Boot Camp or Jail

Boot Camp or Jail

BOOT CAMP OR JAIL by Shearingly

“Oooooh, I’m mad. That boss of mine thinks she can treat me like dirt and get away with it. Such a snob!” At times like this Maddy remembered growing up and watching her mother get treated the same way. Her mother cooked for a rich, high-society family. The man was really handsome and not that old. The woman was handsome plus she had the advantage of money to take care of her looks but she was a very jealous woman. Because Maddy’s mother was young and pretty she was really awful to her.

Maddy didn’t know who her father was. She had been told he was a chauffeur who had run off, but she suspected it was the rich man himself and they made up the other story so he wouldn’t tarnish his reputation. The woman her mother worked for treated them both like dirt (she thought it was because the woman knew about her parentage).

Now here she was in a tough job and being treated like dirt by some rich snob of a boss. Her boss was named Patricia Worthington – she insisted that Maddy call her Ms. Worthington. She had a pretty face and a great body – which she exercised diligently at an expensive club. She had really thick, beautiful, ash blond hair that came to her shoulders and was cut in layers so the lovely waves curled around her head. She was constantly touching it, smoothing it or patting it into place to draw attention to it.

Maddy dropped heavily into her desk chair and slapped the file folder down. She flipped it open to review the info about the new inmates. Maddy was the one who made this Boot Camp for Women program work. That Worthington snob was appointed Director, but she never did anything except attend dinner parties and try to raise funds for the program. Maddy didn’t know how much money she raised, but there never seemed to be enough to get all the supplies and things she needed. Worthington kept talking about the “bottom line” and “budget crunches” but somehow there was enough money for her to redecorate her office and get new furniture.

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Maddy took a deep breath and focused on the file folder. A new batch of women were coming in this afternoon and she wanted to be ready for them. The way it worked, when women were convicted of a non-violent crime and the judge pronounced a sentence, they were usually given a choice. They could serve their time in the regular women’s prison with hardened criminals (not a pleasant prospect) or else they could go through this boot camp program for three to six months (depending on the severity of their crime) and then be on probation for the rest of their sentence. The program developed a self-discipline and self- reliance that kept at least some of them from returning to a life of crime. Many women chose the boot camp program because it promised an earlier release. Most were street-wise girls who didn’t have much of a record yet but were difficult to handle. Maddy had developed a hardness herself in order to deal with them.

She saw that six of the seven incoming women were of that type. What caught her eye was the fact that one of the women was not. This one had listed an address that wasn’t inner-city – she was from an upper class neighborhood. She was a young women – twenty years old. Her picture showed she was a pretty one and classy too. She had been convicted of shoplifting. Maddy wondered what would cause a woman whose father could buy the whole store, to shoplift? Maybe it was the thrill or the danger, she didn’t know. The judge gave her the choice, serve her sentence in jail or boot camp. She chose boot camp.

Maddy studied the picture. She looked snobbish and stuck up. The camera caught her I- don’t-really-care sneer. It also captured her beauty. She was not a run-of-the-mill girl – she was the sort that ended up homecoming queen or a Miss Metropolis pageant winner. Heather Forbish was her name and she had a lovely head of thick blond hair. In the picture it fell smoothly to a point 8 inches below her shoulders and the ends were curled nicely. Some was laying over her shoulder where the curls emphasized the swell of her breasts.

Just then the van arrived with the women. The others had been in the county jail and were wearing typical prison uniforms. Heather had, of course, been free on bond until the sentencing today. She had come from her lovely comfortable home this morning, dressed up to emphasize her position in life, gone to court and then her life had been turned upside down – she was now at Boot Camp for Women. Maddy, with two of her assistants watched the seven women climb down from the transport van. She told her assistants to process the other six and that she would take “the Forbish snob” herself.

She took Heather roughly by the arm and escorted her into a side room, not answering any of her questions. She got out a box and some envelopes and had Heather put first her purse in the box, then her jewelry in the envelopes and then told her to take her clothes off. Heather hesitated, Maddy said, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You do what I tell you and we’ll get along fine or you resist and we force you to do it anyway.”

Heather began to cry. She realized that her father’s money wasn’t going to help her here in boot camp. She slowly removed every stitch of her clothes. Maddy pulled on a latex glove, snapping it tight on her wrist. Heather jumped at the sound and then when Maddy told her to bend over and spread her legs, she began to sob even harder. Maddy was none too gentle with her body cavity search, wanting to establish her authority over this rich snob.

She permitted Heather to wrap a towel around herself, returning a measure of dignity to her. She then led her to a stool and had her sit. Maddy combed her fingers through Heather’s thick blond hair. What a contrast to Maddy’s own thin, lusterless, mousy brown hair. “What are you doing?” Heather jerked her head away from Maddy’s probing fingers.

Maddy grabbed a handful and jerked her back into position. “When you come in here you surrender all of your rights. It is left to the staff whether the inductees will get a haircut or not. I am deciding about your hair.” She raked her fingers through the lovely blond hair again and again. Pushing up from the neck with her fingers separated she filled her hands with hair, enjoying the sensation of silky, smooth hair surrounding her hands.

“Oh, no! You can’t cut my hair. There’s no reason to do that.” Heather’s words came out in a rush.

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do. About three-fourths of the girls who come in here get a haircut. You will do a lot of exercising and get hot and sweaty. It won’t be easy to take care of your hair, especially since it’s long. I think I’m going to cut it.” She directed Heather to braid her hair. Heather seperated her golden locks into three sections and then worked it into a thick braid that fell across her shoulder. Maddy tied a ribbon around the beginning and end of the braid and then taking a pair of sharp scissors hacked through it until it came free. She set the braid on the counter. Heather’s shortened hair, released from the braid fell forward around her cheeks like a fashionable bob cut, shorter in the back, longer at the sides.

Just then one of the staff tapped at the door, poked her head in and said, “Worthington’s on the phone for you.” Maddy walked over to the extension on the wall and picked it up. She listened to Ms. Worthington’s voice say, “I want to see you in my office right away.” She hung up before Maddy could respond.

Maddy summoned a staff member to stay with Heather while she went to see what this interruption was all about. Ms. Worthington jumped right into what was on her mind. “We have a new inmate coming named Heather Forbish. She does not come from the usual background we get here. I want you to take that into account when you take her through the receiving process and with her program.”

“What do you mean, Ms. Worthington?” It wasn’t like her to stick her nose into the workings of the boot camp program. She usually left it totally to Maddy and her staff. Maddy was getting a little hot that she was interfering in this case.

Worthington opened her mouth to reply to Maddy’s question but before she could speak the phone rang. Maddy watched her face turn absolutely white as she listened to the voice on the phone. She hung up and started to get up. Just then the door of the office flew open and three men came charging in holding shields and announcing they were police. Ms. Worthington waved Maddy away, dismissing her and turned to the police. “What do you want me to do about Heather Forbish?” Maddy asked.

“I don’t care what you do,” Worthington replied curtly. Maddy scooted out, not wanting to get involved.

Maddy went back, still hot about this new interference. As she walked back into the room where Heather was waiting she noticed the remarkable similarity between the Forbish girl and Ms. Worthington. Maddy suddenly had an idea. She hadn’t been told specifically not to. . . .

Heather didn’t know what was coming until the buzzing clippers actually touched her right temple. She jerked away, startled. “What are you doing?” she cried out. Maddy grabbed a fistful of hair and held her head still.

“I’m finishing your haircut.” There was something in her tone of voice and the look on her face that kept Heather from saying more. She resigned herself to the inevitable. Maddy zoomed the clippers from Heather’s temple, up around her ear and down to her neck, leaving a path of stubble a couple of inches wide. She took one more swipe right next to the first one, widening the path. She then moved to Heather’s left side and did the same thing there. A wide mohawk of hair was left down the center of Heather’s skull. Maddy positioned herself behind Heather and pushed her head forward until her chin touched her chest. Then she pushed the buzzing clippers up the nape of her neck to the crown. After a half a dozen passes the back of her head was completely exposed. All that remained was the top of her head which was quickly buzzed clean.

Maddy studied the transformed woman in front of her. Heather’s blond hair didn’t show up much against her white scalp. She looked bald though Maddy could feel stubble when she rubbed her hand over Heather’s head. She decided to go for it and proceeded to lather up Heather’s scalp and shave it smooth – and then again! Heather was a humbled woman when she was led away for her ritual delousing shower and to join the other women. Maddy hurried back to her office to savor the feeling of having a rich snob under her power and being able to put her in her place.

Back in the office she got a phone call from the state attorney general. She was told that Ms. Worthington had been arrested that day for embezzling funds. Maddy was appointed the acting director of the boot camp program. The next few weeks went by in a blur for Maddy. She was running the program and doing it well. She thought she had a chance at being appointed permanent director.

The day she found out that some other high-society woman had been appointed director of the program was the same day that Patricia Worthington was convicted and sentenced for her embezzling. The judge gave her an unusual sentence – three months in the boot camp program and then she would also serve the rest of her sentence in the woman’s prison.

Tomorrow the new director would show up and take over. Maddy would have to step back into her former position and give up all hope of being recognized for her ability and talent. She was in a lousy frame of mind when the van pulled up with the new inmates – Worthington was one of them!

Maddy went down herself to receive them. The staff was surprised, she hadn’t done this personally since she had taken over as acting director. Ten women filed in, handcuffed and chained to each other. Maddy indicated that she would take care of Ms. Worthington while they took care of the others.

Maddy showed her victim into the same room she had used with Heather Forbish. “Ms. Worthington,” Maddy said sarcastically, “please put your purse in this box and remove all your jewelry then place each item in this envelope.” Worthington had never seen this part of the program, she’d only had a vague idea of what went on when the women came in. She didn’t look the same to Maddy – the events of the past week had taken their toll on her. But she still had a snobbish tilt to her nose and a look of disdain for people like Maddy who weren’t her social equal.

“Ms. Worthington, your last day here, you were telling me to treat Heather Forbish, an acquaintance of yours I presume, with a special deference. Would you like me to treat you the same way that I treated Ms. Forbish?” Patricia studied Maddy for a moment, she wasn’t a dummy, but didn’t see the trap in it so she nodded her assent, “Yes, please, that would be fine. You know I’m not a hardened criminal like the others who come in here. By the way, Maddy, have I told you how much I admired the work you did for me here?”

The flattery was lost on Maddy. She was too angry about the contrast between the rich snobs who got whatever they wanted and people like her who had to work for everything and even then didn’t get what they should. Maddy instructed Patricia to take her clothes off. When she wouldn’t do it, Maddy lost her patience and reaching out took hold of the neck of her expensive dress and with a mighty pull tore it right down the front. Patricia gasped and then getting the picture began to remove the tattered remains.

The latex glove routine was equally shocking to her and the invasion of her personal privacy and dignity was almost more than she could take. She was a sobbing wreck by the time Maddy introduced the idea of a haircut. Maddy combed Patricia’s finely styled and layered curls. The sensation was wonderful. She seldom saw much less touched such a delightful texture and softness in hair. “I need to give you a haircut, Patricia. It’s for your own good because it will make things easier as you go through the program. I’ll give you the same haircut that I gave to Heather. Is that all right?”

Patricia, reluctant but not knowing what else to do just nodded and said, “All right, if you must.” Maddy had arranged for Heather to be waiting out in the hall. After Patricia agreed to the haircut, she opened the door and brought Heather in.

“Patricia,” Maddy began, “have you ever met Ms. Heather Forbish?” Patricia looked up at Heather and gasped. Heather’s hair had only grown out to a quarter of an inch in the month since she’d been shaved.

“Noooooooooo!” Patricia wailed. Maddy directed Heather to hold her victim’s head still while she turned the clippers on and took a swipe down the center of Patricia’s head from forehead to crown. Maddy enjoyed the sweet revenge on this woman who had treated her so poorly when she was her boss. Every pass of the clippers gave her a thrill. There was no guard on the clippers so all of Patricia’s lovely ash blond hair was cut off as close to the scalp as possible. What she liked best was watching this proud woman be reduced to a shadow of her former self. When the clippering had done all it could Maddy pulled out the shaving lather and a disposable razor. She lathered Patricia up and shaved her smooth, twice, just like she had with Heather. She worked slowly, savoring the look of horror on Patricia’s face as she worked.

Patricia was taken away for her de-lousing and Maddy invited Heather to sit in the recently vacated stool. “What for?” she asked suspiciously.

“Haven’t you learned, yet, to obey orders without question? For that we will touch up your haircut.” Maddy once again reduced Heather’s stubble to a shiny, smooth bald dome. When she had finished, she wiped her hands on a towel, patted the top of Heather’s head and walked back to her office. She packed up her personal belongings anticipating what would happen the next day when the new director arrived.

Sure enough, the new director turned out to be a friend of the Worthington and Forbish families. Maddy timed it – it was only three hours before she was summoned to the director’s office and told that they had a difference of philosophies and her services were no longer needed. Maddy picked up the boxes with her things in it (including two paper sacks labeled “Patricia” and “Heather” filled with beautiful blond hair – the former glory of two rich, high-society snobs. It was great while it lasted!


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