Kim’s Punishment

Kim's Punishment

Kim’s Punishment By Tony Angelo

It was the summer of Kim’s senior year of high school. Kim had just turned 17 years old: she had been dating the quarterback of the school’s football team, Rob, for the past six months. Kim’s mom thought Rob a “useless, dumb jock”, was the way she referred to him constantly. Kim didn’t care how her mother felt about Rob, with him she was one of the most popular girls in school. When she and Rob walked down the street they made a very handsome couple. Rob was 18, already 6’2″ tall, had blue eyes and long straight brownish hair reaching to his shoulders. Kim was a 5’2″ tall and 110 lbs., blond with curls cascading to just above her butt, the most beautiful head of hair in school. Heads always turned when they were together. Rob had made no secret that he found Kim’s hair her most beautiful asset, even mentioning it to Kim’s mom on one occasion. Kim’s mom Claire didn’t share Rob’s love for her daughter’s hair. Claire herself had a very short blond pixie and found it much more practical. Claire was forever fighting with Kim about the inordinate time she spent on her hair, tying up the bathroom for hours. Claire had kept Kim’s hair long because it was the pride and joy of her late husband, Todd, who had died last year in a terrible auto accident.

Claire was planning a big Fourth of July party for family and friends, everyone in town was expected. There were to be fireworks, food, drink and fun for everyone. The morning of the fourth, Claire had a few last minute errands to run. Kim was busy getting ready too, she had washed her long beautiful hair and spent hours getting ready. Kim wanted to look her best as some of her relatives had not yet met Rob. Kim was just about to finish up her makeup when there was a knock at the door. It was Rob: he was at least an hour early, Kim thought.

Kim was not supposed to have any boys in the house without permission, especially when her mother was out. But Kim didn’t expect her mother for an hour and she and Rob hadn’t had time to be alone in a few days. When Rob saw how beautiful Kim looked he had to have her. Rob grabbed Kim and carried her to her bedroom and locked the door behind them. Kim protested slightly but gave into her primal instincts. They made passionate love and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Claire came home with packages, there were a few relatives already waiting out front when she got there. Claire asked her brother Steve what they were doing outside. Steve responded that Kim didn’t seem to be home, as she wasn’t answering the door. Claire was furious, she had left a couple of little chores for Kim when she left, and realized they hadn’t been completed when she walked into the back yard. Claire made her way into the house with her packages. Steve helped her in.

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As Claire entered the house she screamed out for her only child, but there was no response. Claire heard music coming from Kim’s room and made her way upstairs to see if her daughter was there. Claire found Kim’s room locked. When she knocked she woke Kim and Rob from their sound sleep. Kim panicked, she knew her mother would kill her if she caught Rob in her room. Kim instructed Rob to get into the closet, but it was already too late. Claire heard the confusion in her daughter’s voice, and even thought she heard a man’s voice. When Kim called out to her mother, “I am getting dressed”, Claire instructed Kim to open the door. Begrudgingly, Kim complied.

When Claire saw Kim naked, her bed unmade, and her hair a bit disheveled, she decided to take a look around. She asked Kim why after all these hours her bed wasn’t made and there were clothes all over the room. Kim tried to change the subject and responded that she had to hurry because she still had the chores to do and still had to get dressed. Claire was about to walk out of Kim’s room when a noise came from the closet. Claire immediately opened the closet door to find Rob.

Claire was outraged. She grabbed Rob and told him to go wait outside, she wanted to speak with her daughter. Kim began crying out of reflex, “Mom, I’m so sorry… Mom, I’m so sorry…” She knew her mother was not going to let this incident go unpunished, but why hadn’t she instructed Rob to go home? Why hadn’t she told him never to come back? Claire instructed Kim to stop crying, clean up her room and get dressed and finish the chores she had been assigned.

Claire went back downstairs to talk to her brother Steve. He reminded Claire of a similar incident with their cousin Karen almost 20 years ago. When their aunt had found Karen and her boyfriend together she had shaved Karen’s head as punishment. Claire remembered and loved the idea. Not only would this be punishment, it would probably get rid of Rob and keep other boys away for a long while. Claire and Steve agreed they would make this the most embarrassing day of Kim’s young life: they would publicly humiliate Kim with the whole town and family present.

Kim finished cleaning up, got dressed, finished her chores and came down to report to her mother. Again Kim began crying and begging her mother for forgiveness. Kim noticed her mother seemed to have calmed down, there was almost a joy in her eyes. This scared Kim as she knew her mother would not allow this act to go unpunished. Claire instructed her daughter to go outside and join the guests, and “We will deal with this later!”

Kim hurried right outside and Rob met her at the door. “What happened?” Rob asked.

“Nothing yet,” Kim responded. Rob thought this was good, but Kim knew better.

All the guests had arrived, but Claire and Steve were still inside planning Kim’s demise. Kim grew more and more nervous as her mother didn’t appear at the party. Kim tried hard to be a good hostess, greeting guests and making sure everyone was comfortable and got a drink.

Rob had started drinking some beer, and had a little buzz on by the time Claire and Steve finally made their appearance. Rob tried to approach Claire and apologize, but when Claire saw Rob she simply told him to get away from her and that he would see what he had done to her daughter.

Claire had a martini and started to socialize with her friends and relatives. She told them all she had a surprise for everyone, but told nobody what the surprise was.

After everyone had had a bite to eat, Claire and Steve got up before the gathering. Steve addressed the group and asked his niece to come forward with Rob. Steve recounted the day’s events much to the embarrassment of Kim, and announced that Kim would be punished just like “our cousin Karen” had been punished 20 years ago. The older people in the crowd who knew the story of Karen and her boyfriend began to laugh, but Kim didn’t know the story and was confused.

Steve asked Kim to take a seat right there in front of the group. Steve took a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket (he was a cop), and fastened his niece to the chair. Only then did he explain to the others how Karen had been punished. Kim immediately began to cry and Rob’s heart sank when he thought of his beautiful girlfriend losing all of her long sexy hair.

Now Claire addressed the group. “I have never liked this boy here,” she said, pointing at Rob. “I believe him to be interested in one thing, sex with my daughter. Now we will see if he truly loves my daughter or if he is only with her for her beauty.”

Kim wailed in protest, tears flowing down her face. The group collectively laughed. This was an embarrassing situation for Rob, he felt regret and helplessness, there was nothing he could do for the girl he loved.

Claire pulled her daughter’s long hair back into a ponytail, and produced a 10″ pair of sewing shears. In seconds Kim realized she would be butchered, the beauty of her youth gone forever. Kim pleaded with her mother not to do this, she even reminded Claire of how much dad loved her hair. Claire informed Kim that dad was gone and so too would her hair be gone. With that Claire took the shears and cut her daughter’s hair to the base of her ponytail. Claire held up the ponytail for everyone to see. Everyone but Kim and Rob were laughing, the young couple looked into each other’s eyes. Rob could see Kim blamed him for this, and Kim could see Rob no longer would find her a suitable girlfriend.

Claire kept hacking at her daughter’s hair, next were her bangs, which were clipped at the scalp… more tears from Kim, more laughter from the crowd.

Steve was enjoying this very much – he had suggested this punishment for selfish reasons, always having wanted to shave a girl’s head. Steve approached Claire and asked if he could cut some of the hair. Claire thought this was a great idea, and told everyone who wanted to help to form a line and take a cut.

This embarrassed Kim even more, but by this time she was resigned to the fact she was going to be bald and ugly and that she was going to lose Rob. One by one the people Kim had always thought of as friends and loved ones began taking turns cutting off her hair. When the last person had taken the last of Kim’s locks, Claire took a pair of electric clippers she had used on her husband’s hair before his death and buzzed her daughter without a guard.

Steve produced a can of shaving cream and a razor, and addressed Claire, saying, “May I?” To Steve’s dismay, Claire had another idea. She called Rob up and instructed him to shave away every stubble on Kim’s head. Rob protested, saying he didn’t want to but Claire insisted and suggested she might have a conversation with his mother if he refused. Begrudgingly Rob took the razor.

Rob looked into Kim’s red eyes with a hole in his heart, but when he touched Kim’s head he was feeling something he didn’t expect. Without warning Rob developed a raging hard-on. Kim noticed this and began yelling at Rob. “You’re enjoying this too?” Rob tried to deny his feelings but the proof was there for everyone to see. Kim couldn’t understand that Rob’s hard-on meant he really did love her, to her it meant he had enjoyed her pain. Rob tried to tell Kim he loved her and would always love her, but Kim was too angry with everyone to believe him. Rob tried to tell Kim it didn’t look bad but she was not listening. Rob finished shaving Kim’s head and she was released from the chair. Kim bolted from the backyard immediately and ran right to her room.

Rob went to Claire and told her how wrong she was and how much he loved her daughter. Claire could see in Rob’s eyes that he really did love Kim and told him to go upstairs to see her.

When Rob entered the house he went upstairs to find Kim looking into a mirror crying. He gently touched her shoulder, then grabbed Kim firmly, and kissed her passionately. Kim felt so relieved because in his kiss she felt his love.

Rob bought Kim a wig for when she was in public but when they were together he found he liked her head bald. Kim kept her head shaved for Rob straight through college, and Rob shaved his for her too. They married after graduation and lived baldly together happy ever after.


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