Ultimate Sexual Experience

Ultimate Sexual Experience

It has been said, that for a heterosexual male, the ultimate sexual experience ( at least in his mind ) is to be with two women at the same time. I certainly believe that from my own thoughts, the same thoughts I used to be able to control.

I should fill you in a bit though. One of my passions in life is hair cutting. The very first thing I notice on a woman is her hair. If it’s short and stylish she’s got my attention. If it’s long and gorgeous, she too has my attention, but not for reasons she may like.

A few weeks ago a friend of my wife and her kids needed a place to stay because things were not going well with her husband. I certainly didn’t have a problem with it. We had the space and she had the need. Besides, she’s my friend too.

The last time I had seen her was for her usual trim. She used to wear her hair short; real short. She let me do all kinds of things to her hair. That’s basically how I trained myself to cut hair. But these days her hair was long and boring. That’s because her husband liked it long. I tended to think it was a control thing and I still believe it.

I got home that evening to find my house with even more activity than usual. One more adult isn’t bad, but another 16 year old and a baby can really whip things up. So there was Donna and my wife hiding in the living room for some peace and quite. There they were having a Black Russian. I don’t mean they were having a drink; I mean they were poundin’ em’ down. What the heck… I joined them. Most of the conversation was about her and her husband. It was all quite depressing but she needed a shoulder.

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After a while, she pipes up with “I need a trim”.

“Okay, I’ll trim your hair……” You should have heard the inflection in my voice, I couldn’t have made it sound more laborious if I tried.

“What do you mean?” she said, ” you make it sound so boring.”

” It is boring,” I said. “You used to look so cool with short hair and now look what he’s done to you.”

“Yeah, I know, but I’m not ready for anything drastic in my life.”

My wife speaks up and says, ” Oh go on. Go for it right now!”

Donna looks over at me and says, “Okay lets do something to really piss him off when I see him in court, that’ll get him.”

Up the stairs we went, but then she runs back down. I thought for sure she was chickening out. But she came back with both of our drinks. ” I need just a bit more courage “. I sat her up in the chair, closed the door and put on the fan so we wouldn’t be disturbed. We both had our hands in her hair pulling it back, playing with it and just sorta enjoying it.

“So what do you want to do Donna? It’s your head.”

“Whatever you want, It’s so long and I hate it.”

“Okay, want me to surprise you?”

“Sure, GO FOR IT!!”

I thought I’d really treat her to something special. I started by wetting down her hair and proceeded to give her a full head and neck massage. She was in heaven. And she needed it. All the while I was thinking what to do. Lots of styles crossed my mind, but I didn’t want to do anything drastic. I told her I was about to start, but she was half in the bag and the other half was so relaxed that the only response I got was, “Mmmmm”.

What she needed was a cut I had always wanted to do but she never let me. I also wanted to give her something that would also not look to radical for her day in court. I re-wet her hair and combed it out. It was almost to the middle of her back. I took out my styling razor, put in a new blade and finished off my drink. With one hand on the back of her head, I picked up her drink, placed it to her lips and she drank like a little drunk kitten purring and going mmmmm…. . I picked up sections of her hair almost indiscriminately. The razor went through like melted butter. I wanted this to look really chopped up. And that it was. Just then someone knocks on the bathroom door. It was my wife. She came in and said, “What’s taking so long? I’m all alone down there.” I gave her a kiss and told her it wouldn’t be too much longer.

“It doesn’t look too short” she said. “What are you doing to her?”

Donna speaks up from almost being asleep to say, “He’s cutting my hair, what do you want him to do, cut it all off?”

“Yeah, cut it all off. That’s what I want him to do to you.”

With that I shooed my wife away and continued with razoring sections. Her whole crown was fairly short and choppy. Only the sides and back were still long as I hadn’t got to them yet.

“Hmmm, maybe I do want you to cut it all off.” She opens the bathroom door and calls for her to come back up. “What do you want? You want him to cut it all off? If I let him then you’re next!”


“Yes you do,” I said.

“What will you give me if I let you cut my hair?” ( my wife has always let me cut her hair if I bribe her). but this time she didn’t seem interested.

Donna says,” I know what she wants.” And with that they look at each other and smiled.

“Okay, what is it?”

My wife walks away and says, “She’ll tell you, but I want it first – then you can cut my hair.” I agreed and got back to cutting Donna’s hair.

By this time my curiosity was really peaked but Donna wouldn’t tell me what my wife wanted. You know, You shouldn’t annoy a man while he’s cutting your hair. So… cut it all off, I know it’ll still look good. With that I went back to where I started. Her once mid-back length hair was just 2 inches long. I picked up each of those 2″ sections, placed the razor at the base of each and slid it up and through leaving just spiked 1/2″ pieces.

By this time she was pretty much awake and more relaxed than she had been in a year. But she still wouldn’t tell me what my wife wanted.

“After you’re done, I’ll tell you.”

I finished about 5 minutes later. And there in the mirror was Donna. Not just the same Donna who sat in a chair an hour ago, But the old Donna I used to know, and not just because her hair was short. That was the least of it. As her hair fell to the ground, so did a part of her life she didn’t want nor did she ask for. We were both just staring at her in the mirror. She was vibrant.

I started to clean up the mess and I asked her if she could get a bag to throw away the hair. She wanted the hair, though, which I found odd. But then she told me she was going to give it to her EX just to piss him off. “I’ll finish cleaning up,” she said.

I went down stairs, but my wife was not around. I went to my bedroom and when I opened the door all of the lights were out except for a candle. I knew what that meant. That’s what she wanted. I walked slowly over to the chair she was in, extended my hands and helped her up. I quietly said to her, ” Is this all you want? This is too easy”. All she said was this is not all I want …. With that the door opened up and in came Donna. I just about died. Though I had thought about it, I never imagined someone would just walk right in. She walked over to my wife and I and whispered in my ear, “This is what she wants.” She went right around me to my wife, put her hands around her from the back and started to kiss her neck. My wife turned around in her arms and kissed her warmly on the lips. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She said, “I love what he did to your hair.”

“Oh… glad you like it.” And with that I joined in their embrace and we three fell to the bed. My first instinct was to be with my wife. As we kissed, Donna got up and left the room. I was now sitting on the foot of the bed. My wife knelt before me as I held her close.

After just a moment Donna came back. In her hand was my haircutting bag. My wife’s back was to her. Donna put the bag on the floor and started rubbing my wife’s shoulders. Her hands slowly went to her neck and finally into her tousled hair. My wife’s breathing was getting so hard I thought she’d pass out. ” Do you really like what he did to my hair”? All I heard was “Mmmmm”. My wife was in another world. Donna reached back, opened the bag and dumped everything onto the floor. She picked up the scissors smiling at me as though to ask, is this what you want? I thought for the most split second and shook my head no. She looked surprised and went for something else. She was just about to pick up the shaping razor when my wife turned around. ” What are you doing” ?

“You said you really liked my hair, now it’s your turn.” Normally anyone would have freaked out. But my wife just turned back around and kept doing what she was doing. Donna and I started what turned out to be quite a team effort shearing my wife. First she continued to massage her head. Then, picking up the spray bottle began wetting her hair. Water began to drip down my wife’s bare back and over my legs. Donna reached back, picked up the razor and gave it to me. I already knew what was going to happen. Donna picked up the scissors and we went to work.

With the razor in my right hand, I picked up a section of hair, held it up high and slid the sharp blade through. All the while my wife never stopped but to take a breath or to just kneel there while Donna and I enjoyed ourselves with her head. The back of her head was becoming shorter and shorter. Donna recklessly chopped and chopped. Slowly, I began to see my wife’s nape emerge from a head of hair I had longed to see shorter. Thick, wavy locks spilled to the carpet. The only thing left were the sides. We nudged my wife to turn sideways and just sit still. Now that she had nothing to hold her up I could see the effect of the alcohol. Donna and I steadied her, and continued to cut. Her hair was falling down her shoulders, over her breasts and to the floor. After another 5 minutes we were done. We left everything on the floor, moved up to the bed and awoke the next morning all in each others arms.

My wife got up first. When she did, she saw the floor and her hands raced to her head. ” Oh my God “. She walked quickly to the bathroom, came back and said “Now what “?

Needless to say, I had a lot of straightening up to do. Even a well coordinated effort on our part produced a hairstyle ” JUST A BIT CROOKED “. Latter that morning I fixed her up. Even she loved it.

And you know something else? I realized she’s all I need; no one else. But I wouldn’t trade that night for all the haircuts in the world.



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