Blind Robin

Blind Robin

Blind Robin by DLBARGRILL

This had been going well. I’m always a little hesitant about a blind date, because you have no idea what the other person is like. In most cases, the only reason you’re being set up is because you’re both single. All that other stuff your friend in common tells you is bull. She has no idea what the two of you are all about or what you look for in a date.

So, my hopes weren’t high. I was still willing to take a chance. My love life had been nonexistent lately and you never know. She might be the one.

The moment of truth finally came. “How about lunch this week?” I always asked blind dates to lunch. There was less pressure and it only needed to last an hour.

“I can’t. My schedule doesn’t allow it.”

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“Dinner then,” I said as I looked at my schedule. The first night I was free was Wednesday. “How about Wednesday?”

“Great,” Robin responded. “Can you pick me up at my parents’ house? I have to go over there.”


“No wait. I have an appointment Wednesday night. Yes, Here it is. I’m supposed to get my hair cut.”

Did she say ‘haircut’? “Doesn’t mean we still can’t go out.”

“It’s at 6 and I don’t know when she’ll finish. I don’t want you to be waiting at a restaurant.”

“How about I just meet you at the salon?”

“Good idea,” she answered. This was too good to be true. Usually I’m dating a woman awhile before she gets a haircut, and even then I don’t get to watch.

“How long is your hair now?”

“A couple of inches past my shoulders.”

Not wanting to seem too interested, I inquired, “How are you getting it cut?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of time in the morning. Sometimes I just pull my hair back. This is a new stylist. I’ll go with what she recommends.”

“I’ll meet you there Wednesday then.”

At that moment I knew that even if I didn’t hit it off with her, I’d still enjoy the date. I arrived at the salon expecting a busy, bustling place. Instead, I found a near-empty salon with only three chairs. Robin was already in the chair. I didn’t have much chance getting used to the ‘before’ Robin. Heck, I didn’t even know what she was wearing. Robin was attractive, but hardly a head-turner. Her hair was a few inches past her shoulders, but not the thick, luscious tresses a hair-lover such as myself would want. It was somewhat thin and insubstantial.

“Are you ready?” the stylist asked. Robin nodded. The stylist took her to get shampooed after Robin and I had barely said a few words to each other. Robin didn’t want me to come in mid-haircut, but she had clearly been waiting on me. She could wait no longer and they had no time for chitchat.

When they returned, I asked, “What are you going to do?”

Robin smiled. “Whatever she thinks will look best on me. I know how much you hate my long hair.”

While it’s true that I’d mentioned during our conversation that I preferred short hair that didn’t mean I thought she should cut it. I hadn’t seen her enough with long hair to know either way. Regardless, I had a hair fetish. I was going to enjoy this anyway.

The stylist didn’t say anything about the haircut, instead engaging me in conversation. There were jokes about her invitation to our wedding and an attempt to learn more about me. I tried to be charming with Robin, but I’m usually best at that when I can make eye contact. The stylist had pushed Robin’s head down, so that her eyes were looking at her legs.

The stylist finished brushing Robin’s hair to her shoulder blades, put her comb on the middle of Robin’s neck and cut straight across. Eight inches of hair were casually pushed to the floor.

“You don’t know what she’s doing, do you?”

“What’s she doing?”

“Let’s just say I hate your long hair.”

She laughed and tried to look up, but the stylist kept Robin’s head down. It was as if she didn’t want Robin to know what she was doing. Instead she looked at me. “Should we take off more of this?”

I nodded.

“Hey! You’re conspiring against me!”

“You’re free to leave,” the stylist told her.

But Robin didn’t. I changed the subject and engaged her in normal first date conversation. This wasn’t normal, of course, since there wasn’t any eye contact. The stylist separated the back with clips. She took a razor and began making a fringe. Once she established a guide, she matched up the layers and released two inches. Creating graduation, she released the weight. The bottom supported the top.

When the stylist finished the back, the stylist proceeded to the side, matching the ear in line with the top section. Taking off a few inches, the longer front pieces were cut so that the hair went from below the chin to just below the ear. She took section by section and created a layered look. She was finished in ten minutes. The hair was below the ear, connecting the front to the back, with a graduated fringe below in back.

The stylist brought Robin’s head up for just an instant. Before she could get a good look, the stylist blinded Robin with a spritz of water in her eyes. “I’m going to take the fringe closer at the nape.”

“I didn’t know I had a fringe at the nape. I’m not even sure what it is. Do I want it taken closer?”

“You do,” the stylist and I both said together. Everyone laughed.

The stylist took the scissors over the comb and created a softer, smooth point cut. She then cleaned up the ends to provide swingy layers. Robin was pleased at how light her head now felt and how much movement she had.

The haircut was a layered bob with a deep side part, falling just below the ears. The back was cut close, which was very sexy. I wish I could have found Robin as sexy as the nape. We didn’t hit it off and never went out again. Regardless, it was one first date I’ll always remember.


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