Bobbed For A Man

Bobbed For A Man


I had been working as a financial adviser for an international company for about 3 years. A few months ago a new manager started working in a different section. I immediately fell for him. He was one of those guys that appeals to most women, tall, long dark hair, slim and with an air of strength, his name was James. I did everything I could over those months to make contact, with the purpose of fulfilling my dreams and dating the guy. I finally managed to get a transfer into his work group and he became my manager.

My chance came soon when we were assigned a job which required us to be in London for 2 weeks. To my anguish we were very busy for the first week and only managed to eat, work, sleep a little. We had little time for even conversation. On the Friday of the first week we completed our first major presentation and had time to relax, James suggested we have a night out. This was the first chance I’d had to get close. I spent the better part of 90 minutes getting ready. I wore a short red dress and wore my hair up in a French roll. I had long straight blond hair which fell in the same length down the middle of my back. I felt this style being elegant may appeal to him.

We drank plenty and talked about many things and even danced. I seemed to be having problems getting through the barriers to get close to James, until a beautiful young lady walked past. I noticed that James stared at her for a long time. Feeling loose from the alcohol I commented on how beautiful she looked and all he could say is how beautiful her short bobbed hair style was. This surprised me a little as I first noticed her figure and dress. This seemed to open him up and our conversation moved and we ended talking about our preferences in the opposite sex and our turn-ons.

It was here I found out that he had a real fetish for brunettes and The Bob hairstyle. I was surprised to find out that he actually had his hair bobbed, as he always wore his hair pulled back in a pony tail. He took his pony tail out for me and his hair hung straight down all around to just past his chin, he even had a short fringe, like the traditional bob style. I finally realised I had a way to get to him when he showed me he had a small tattoo on his ankle, which was a picture of a woman’s head with a short bob, parted to the side and falling to her chin. Under the tattoo was the wording ‘bob’. I now knew that this hair style was a real turn-on to him and I had decided to use this as a way to get to him.

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We were busy for the next couple of days and James seemed quieter as if he was embarrassed as to his revelations when he was drunk. I couldn’t stop thinking about my plan to get closer to him. Finally we had a day off after working late and had planned to meet for dinner the next evening. I decided to make my move and I made a appointment at the hairdressers in the lobby of the hotel to get my hair cut and coloured to meet James’s fetish.

I’d had long straight blonde hair falling half way down my back for as long as I could remember and although I was intent on the chance to get closer to James my stomach was doing flip-flops and my heart pounding when I arrived at the hairdressers the next morning.

I explained the style and colour I wanted to the hairdresser whose name was Susan. She seemed to listen intently and asked me why I wanted to cut short and change the colour of such beautiful hair. I merely reassured her it was what I wanted. I had clipped my hair up in the back to imitate the sort of length I was looking at and Susan removed the pins and my hair fell down to my mid back. She explained to me that she knew what I wanted and to leave it to her.

Susan pulled the top layers of my hair up into a clip, leaving the hair from just above my ears and around to the back hanging down. To my horror she simply moved around with a pair of scissors and cut the hair off to approximately an inch in length. I screamed as I saw I about a foot of my hair sitting around me on the floor. To my astonishment she removed a set of clippers from the cupboard and before I could say a thing she clipped the area around my ears and through the back to approximately 1cm .

I began to panic as it wasn’t what I had envisaged the style to be. My fear prevented me from even moving. I was sitting in the chair with a bundle of long blond hair clipped to the top of my head and the hair around my ears and around to the back of my head clipped short. Susan seemed to be looking at me and taking great delight in my shock. It was at this stage that she finally decided to explain to me what she was doing

She then moved around my hair pulling down a small section at a time and cutting my hair into a concave bob. The hair at the front falling to about my bottom lip and moving up at the back to about eye length. Clipping the sides and back short helped the style to take on a rounded shape and make it easy to style. After looking at a series of colour selection guides we decide on a Mahogany (reddish/brown colour) It was weird sensation looking at myself as a blond in the mirror and a few minutes later I was a brunette. After the colouring the hairdresser styled my hair by parting the style to the right and cutting in a small fringe in the front. The clipping enabled the hair to be easily rolled under. So here I was having had more than a foot cut from my hair and going from blond to brunette, although feeling crushed that I had lost my best friend, my hair, I was excited by the prospect of the impact on James

I had the best part of the day to get ready including leg wax and with my excess time I decided to shave my pussy (something I did regularly) and I waited until dinner that night with James. When we met in the hotel bar I saw him just staring at me as I approached, and he didn’t recognise me until I walked up to him. I could see he was both surprised and turned on. As we drank a glass of champagne he just stated at him and finally said “why Zoe?”. After a few drinks in my room whilst I waited for dinner I was relaxed and I immediately answered because I wanted him. We finished our drinks and retired to his room. He couldn’t stop playing with my hair and when he discovered the sides and back under layers were shaved he began to kiss me uncontrollably. I reached up and pulled his hair out of the pony tail and it fell into the blunt cut chin length bob. We sat their together obsessed with each others hair then we began to fall all over each other as my dream became reality.


James and I had established a great relationship and for a few months we spent a lot of time together , although it wasn’t long before I discovered he was married. I was a little surprised, but still willing to continue our relationship as I had fallen for him. It wasn’t long before I had the chance to meet his wife at a work party to be held at his home.

I decided to make a big splash and I purchased a short black dress, which looked excellent as standing 5ft 11″ I had slim legs and wore a size 8. I also decided to play as heavily on James’s hair fetish and headed off to the hairdresser to get my hair restyled. My hair had grown since my trip to London a few months earlier to fall below my chin. I decided to get James’s attention from his wife and decided for a dramatic effect. I had my hair cut into an asymmetric bob, with my hair swept from an off centre part over to the right falling over my right eye, down to lip level. The left hand side was clipped short over my ear, with clipped section running down on an angle to the middle of the back of my neck. This left this section on the left hand side of my head shorter than I’d ever had it, with all the hair being swept over to the right. From the front my hair all looked to fall to the right with the left looking hairless. I was ecstatic with the look and with the amount of heads I turned walking to my car from the hairdressers I knew the look would work

I was greeted at the door of James by his wife Haley whom as I could have guessed was gorgeous and of course wore a straight single length bob which fell from a part to her chin. I was immediately jealous. I made an impact on James who couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He spoke to me briefly early whispering that he was so turned on by my hair and that he wanted me so bad. James spent a lot of time with Haley during the night which made me very jealous. I was left on my own most of the night and becoming very depressed I drank more and more . People started to leave and I was still left alone with James keeping close to Haley. A little later on I walked in on James and Haley in a passionate embrace. They hadn’t seen me and I walked quickly in an upstairs bathroom. I stared wildly and jealously into the mirror and something caught my eye. I was looking at a set of hair clippers in the mirror sitting on a ledge behind me . Who knows what came over me but in a fit of jealousy I picked up the clippers plugged them in and began running them through my hair. Big clumps of hair were falling all around me. Within a few minutes I was sweating, panting and my beautiful hair had been reduced to short half inch stubble. Just as I finished Haley walked into the bathroom to see what the noise was. I broke into tears as I saw my crew cut like reflection in the mirror next to Haley’s gorgeous bobbed hair style.

Not knowing what I was up to she stepped forward and held me close to her as she kissed my stubbled scalp. With the effect of the alcohol I kissed her back and before we knew it we were making love on the bathroom counter rolling in the tufts of my hair which had fallen onto the vanity. Haley admitted to me that she was highly attracted to me and couldn’t keep her eyes off me all night . She told me that shaving my head was incredibly sexy and asked me to do it to her. Unsure of my emotions I turned on the clippers as she sat in the chair. Her hair was gorgeous and I really didn’t want to go ahead but she begged me. I asked her if I could first run a brush through her hair to tidy it after we made love. I brushed her hair down and under so that it fell across her right eye and down by her left eye. I turned the clippers on and ran them through the left side of her hair. and then turned and moved across her head until her hair lay on her lap and amongst mine on the floor. Haley like me had ended up with half inch stubble. We stood there stunned looking at each other until we embraced and kissed. It was then that James walked into the room. He stood there stunned, he had lost his wife to his mistress and his hair fetish had been crushed in a few minutes of jealous payback.


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