Boy, What a Surprise


Boy What a Surprise!!!

My husband and I have been married for two years, and we have now decided to experiment with cross dressing. Well my husband asked me to try and make myself look like a man, so I agreed. The first thing I did was go and by a three piece suit, and shoes. Then in the afternoon I toyed with the idea of my hair and whether to buy a short wig, or get my hair cut. When I was walking around the mall looking for a wig, I happened by a old fashion men’s barbershop. I figured why not. I didn’t want a unisex shop, and end up with a manly cut. I had decided to go for it. When I walked in the shop the old guy cutting hair was close to sixty. I knew that I’d get a good cut here. Only one person was in the chair. His hair was buzzed close on the sides and the barber was busy zipping the top short. Soon he was finished and it was my turn to take the chair. The old guy never batted a eye as I sat in the chair. He put the cape around my neck and asked that I pull my 14 inches of hair free from under the cape, before he tightened it. He asked what I would like done, and I told him that I was going to a costume party and that I wanted to look like a guy. He said am I sure this is what I wanted, and I told him. Go for it, buzz me as if I were going into the military. Without even hesitating, he reached for the clippers and turned them on. The sudden noise scared me, and he raised them to my head. I think he had a eighth inch guard on them, but I’m not sure. He spun the chair around so that my back was to the mirror, and I noticed a young man and his pregnant wife entered the shop. I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed as he rammed the clippers through my long hair. I remember thinking, should I back out, but the feel of cool air on my head made me feel better, and I realized it might be too late. The old guy finished my cut in 3 short minutes and he even lathered my ears and nape and shaved my neck. The look of astonishment on the two sitting in the chair was fascinating. She grabbed his arm and asked him if he would buzz his hair like that, I don’t remember his reply, cause I was giddy with excitement at all the hair buzzed from my head and laying in my lap. As I stood up, I reached for my head, the feel of my newly liberated scalp was like velvet. My husband would love the transformation. When I got home, I put on my three piece suit, new shoes and sat waiting for my husband to get home…..I felt like a man, looked like a man…but I still had crotchless panties on, just for him……I think I’m wet………….


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