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Bonnie's Buzz

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Bonnie typed in her nick, Sub4You, and joined her favorite irc channel, bdsm. She felt especially horny and hoped her dom, Whipster, would be online so he could subjugate her and bring to wonderful climax like he had so many times before. She had become addicted to their online antics, and now found herself enjoying the sessions more than real live sex with a man. He was so imaginative and creative, and best of all, so demanding and powerful. For some reason she did not understand, she felt absolutely compelled to do whatever he commanded. He truly did own her, and there was nothing at all that she would not do if he commanded it.

A huge smile spread over her face as she received her first message from him. She quickly typed in her response, and soon they were deep in conversation. Suddenly a message came to her screen that completely baffled her. She had already stripped all of her clothes off in anticipation of their coming session, and here her dom was ordering her to put her clothes back on. She knew better than to question him. Any disobedience on her part would be rewarded with the severing of their online affair. That was a prospect that filled her with utter dread. So she quickly, and despondently put her clothes back on. When she finished redressing she informed him that she was done and asked what he wished her to do next. The message she received in response sent a chill down her spine. It read;

“Now I want you to go to the nearest department store, and buy yourself a home hair cutting kit!”

Her initial instinct was to ask him what in the world he wanted her to buy a hair cutting kit for, but thought better of it, and instead asked merely what kind she should get. A totally dumb question she knew, but it was the only thin she could think of to say without enraging him and possibly losing him for ever. She was hoping a further explanation of this odd request would come in the next message. But it was not to be. What she got in return to her query was a stern command;

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“Why are you still there?! I said go get a hair cutting kit, and I mean NOW!!”

She wondered once again what this strange power he had over her was. As usual she couldn’t figure it out exactly. The only thing she knew for sure was that she could not bare the thought of losing him, so she did as he commanded without asking him anything else.

A feeling of embarrassment washed over her as she stepped to the cashier and placed the kit on the counter. The older but still very pretty woman at the register rang up the item and took the money, handing the correct change back to Bonnie.

“I don’t mean to be nosy, but if that’s for a dog they make special clippers jst for that purpose. They’re more heavy duty.”

Bonnie stuttered, “Ummmmm n no, they’re not for a dog.”

“Ahhhh,” said the cashier, “gonna take a stab at trimming your boyfriends hair? I know lots of guys these days wear their hair very short and just have tier girlfriends do it for them instead of going to a stylist every 2 or 3 weeks.”

“Oh, yeah, well his hair isn’t very short yet but it will be” she said. She blushed a bit sure that the woman had seen right through the lie because she didn’t sound very convincing at all.

“Well there’s nothing to it believe me. I have cut my husbands hair many times and its a snap with the clipper. Just put the attachment on the clipper for the length you want, and a couple of quick passes later, VOILA! A perfectly even haircut.”

“Well thank you very much for the info. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it real quick.”

“Your welcome, and have a nice day.” The woman had a huge grin on her face. As she left the store Bonnie thought to herself that the woman had been the most informative cashier she had ever met. She looked back over her shoulder at the woman and was surprised to see her staring after her. Bonnie was convinced that she knew who the clipper was really for, and decided she would have to make it a point to avoid this store for awhile. A long while.

As she drove back home, Bonnie took every opportunity she could to look at the kit which she had removed from the bag and sat in her lap. It was obvious why hr master wanted her to buy the kit, and she began to wonder if she could actually go through with it if he commanded her to use the clipper on herself. That thought caused a surge of fear to well up inside of her. To her amazement it also caused a powerful feeling of horniness in her, and without even realizing she was doing so, her fingers went instinctively to her crotch and began to massage her clit. She could hardly believe that she was actually getting off on the thought of being ordered to clip her own hair. By the time she pulled into her driveway she had reached climax no less than 3 times, and knew that the best was yet to come.

She logged on once again and was immediately greeted by her dom; “Did you do as I ordered?”

“Yes master, I have it.”

“Good! Now get your god damned clothes off and plug the clipper in!”

“As you command master.”

She stripped off her clothes and plugged in the clipper, taking an extra couple of seconds to turn on the clipper and listen to its erotic hair eating clatter and buzz.

“I am naked and have the clipper plugged in master”

“Good! Now the kit has a pair of scissors in it as well doesn’t it?”

“Yes master”

“OK, I want you to get the scissors, and then I want you to put your head as far forward as possible. Comb your hair forward so that it is all hanging down in front of you, and use the scissors to cut one inch off the length. And I mean only one inch!! Do it now slave!”

As if in a dream, Bonnie tilted her head forward and combed her hair as he had instructed. She felt her pussy get instantly wet, and without hesitation snipped one inch from the length of her mid back length, honey blond hair.

“I have done it master.”

“Good slave. Now you must obey me completely. you know that don’t you?”

“Yes master.”

“Very good slave. I have been wanting to do this since I got your picture. You have very pretty hair, and I want it. ALL OF IT! You want to give me your hair don’t you slave?”

“I am scared master, but if you want my hair then I want to give it to you.”

“You are scared? It is my wish that you give me your hair. I don’t want to hear any shit about you being scared!”

“I’m sorry master. Please don’t be angry with me. I am very wet at the thought of giving you my hair. Please master, please make me cut if off for you?”

“Gather it all into a pony tail!”

“Yes master”

She pulled her hair back into a very tight pony tail and secured it with a rubber band.

“It is done master.”

“Good slave. Now I want you to cut the pony tail off right at the hair line. I want you to get as much of the pony tail as possible. And I want you to hack it off as quick as you possibly can. PICK UP THE DAMN SCISSORS AND HACK IT OFF RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!!!”

Bonnie saw her hand grab the scissors. her mind reeled, but it was as though she was possessed. She could not have stopped herself if she tried. And as hot as this was making her, she had absolutely no desire to try. Without thought she grabbed the pony tail roughly, pulled it up high above her head, pressed the scissors forcefully against the back of her head, and began working the scissors open and closed, open and closed, open and closed as fast as she could. Two seconds later she felt the pony tail come loose in her hand. She looked at the freshly shorn hair and placed it gingerly on the table next to her computer. Then she felt the back of her head and her hand pulled at the short hairs that now covered a large portion of the back of her head. her other hand found her clit and within seconds she was rocked by a mind blowing orgasm. Her attention was snapped back to the screen as her master was said;

“Where the hell are you? I said do it quickly!!”

“I’m sorry master. I did as you ordered. Its just that I had an incredible orgasm, and well…”

“Have you been masturbating without my specific command to do so?”

She knew this was forbidden, and a wave of fear ran through her that she may have just ruined everything.

“Yes master. I’m sorry master. I don’t know what happened! It was just so exciting to see all that hair come off my head like that and I couldn’t stop myself! Please don’t be angry with me master. I will do anything to make it up to you master.”

“Oh you can bet your sweet ass you will! You deserve to be punished for what you’ve done!”

“Yes master, please punish me.”

“Pick up the damned clipper right this second slave!”

“I have it master.”

“Turn it on.”

“Yes master”

“Don’t bother to type anything else until I am through with you. Do exactly what I say, When I say. Do you understand?!!!”

“Yes master”

“Put the clipper to the back of your head where you cut the pony tail off.”

Bonnie’s eyes were transfixed to the screen as she saw the message come on ordering her to run the clipper quickly up the back of her head to the top. She felt the clipper slip into her hair, felt the vibration as it worked its way quickly up her head, felt the first clumps of hair hit her bare shoulders with a soft thump. The order came to run the clipper straight down the center of her head from front to back. The clipper glided quickly and effortlessly through her hair leaving a wide white strip of scalp in its wake. Again she was ordered to run the clipper over her head from front to back along side of the first pass. As she completed the second pass across the top of her head the shorn hair fell down over her breasts and slid onto her bush and hand, which was again rubbing fiercely on her clit. As the clump of hair touched ever so lightly on her clit she exploded with another incredibly powerful orgasm. She began shaving her head in a frenzy, no longer waiting for the orders to come from her master. It was as though the clipper had taken on a life of its own. it now controlled her, instead of her controlling it. She felt it press hard against the right side of her head and move quickly up and back, stripping her hair away. Over and over again she felt the clipper press hard against her head and move smoothly through her hair. Another orgasm rocked her body as the last of her hair slipped down into her naked lap. She sat there bald and exhausted watching as if in a daze as the orders continued to come to the screen from her master. Soon a message appeared;

“You have an electric razor don’t you?”

“Yes master. I use it for my legs and underarms.” She had told him about the razor during one of their many sessions, and he had made her use it as a vibrator, which gave her many mind shattering orgasms.

“Get it!”

She went to the bathroom and retrieved the razor.

“I have it master.”

“Turn it on.”

“Yes master.”

“Now shave your head completely smooth for your master.”

“As you wish master.”

Yet another orgasm ran through her body as the razor touched the top of her head. She heard the razor bog down slightly as it chewed at the stubble left behind by the clipper. her hips bucked convulsively, grinding into her hand as he razor left perfectly smooth scalp wherever it passed. She had what was the most powerful orgasm yet as the razor finished its work leaving her head as smooth as a balloon.

“It is done master.”

“Very good my lovely slave. How does it feel?”

“Oh god master, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I am bald, and I can’t believe how incredible it feels.”

“I’m glad you feel that way slave, because you will be required to shave it once a week, every week from now on. Do you understand me?”

“Yes master. I will do as you command.”

“Very very good slave. Now, I want you to go take a nice long hot bath and get that hair off of you, and while you are in there I want you to take a safety razor, lather your head up good, and shave it with the safety razor. And while your at it, i want you to shave the rest of your body too. And I mean your entire body, bush included. Do you understand?”

“Yes master. I will make myself completely smooth for you master.”

“Good I will be waiting here for you when you are finished.”

“I will be back in about an hour then master.”

“I will be here, and then we can discuss how I want your hair packaged so that you can mail it to me.”

“As you command master.”

“See you in an hour then. Bye for now.”

“Bye master.”

Bonnie ran the bathwater and fingered greedily the safety razor. More than anything she could ever remember wanting in her life, she wanted her head as perfectly smooth as possible. She decided she would take her time with this aspect of shaving her head, and enjoy it to the fullest. She sat in the tub, lathered her head thoroughly, and placed the razor at her forehead.

The End


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