Pre-Xmas Gift

Pre-Xmas Gift

Pre-Xmas Gift – Scandinavian Mrs.

Since we met several years ago, divorced with grown children of our own, he has mentioned things which he finds very sexy in our surroundings. Commented on other women sexy apparels, walk or hairstyles, particularly short hairstyles.

He has always been looking with fascination at other females all dressed up in leather, the more the better. Whenever there is a sexy broad on TV dressed in leather, tight fitting rubber, latex, vinyl, thigh high boots or other small perversities he is practically drooling in front of the screen. He is particularly interested when Roxette, Annie Lennox or Sinaed, practically bald headed, show up on the screen. Slightly perverted fashion show with lots of leather always results in a massive amount of comments.

Well, who has not sometime been dreaming of looking like these special people? How they behaved, dressed and looked. At least it has always appealed to me. Always felt a slightly exhibitionistic with a need to show off from time to time. I know that he loves me and that looking at other women is just his way of looking at the menu while dining at home.

I started some years ago, early in the winter. We where at the local shopping-mall, just window shopping when he suddenly stopped in front of a store selling leather jacket and such. He stood there watching two ladies, in their early forties, both dressed in leather boots and leather pants. They where obviously looking at leather coats as one was holding one up and the other one evaluating it. The evaluating one pulled of her jacket and put on the leather coat. Her friend commented something and pulled out a hat while she talked, the other one pulled of her wool cap and exposed a nearly shaven head. Less than 1/2 centimetre all over her head, clearly neatly cut. I must admit it looked very “fresh” stylish and quite unexpected. His chin dropped and he looked paralysed, barely managing “Oh, shiiiiitttt.. that is one sexy broad.” Standing there stupefied, gaping like a fish on land. This made a massive impression on him as he kept commenting it several times a day for weeks. This is what I think really started my process. I was going to give him a sex gift before Xmas and it should satisfy my wish to “dress up” and his sexual fantasies. I started looking for some sexy leather clothing every time I went to town or the mall. The first purchase was a pair of though looking thick leather pants, high waist, bib and suspenders. Shiny coarse leather and tight fitting over the hips. Felt enormously sexy when I tried them on in the fitting room. Brought them home and hid them in the closet.

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The next purchase came a few days later. A tight fitting leather mini dress, tight turtleneck with a zipper in the back of the neck allowing for a hole just big enough for my head, long sleeves. It was clinging to my body like it was painted on. Back at home I took a pair of scissors and cut the dress off at the hips, making it into a top, before hiding it with the trousers.

Some weeks later I made my final purchases. First I went into a ski equipment store and bought a tight fitting black balaclava helmet of thin stretchy cotton. The facial opening went from eyebrows to my lower lip only showing the centre of my face. The rest of my head and neck was covered tightly like a swimming cap or rubber diving-hood. A sheep skin leather cap with ear flaps which you can tie under your chin, smooth leather on the outside and fur lining and edges, quite popular in Scandinavia and Russia because of their excellent protection and warmth. Same day I bought a pair of black leather boots. The kind that looks like military boots, coarse rubber soles, laced up front, except that these went all the way to my knees. The last purchase was a pair of elbow length leather gloves, to complete the surprise and my idea of a surprise. Everything went straight into the closet.

After a lot of thought and considerations two weeks before Xmas I decided to set the whole idea in action. Friday evening I got all my hidden clothing and a few other things into my car before I told him that I had to go to the office on Saturday morning and that there was no need for him to get up. I would call him as soon as I finished in the office and he could meet me in town for lunch or something.

I got up fairly early on Saturday morning. Sneaked out of the bed, not to awake him, and in to the bathroom where I locked the door. Plenty of Nair in my crotch, waiting 10 minutes before entering the shower. A completely naked, smooth sex revealed itself. Dried my long silky hair with the blow-drier, jumped into my jeans and pulled on my thick, colourful turtleneck woollen sweater, the old leather jacket, before driving in to the office.

It was one of these cold windy winter morning, -10 degree C and snow in the air. Not many people on the road on an early Saturday morning and luckily no one in the office as I looked myself in, turning the key and shaking the door twice to be sure it was looked.

Down to business, stripping down to absolutely nothing before I started to pull on the leather top, the one that used to be a mini dress. Sensual feeling pulling my head through the leather and in to the turtleneck. Smell of leather overpowering and it gave me the association of an intercourse. Smoothing the leather down my body, feeling really sexy and getting aroused, zipping up the turtleneck and pulling my hair out letting it flow down my shoulders. My whole upper body engulfed in tight fitting black leather. Inserting a tampon in expectation of what to come, before I pulled on my leather pants. Fastening the suspenders over my shoulders, running my hands down my hips and thighs, smoothening my sexy leather cocoon, feeling my whole leathered body. A fantastic feeling, bare skin against coarse leather and the overpowering sensual smell that leather gives. Socks and laced boots next, of course with my pants down inside the boots. My multicoloured sweater and lastly the leather jacket zipped and buttoned all the way up to the top of the high collar. One sexy broad going to town, all leather and long flowing hair in the winter wind.

Found a parking space not far from main street and started to walk towards my next target with a bag containing the rest of my “surprise package”. A “Walk In” hairdresser, with some extreme pictures on display, that I had spotted some weeks ago. Should not be many customers at this hour. Walking down the main street caught quite a few hungry glances from the male population on the street. Looking like ” That is one hell of a broad, probably a model on her way to work. Wish she was my wife.” Or something like that. I felt fantastically sexy as I opened the door to the hairdresser.

The receptionist, a multicoloured teenager, without a word, just pointed to a chair as soon as I had taken my jacket off. I sat down and one of the stylists came over, equally colourful. She took a walk around the chair, pulling my hair lightly before asking what I wanted done today, as I was a regular customer. Feeling my voice trembling slightly and much hoarser than usual, I said, I wanted it all off. Really short 1/2 centimetre on top and even less on the sides and at the back, nearly smooth shaved, like they used in the army years ago.

She looked stunned for a second or two before asking if I really meant it. Repeating my statement, a little firmer this time, resulted in some action. She disappeared into a back room getting another two young girls out and I had to repeat the order once more. She finally believed me and asked if I wanted my hair washed first. I said that would not be necessary, just get going. As a matter of fact my nerves was starting to act up at this point and I had to collect all my courage to insist on this extreme action, I was getting close to just get up and leave the place.

After repeating my last request she just picked up a pair of clippers, put on some kind of an attachment, and without a word pushed my head forward. Without any warning I felt the machine bite into the hair in my neck. The sound deepened and I felt light tugging in my hair. As it moved up the buzzing sound in my head increased and I could feel coldness in my neck tracing the machine as it moved. When she reach the top of my head she just raised my head and continued all the way straight through the fringe. I could feel the bare spot as it grew and I could definitely see all the long hair falling in my lap. It fell in large lumps like bundles of straws, scaring. I suddenly wondered what I was doing, but as I looked up in the mirror and saw the nearly bald 5 centimetres wide and 1/2 centimetre high path straight over my head I realised that the time for regrets had passed. I could actually see my own skull through the thin layer of hair and on each side it was the normal length, rather weird looking. She did 3 more runs from back to front, widening the path to the full width of the top of my head, leaving me looking like a sad clown with very long ears. I could feel the excitement building up. A very strange arousal being exposed and changed like this. Felt naked and completely out of control of the situation. I was getting quite hot between my legs.

Next pass started in front of my left ear and straight to the buzzed path on top of my head. I did not dear to look, shut my eyes and let the buzzing go on. Very exiting, but scary, as I could feel her finishing one side and moving on to my right side, repeating it all. I could feel large lumps of hair falling in my lap and my head getting colder and colder. I could even feel the breath of the hairdresser when she finished one path to start on the next. The lightness of my head was incredible as I was sitting there pretending to close my eyes to avoid getting hair in them. Actually scared stiff and at the same time getting very aroused, strange combination.

She finally finished, what proved to be the first buzzing. As I opened my eyes and looked at this nearly bald stranger in the mirror, she removed the attachment and bent my head forward again. The buzzing sound started again and the machine worked with the same force as earlier. This time I could feel cold steel in my neck and she stopped before reaching the top of my head. After the first path I took my hand back to the neck and felt the nearly bald spot up my neck. She continued as last time, but a lot faster. I was sitting there looking at all the hair on the floor and in my lap unable to raise my glance to the mirror and look at what was happening. This time small pieces of hair were drizzling to the floor, disappearing among the long hair already there. Now I thought I could feel even the slightest breeze moving through the shop.

The lack of hair felt enormous, like being completely naked out in strong wind. She stopped buzzing and immediately got some shaving cream in her hand, which she smeared at my lower hairline. I might call it my new hairline, which I actually never seen before. Having enough courage to look in the mirror I watched the new, unknown, stranger looking back at me. The stylist was shaving the last lather around my ears as I sat there watching this stranger. Suddenly she said “Viola” and removed the cape. I was stunned. Everything up to the neck was recognisable, but from there on only the eyes seemed to be the same. Ears sticking out, a round and very even skull showing, a face without the usual frame of hair. I took my hands up to my head and felt the new me, very smooth and soft to the touch, quite a chance. The lower part of my sides and the back did not have any hair at all, shaved smooth. Just over my ears I could barely make out some shade of hair, increasing slightly as it got closer to the top of my head. I felt very confused and must admit that I regretted it all very much for a few seconds.

I sat there for a few minutes studying this new me. No one said a word until the receptionist broke the silence by saying ” Cool, it is fantastic and you look much younger.” That brought me out of the trance and I got up, paid my bill, the cheapest haircut I have had in years. I put on my leather jacket, zipped up and went outside.

The coldness on my head was enormous and unexpected. Like the wind went straight through my head. I kept looking around for anybody I knew and suddenly realised that no-one would probably recognise me anyway. A nearly bald leather clad girl walking in the winter morning. I walked to the nearest coffee shop and made a quick call to my man at home. “Meet me in front of the bank on Main Street in 30 minutes. I have a surprise for you and I know you will love it”. He sounded slightly confused but agreed immediately.

Thereafter straight into their single toilet where I looked the door securely behind me. Zipped down my jacket and pulled it off together with the heavy sweater. Stood there looking and admiring this sexy leather stranger in front of me. Touching my hair, feeling the 5 o’clock shadow increasing to stubble and ending up as a soft pelt on top, fantastic feeling at the same time stroking the leather, getting very aroused thinking about what kind of sex this could lead to. My man would, hopefully, would turn crazy if I played my cards right. A really cropped beauty, very sexy and extraordinary.

I let down my suspenders and dropped the pants to my knees, a quick touch of the bare crotch. Pulled the top over my head and put on my new gloves before dressing up again. An all leather person staring back at me in the mirror only the head exposed. The leather outfitting was complete, I had never looked or felt so sexy in my whole life, an experience that made my knees weak. Suddenly a lady knocked on the door and asked if I were going to spend all day in there. That brought me to my senses. I pulled the balaclava out of the bag, zipped down the neck zipper on my top, pulled the balaclava over my head and stuffed it thoroughly down my neck before zipping up again. The mirror now showed a smooth black head with my face in the centre, the balaclava disappearing down in the turtleneck. Next came the leather cap knotted securely under my chin before I put on the sweater and leather jacket. Again a quick look in the mirror. My face surrounded by a black balaclava and a tight fitting leather hat, leather jacket zipped and buttoned all the way, black leather gloved hands. You could just see the top of the red turtleneck of my heavy sweater. Shining leather pants that disappeared down in a pair of high-laced leather boots. Astonishing. I opened the door and walked straight passed the lady waiting outside, never felt more confident or surer of myself as I walked out the door to meet the man of my life.

I only had to wait a few minutes in front of the bank before I spotted him coming down the street. He had a quick glance in my direction, turned his head the other way and abruptly twisted it back and stopped dead. It took him quite a few seconds before recognising me and walking quickly in my direction. He stopped 2 meters in front of me, eyeing me from top to toe several times, letting out a quiet whistle, before giving me a very hot kiss in the middle of the street. Obviously very fascinated and impressed and quite pleased with the surprise until I told him that the dress-up was just a part of the surprise. I had actually cut my hair short, shorter than what he could imagine, but he would have to wait to see it.

Walking up some stairs to a restaurant, with him walking behind me, resulted in several pattings on my leather covered behind. At the table I took of my leather jacket and hung it on the back of my chair. Next came the leather hat, exposing the balaclava disappearing down the turtleneck. That was it, no more was taken off. I sat down leaning across the table and pulled a little down on the turtleneck of my sweater, showing the leather underneath while whispering telling him that I was completely covered in leather, top to toe. I could feel his arousal straight across the table. I left the table and brought over some coffee. I do not think his eyes left my for a second during that short walk. He did not touch the coffee either just kept asking how short my hair was under that balaclava, which he said looked extremely sexy like a sensual goddess. I told him that it was short, so short that he could never imagine it, but he would find out soon enough when I was ready. A few minutes later he insisted on going home. I took my good time putting on my leather hat, smoothing it with my gloved hands before knotting it securely under my chin and putting on my jacket and zipping it all the way up. Back in my sexual cocoon, all leather and he was eating me with his eyes.

In my car driving back, he insisted on leaving his in town, he kept looking and patting all over me. Particularly my head and between my legs. It got to the point that I had to ask him to stop or I would drive off the road. He still kept his hand on my leathered head, stroking carefully while he told me how sexy I looked. He could not have imagined that I could have come up with something as sexy as this. And then the hair part, how short? Really short, short? Give him a clue, and so on. I told him to wait and that when we got home he should undress everything and go completely naked and lay down in our bed and wait for me.

Obedient man, no sooner was the car parked before he disappeared inside and by the time I entered he was all nude on his way to our bedroom. I carefully wiped my boots and checked that they were clean before entering the bedroom. This was my game and I was going to play it my way. Clearly not what he expected by the look on his face. A completely leather dressed lover in his bed. Before climbing into the bed I laid down the rules for my game:

I would decide the speed and progress of our lovemaking.

I would decide when and what to take off.

He would obey the rules or I would leave the bedroom.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. He was obedient as a well-trained dog and I had the leash. Apart from the fact that I did fear his reaction when he eventually would have to see my new haircut.

He accepted without any objection at all. Not surprisingly, with his dick near to explosion like a volcano and a heartbeat like after a 100 meter dash.

I crawled into the bed and lay down next to him. We started to kiss intensely and deeply. He was crawling all over me, hands patting, rubbing and squeezing. He could not get enough of my leather cocoon, wanted it all at once. I slipped out of his grip and slid down to his crotch. Gripped his dick in my gloved hands and started to pull carefully. He immediately gripped my leather covered head guiding my mouth over his dick. Normally he can take a lot of eating but on that day he lasted less than a minute before exploding in my mouth.

I lay down in the bed and told him to take off my jacket and sweater, nothing more. He got up on his knees, bend over me and started unbuttoning the jacked, zip down and I had to sit up for him to be able to take it off. Next came the coarse sweater. There I was, wrapped in leather. Leather hat, smooth top tucked in leather pants and boots laced to my knees.

He had quieted down considerably while I was getting completely on fire. My crotch was burning like fire and I had to get some relief. I told him to drop my pants down to my knees. I stood up as he undid my suspenders, unbuttoned the waist and dropped my pants down. A completely bare crotch appeared in front of his face as he was kneeling in the bed. I told him to lie down and then lowered my sex down over his face and told him to eat me, hard and fast, really fast. He had his head inside my trousers and was eating me as crazy. My body started shivering before it exploded in hot convulsions pushing in waves through my body. A feeling of nausea and loss of reality as I freed myself falling forward face down on the bed.

Now we were both a bit more relaxed. I pulled my pants back on and we spent the next hour or so necking and feeling each other. He kept telling me that this was the most sexy experience he ever had, like a dream. He kept his hands fondling me and I kept kissing his naked body. After a remarkably short time he rose to the occasion again. This outfit did have its clear advantages except it was getting very warm, but I was determined to play the game to the end.

I laid down on my back and told him to unlace my boots and take of my pants, slowly please. He did and very sensually. Unlacing slowly and pulling off one boot at the time, removing my socks and kissing my feet. Then he crawled up and undid my suspenders, unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them slowly down while licking and kissing my body all over as it was unveiled. He spent a lot of time fondling my bare crotch as it appeared. Like a second skin being peeled off and worshipped as it appeared. Now my lower part was completely naked.

I told him to lie down on his back while I pulled out my tampon before striding him and lowering myself down. A little dry immediately after the removal, the dry resistance felt good. I sat down as far as possible trying to swallow everything inside me. It felt very, very good as the thickness grew inside me an filled me up. I started to rotate my hips while he was fondling my leather-clad tits. He tried to reach my head, but that was not possible as I was sitting with a strait back, had to do with my body, arms and hands. He kept begging me to show the haircut or at least tell him how short it was. I started to mention things like super short and even that it may be less than 1 centimetre left. While talking I could feel his dick growing tremendous hard inside me. I sat like that telling a little bit, playing with his thoughts and enjoying myself for a long time. Every time I felt he was close to coming I stopped moving and sat still. Finally I could not take it any more. I lay down on my back and told him to eat me again. Not as hard and fast as last time, but to take his time. He did and my body again felt the warm waves of muscles contracting and orgasm flowing through my body. This time as a slow warm river flowing through the body, giving relief to built-up anxiety and expectations. A bodily reward for long awaited anticipation. I laid down deeply relieved and told him that he could take off the leather cap, the top and my gloves, but leave the balaclava. He untied the cap and pulled it off. I rolled over on my belly while he pulled down the zipper in turtleneck. I sat up as he pulled the leather top over my head and kissed and licked my body as it appeared. Really slowly like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon with an overwhelming smell of animal like sex as he pulled it slowly over my head. Next came the gloves, equally slow and sensually. Finally I was naked with the exception of the balaclava covering my newly shorn head.

Again I sat down on him like a horse. He begged me to remove the balaclava while I rode him slowly. I started to tell him that I had cut my hair really short, shorter than he had ever seen any real life female before.

On the top it was only 1/2 centimetre left and you could see my scalp through the thin layer. It was so short that he would hardly be able to feel it at all when touching my head. I could feel his dick and expectations growing as I sat there telling him in detail of my haircut. Describing the hairdressers move and how the buzzing sound penetrated my head. The falling of hair and lightness of my head as the machine made pass after pass. About my feelings as I watched my new hairstyle and the change of my face.

That the side and neck being cut even shorter, down to just a few millimetre and that I had been shaved along the hairline for smoothness, as a finishing touch.

Finally I told him that this had taken a lot of courage and that I was really fascinated and pleased with the result. Regardless of his objections or opinion I would keep this style for at least one year. I felt that I had sacrificed so much that one year was an absolutely minimum. I did not tell him that I probably needed this much time to get used to the “new” me anyway.

At this point I could feel that he was getting near an explosion. Barely capable of controlling himself. I felt like my body would burn and that my vagina would catch fire in a flood of lust. I was not able to control myself mush longer, shaking slightly as I was sitting on top of him.

I started to increase my rolling movement as I slowly pulled the balaclava off my head. As my shaved neck started to appear I could hear him gasp, gripping my hips firmly and started to push himself inside me with extreme force. I ripped off the balaclava and pushed down on him as hard as I could. The moment he saw my shorn head he cried out in pure raw lust and tried to force himself inside my body. At the same time as I pulled down I felt a tremendous orgasm erupt and explode through my body. Wave upon wave of warm, raw, sexual pleasure flooded through my body. My brain incapable of controlling the muscle spasms as I was hit over and over again by this animal reaction. Thought that this would kill me, but what a fantastic way to die.

Afterwards we laid down next to each other carefully fondling before falling asleep in each other arms.

When we finally awoke he told me that he loved the haircut and that there was no way that I would ever get long hair again. This was definitely the dream of his life and the most sexy hairstyle he could ever have imagined. Before letting me have long hair again he would tie me to a chair and personally shave my head clean every time I tried growing it. The following week he went out and bought a professional cutter, everything included, and have been my personal stylist ever since. Hairstyles varying from completely bald for weeks to funky patterns and colours, to nearly 1 centimetre all over my head, but never more than that. Our friends and my colleges reacted very strong to begin with, but have since got used to the look and accepted it as me. Some of my friends have tried short haircuts themselves and a few have stayed shorn. I continue getting looks and comments, mostly from other women, when in town or other places. Some of them admiring and some negative, but who cares. I thoroughly enjoy creating a little disturbance and knowing that very many would like to try but never dear taking the step.

Our sex life bloomed tremendously since that day and we have had a lots different and interesting sex since that first haircut. Not many couples in their mid 40ties can say the same. My wardrobe has grown a lot, particularly in the leather and rubber department. I also have a lot of different balaclavas and leather hoods and hats, but none of the ordinary woollen hats for winter use. The haircut has definitely had an influence on my wardrobe and overall appearance.

Maybe some future story will show the variety and changes…….

Scandinavian Mrs.


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