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He knew what turned her on. He knew exactly where to touch her. He knew the points of pressure that would elicit the deepest, most uncontrolled response from her. He had always known, it seemed. He had seemed to know, even before he knew her. They had been out to dinner with friends that evening. A very trendy, hip restaurant, that most people had to wait forever to get into, but he had ‘pull’. He knew all the right people, and he never gave it a second thought. He never abused his ‘power’ and he always respected his friends. He was very popular, even though he could have cared less. In the beginning, she had been more than a bit awed by him. But slowly, as time passed, and she got to know him, she had realized that he didn’t take advantage of the unsuspecting. But, if you knew the rules, and you were playing the game, then, well, you had better just watch out.

She had worn a new dress. He had never seen it before, and she had known that he probably would not approve of it. And that is why she had made sure that she had come downstairs with her coat already on, when their friends had honked the horn for them. He had smiled at her as she passed through the open door he had held for her. They had had a good, laughing time in the car, on the way to the restaurant. They often went out with Chip and Sarah. They had been friends of his, when she had first met him. She had thought ‘Chip’ was a dumb name for a man his age, but once she got to know him, she realized that the name did rather suit him. At the restaurant, they had met up with the other two couples, and been escorted to their secluded table. Almost immediately their drinks arrived, and they were not ‘pestered’ until he had signaled the waiter for service.

She had sat down opposite him at the table. She did it deliberately, knowing then that he wouldn’t say anything about her dress, when she casually shrugged her coat back off her shoulders. She knew the minute that he became aware of her dress; almost as if she could feel his eyes, like burning coals upon her skin. The dress had cost a fair amount of money. He had been telling to spend whatever she wanted on her clothes, but she wasn’t one to spend a lot on clothes. But this dress. She had known the dress would cause static the minute she saw it. The dress was strapless, and nearly topless, she had thought, the first time she put it on. It was black, very plain, and what made the dress stunning was the wearer. She had a curvy body, and her very full, firm breasts were mounded up out of the bodice of the dress. If she took too deep a breath, there was a good chance she soon would be topless. She felt his eyes burning over her skin, but she deliberately avoided his stare. She accepted the compliments from the other women at the table, and ignored the pointed looks some of the men gave her. She had been flirted with before, but she had always let it be known that she was ‘faithful,’ even if they weren’t married. She laughed and talked with the women, and listened when someone was telling a joke, but she was always aware that he was staring at her most of the time. When the music started up, signaling the small jazz band had arrived; he stood and said, “Let’s dance.” She stood and walked a step in front of him to the ‘postage stamp-size’ dancing area. He didn’t say a word, just took her into his arms, holding her loosely, and began dancing to slow, jazzy romantic music. She was feeling a bit nervous though, when at the end of the dance, he still hadn’t said anything. He pulled out her chair for her, and reseated himself. He resumed his conversation, but he continued to watch her silently. She though was much more silent after their dance, and declined several other requests to dance, even from the men at the table.

Finally, the dinner ended, and everyone agreed to call it a night. They rode home with their friends, but they still didn’t talk, just listened to Chip and Sarah talk back and forth about this or that, that had been discussed at dinner. Finally, they were home, and said their good-byes quickly. She hurried past him, and went into the living room. She was surprised though that he didn’t follow her. She listened as he walked up the stairs, and then she heard him in their bedroom. She knew after a few minutes that he wasn’t coming back down. She walked very slowly up the stairs, having left her coat on the sofa. He was seated, partially dressed, shirt unbuttoned to his waist, shoes off, legs crossed on the large bed. It was obvious he had just been waiting for her to come upstairs though. She moved over to the closet, kicking off her own shoes, but when she went to unzip the dress, he finally spoke to her.

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“Don’t take it off.”

She turned slowly, and looked at him. He hadn’t moved from the bed. He just kept looking at her. “Why? I’m tired and figured we were going to bed.”

“Not yet, my sweet. I’m still trying to figure out why you bought that dress.”

She knew he was referring to the fact that she was usually very self-conscious about her large breasts, and wore concealing clothes most of the time. He had bought her some very sexy underwear, and at first she had had a hard time wearing that. So, for her to appear in such a revealing dress had been quite a surprise for him.

“I admit, I was worried at first that if you laughed too hard, I would be forced to toss my jacket across the table to conceal your virtue.”

“I practiced breathing the last couple of days, when you weren’t home,” she smiled at him.

“Well, I think it is time for you to pay though.” He let his words hang in the air between them. He watched her frown at his words, and then he said, “I have been very curious as to just what you have on underneath that dress, not that there could be much room for anything.” She laughed this time. She loved it when they teased each other, and played games, as they often did, when alone in the house. She moved her arms back to release the zipper, but his words stopped her. “No, not yet. I want you to put those black high heels on again.” She smiled, then bent to slip the shoes back on. He then told her to move to the side of the bed, where he could watch her. Once she was there, he told her to slowly unzip the dress, but to hold it in place with one hand. Her hand pressed the dress to her breasts, mounding them up more, as the zipper released. After a moment or two, he told her to drop the dress, very slowly, to her feet. The dress fell to her waist, revealing her strapless bra. She wiggled and eased the dress over her hips, and finally it dropped to her ankles. She stepped free, once he nodded.

He watched in silence, taking in the large, white breasts, held in place by the small, strapless bra. He knew how full her breasts were and he marveled at the miracle of modern plastic and lace, to do such an effective job. Not as good as his hands, but still commendable. He could feel his cock getting harder with each passing second. He had had a difficult time at the restaurant, especially after the dance with her, to not just say to hell with everyone else, and call them a cab to go home. Her hair was still caught up in the back with a clip, and he told her to release her hair. She raised her hands and released her hair. She was aware that her breasts lifted, and appeared to be in danger of spilling free of the bra. Her hair fell to her shoulders and covered her breasts. He told her to push her hair back, behind her shoulders. He loved her long hair, but he wanted her to cut it. He wanted to see the nape of her neck, naked all the time, vulnerable, open, available for him to touch, kiss, whenever he felt like it. He watched her quietly. His eyes moved down over her full breasts, down to the black lace high-cut panties, and finally the black thigh-top silky stockings.

“Now, reach behind you and release the bra.” She did so, slowly, aware that his eyes never left her breasts. When the bra dropped to the floor, her nipples peaked up taut and hard, in the cooler air of the room. He told her to then lean over and step out of the shoes. And then, to remove her panties. And then, she stood in front of him, wearing only her thigh-top hose. He moved to the end of the bed then. He told her to come over and kneel in front of him. She did so, slowly, unsure of what he was going to ask of her next. She looked up at him, and he smiled at her slowly. “I want you to suck my cock, baby, like you’ve never sucked me before.” She stared at him for a minute, and then lowered her head and unzipped his pants. She maneuvered his shorts out of the way, and his hard, hot shaft sprang free. She grasped him with her soft, small hands, and lowered her head to lightly lick around the head of his cock. She felt his cock jerk in her hands. She could tell that he was nearing the ‘end of his rope’, so to speak. She was surprised when she heard him say above her, “I’ve decided that you owe me for tonight’s display.”

She felt him stroking her hair as she continued to lick, stroke and caress his hard shaft. She took him in her mouth and then she heard him gathering her hair at the back her head, in a high ponytail. And then she heard a scrunching noise, just as she felt the pulling of her hair. She tried to pull free; to release his cock, but his hands held her head in place. And he kept on cutting, and cutting, and slowly her hair fell free of his grip, to dangle around her tear-stained cheeks, as she continued to suck his hard cock. It seemed as if the awful sound, the pulling, would never stop, and finally, all her hair, what was left, hung limply against her cheeks, just as he climaxed and shot his cum deeply into her mouth. She lifted her head finally, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her hands came up and touched the short hair, which barely came to the tips of her earlobes. She knew the time would come when she would push him too far. He had wanted to cut her hair. He had asked her often enough, but she refused. He smiled at her. God, he had never felt so aroused as he had when he started cutting her hair. He wondered if she had felt the same. He set the scissors down, and lightly touched the shorn hair at her cheeks. He said that he would take her to the most expensive hair salon tomorrow and fix it up, and then he lowered his head, and kissed her lightly. He laid the cut hair on his nightstand, and pulled her upwards.

He held her in front of himself, cupping her breasts in his hands. He squeezed her breasts, and told her how much he loved her big tits. He knew how much that turned her on; he lightly licked her hard nipples. “I was so hot in the restaurant, watching you and wondering if your tits were gonna pop out of that damned dress or not. And when we were dancing, I could feel you rub your tits against me, and all I could think about was getting you home and fucking your brains out. I wanted to reach my hands…” he paused, moving his hands to match his words. “…down and cup your ass. Did you look and see how that dress cupped that sweet little ass of yours? Then I wanted to see you bent over the table, with everyone watching, and me coming inside of you, with everyone watching.” He felt her quiver in response at his words. Just like always, he knew how to reach her inner core, how to turn her into melted butter. He knew just what to say how to touch her, to have her sweet come wash out over her shaven lips and down her thighs. His hand moved between her thighs, stroking her shaven pussy. He complimented her on her smooth, shaven pussy. He rubbed her come over her outer lips, and eased his fingers inside her pussy, slowly. He felt her body squeeze his fingers as her hips squirmed in response to his passionate words and touch. “You would like that, wouldn’t you, to have me fuck you, in front of our friends.” She shook her head slightly at the same time feeling her body gushing forth in passion that his words aroused in her. He was her master, in so many ways. He held her in his thrall with his words, his touch, even just a glance could do it. He lowered his head and kissed her earlobe, sucking it lightly with his tongue and lips, then nipping it with his teeth. “Ah, I see that you like that too, don’t you?” He listened to her moans of desire, and finally said, “Tell me what you want! Ask for it, baby!”

He waited patiently, his fingers in her shaven pussy, teasing her. His other hand was cupping and squeezing and playing with her right breast. Finally she tilted her head back, her mouth open and gasping, her hips squirming frantically.

“Please take me.”

He pinched her nipple and she jumped a bit. “No, ask me the right way.”

She licked her lips, dazed with passion, his fingers making her crazy. “Please fuck me, now!”

In one smooth, single movement, he turned them and pushed her onto the bed. He came down on top of her and into her in one quick thrust of his lower body. She moaned and he groaned as her body closed, then squeezed around his hard, thrusting shaft. He reached down between them, finding her clit. He flicked it but once, and she was spasming and climaxing around his hard, hot cock. He quickly thrust over and over, and soon climaxed once again, this time buried deep with her soft body.

The next afternoon, he picked her up and took her to a very exclusive salon downtown. She had never been there before, because she thought it was kind of ‘silly’ to spend that much on her hair. They were greeted by name, and escorted to a private salon area. A few minutes later, a male stylist, that she recognized from his appearances on television, entered the private room, and she was more than just a little bit surprised at such exclusive attention, at such short notice. He didn’t make any comment on her ragged haircut. She supposed that he was being paid enough to keep his comments to himself. Without a word though, other than directing her to the shampoo area, where one of his assistants quickly shampooed and conditioned her ravaged hair, he then began cutting her hair. She watched in silence, knowing that her lover was watching from a chair off to the side. She knew that he had made his wishes known before their arrival as to the type of haircut he wanted her to have. She knew it was too late to turn back, just as she had known that wearing such a provocative dress just might have consequences she had not anticipated or planned for. He quickly cut her hair to mid earlobe length, but slightly longer in the front, and angling up very high in the back. He would direct her to tilt her head this way or that, as he snipped her hair shorter and shorter. Finally, he clipped up the back part of the bobbed haircut, and then he flipped on the clippers. She almost jumped out of the chair at the sound of the clippers turning on. She had never felt clippers on her head. He pushed her head forward, telling her to touch her chin to her chest. She did so, and then she felt the warmth of the clippers touch the base of her neck. Very quickly the clippers climbed up the back of her head to her occipital bone, and then repeated the motion, over and over. Finally, her hair in the back was clippered very short to one quarter of an inch. He quickly changed attachments, and told her bend forward again. This time he clipped the bottom edges, up about one and a half inches, to one eight of an inch. The stylist then ran his fingers over the clipped hairs, and she shivered in the chair. She was amazed at how arousing the feel and the sound of the clippers had been.

Her lover stood and walked over, and he also ran his fingers up and down the back of her head. But he met her eyes in the mirror as he stroked her smooth, slightly furry pelt of hair. She could see it in his eyes. He knew how aroused she was. It was almost as if he had put his hands between her thighs, and felt the wetness that had formed there while the clippers buzzed off her hair. She squirmed in the chair, and then he smiled. Oh yes, he knew how aroused she was. He had seen it in her eyes, in her body language. He had become equally aroused, just watching the clippers buzz her hair off, and then watching the emotions that chased themselves across her mobile face. He knew she didn’t want short hair, but last night when he had so abruptly cut her hair off, and then again today, well she no longer had a choice in the matter. And watching her reactions, he knew that he for one was going to enjoy her new haircut, and he was pretty sure that she would too.

After a minute or so, he stepped back and let the stylist resume cutting her very striking bob haircut. Soon, the undercut was completed, the upper layer curved under and forward into longer edges near her cheeks. When she tilted her head, the hair fell forward over her face. He found that incredibly sexy. He wanted to rush out of the salon and take her home for a little afternoon lovemaking. Finally, the stylist was done, and finished up by telling her how easy it was going to be to take care of, combing the hair into a smooth curve from the back of her head, to the points at her cheeks. He finally said that she would need to get it cut at least every three weeks.

A short time later, they walked out of the salon onto the busy downtown street. As they started walking down the street, he reached up and rubbed the buzzed hair at the nape of her neck, and the back of her head. He rubbed it like he was petting her. He noticed her frisson of reaction, there was no way she could deny it. He smiled and reached down and grabbed her hand. To her surprise, he abruptly changed direction, and had them cross the street. She had to nearly run to keep up with him, and was very surprised when he rushed them into the lobby of the ritziest downtown hotel there was. Before she could gather her wits about her though, he was at the registration desk, renting them a penthouse suite for the night. A bellboy escorted them to the room, even though they obviously had no luggage. He had looked at her once, but quickly looked away when the gentleman had glared at him. But she had still flushed very brightly, sure she could guess his thoughts. The bellboy tried to show them around, but he was shoved out of the door with a large tip. And then he turned to her, and pulled her into his arms. She found herself being thoroughly kissed as he quickly unbuttoned her shirt, shoving it wide open. He flipped open the clasp of her bra and caught her large breasts as they spilled out. He moved his hands to her pants, quickly unsnapping the jeans, and dragging down the zipper. He slid his hand inside her cotton panties, to her shaven pussy and, just as he had thought, she was very wet indeed. She moaned as he caressed and stroked her shaven lips. She was still stunned at how arousing getting her hair cut had been, and then to be literally dragged to a hotel room. Well, she was having trouble finding her balance, but the one thing she did know was that his touch, his kiss, just a glance from his dark eyes was enough to make her crazy with desire. She kissed him back, dueling with his tongue, nipping it lightly to tease him.

She moved with him towards the large bed, and they fell upon it in a tangle of arms and legs. He quickly had her pants pushed down and out of the way and then he released his hard cock. He waited a scant second, and then he thrust deep inside of her. He moaned as her eager flesh enclosed him, and squeezed him, deep inside her body. She kissed his throat, her fingers finding, and then squeezing his own nipples beneath his shirt. And then she moved her hands to the shirt placket and surprised them both when she pulled and ripped his shirt open. Then he laughed and kissed her deeply, as their bodies mated to completion.


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