My girlfriend had long brown hair that hung below the middle of her back and she was forever brushing it out. I thought that she had the most beautiful hair I had ever seen. The other kids in my school used to comment on the length of her hair and as a result she was very popular with all the boys. Well I now know that this pissed off all the other cool girls that hung out together. I heard that they had planned to straighten out my girlfriend but I never thought that something as rash as this would happen. Here’s what did happen.

My girlfriend was in gym class one day and Mrs Broombrush was the gym teacher. She was a real cunt if you know what I mean. Anyways my girl-friend Wendy was late getting out to the gym floor because she was busy putting her hair up so that it would not fall down while she wasdoing track. Well Mrs. Broombrush got pissed at her and decided that the whole class was going to do extra laps because Wendy was late.

Well all the cool girls were mad and as they ran around the track doing their extra laps they planned to get my girlfriend back so that she would learn a lesson. As they passed Wendy on the track they would taunt her and hit her in the head and try to mess her long hair up. They shouted that you better look out stubble, and called her names that made no sense to her… like butch, buzz, bald bitch and other weird names.

Soon gym class was over and all the girls headed for the shower and to get changed. The last thing I remember seeing of my girlfriend that day was her pulling down her lovely long brown hair from the top knot she had her hair in as she headed for the locker room. As Wendy entered the locker room the lights went out and a lot of screaming and yelling started. Wendy felt someone grab her around her neck and pull her to the ground. A bandanna or something was put over her eyes and it felt as if someone was sitting on her chest. They shoved what Wendy thought was a sock in her mouth as she let out a scream for help. Then the voices where…cut it off… the bitch doesn’t deserve to have any hair…make the bitch bald.

The feel of panic came over Wendy as the scissors chopped through her lovely long hair. The cold steel came close over her ears and were closed very close to her scalp on her bangs…Wendy doesn’t remember how it all stopped, but she remembers Mrs. Broombrush pulling her to her feet and asking who did this to her? All Wendy could say was …my hair…what did they do to my hair?


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