt the pains of pleasure as an orgasm overcame her. Leo took off the cape and she could see her jeans were wet. “I hope no one else can see,” Charlene thought

Leo said, “That will be $10.”

She thought, “I must be weird.” She loved the way it felt.

“$10,” Leo said again.

Just then she did something she would have never done. She saw the price list, and said, “The price there says $8.”

Leo looked. “Oh, Tom raised prices on flattops last week, but hasn’t changed the sign yet.”

“But it says $8.00,” Charlene said a little louder.

“OK,” said Leo. “$8 it is.”

Charlene paid and walked out, thinking, “Did I just stand up for myself? I can’t believe it. Must be the haircut, a reverse Samson: cut off the hair and become stronger.”

Just then, Anne was walking back to the shop and walked right past her. “Anne,” Charlie said. “How do you like my haircut?”

Anne almost shit. “What happened to you? Oh you poor girl, did Leo do that? It will grow back, don’t cry dearie.”

“Cry? Who’s crying? I just wanted you to know I love the way you did my hair but I’ll be going to Leo from now on.”

“OK, sure,” said Anne. Anne thought, “What got into her?”

Charlie was walking back to her car feeling the breeze touching her scalp. “Whoa, I like this. I feel great, alive, more confident then ever.”

Then she saw the parking space stealer come out of the store in front of her. Charlie went right over to her without hesitation, looked the lady straight in the face and said, “The next time you take someone’s parking space, I hope they get out and slug you.”

“Well, I never!” the old women said.

“And you never will,” Charlie said in return as she turned and walked to her car. She started her car and began to drive home. “Now to take care of Jerry. Watch out world – it’s a new me.”


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