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A computer for Christmas! I had no idea this would eventually lead to first a buzz, then a clipper shave, then a razor shave that would leave my head hairless. As I learned the Internet I began to wonder and stumbled upon a hair area which lead to very interesting text and pictures. Since childhood I’d been dreaming of being sheared by a man. A strong man.

New Year came and went and my mind began to wonder- how exciting it would be to get shaved. All sorts of scenes raced through my mind. There were many reasons I was not going to feel the hum on my head. There was my job, family, boyfriend, and so on. Then I thought of excuses… disease, accident, bubble gum.

What should I do? I’d always been the sort of person who needed a little shove to finish something as daring as this. I’d seen on the web- $1000- $1500 for a woman’s head shave. I thought why not make a little game for someone near Chicago who might go to great lengths to shave a woman bald?

I sent that fateful message midwinter- “if you want to lather and shave a woman bald then come find me. Stipulations are as follows- I’ll give you clues to find me. If you do, you must take me to a barbershop, video tape and take pictures of this adventure. If caught I may resist up until the time I am seated in the barber chair. At that point I must admit defeat and surrender my head to you for you to do what you will.

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“I live and work in a city near Denver with a population of 70,000. I am 6′ and 175 pounds and drive a black sport utility vehicle with environmental plates.” I read this through and thought no-one will find me. Too bad I’d have enjoyed this too. I sent it anyhow.

A month came and went with no stimulating visitors. I am stuck with this boring, time-consuming hairstyle forever, I thought. A few more weeks had gone by and one night I had to make a quick trip to the store. I’ll leave my purse and just grab a few bucks – this should only take a minute.

I ran out the door and got down the road a few miles when I saw a red light flashing in my rear view mirror. I pulled over to let it by, not knowing I had done anything to be pulled over. As I slowed I noticed a policeman in an unmarked squad car motion to me to pull over. I pulled into a nearby parking lot. My heart racing, I began to wonder what I’d done wrong. The policeman exited his vehicle and approached me. He asked to see my license. I asked what I had been pulled over for, and he said speeding. He was well over 6′, athletic with a stern voice. As I reached for my purse I realized it was at home. I began to explain about running to the store and my license was on the counter, but he shook his head and asked me to exit my vehicle. Initially refusing to get out, I asked, “Is this necessary?”

“It is procedure to take a subject to the station when they have violated a law and do not have their identification on them.”

I was becoming rather scared at this point; I had never been arrested. I exited the vehicle and he pointed to his squad. I locked my vehicle and asked if it would be safe here. He just nodded. As I walked back to his squad I heard the clink of metal as he pulled out his handcuffs. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him with wide eyes. He stated, “All subjects transported in police squads for any violations must be handcuffed”. As he reached for my wrist I began to panic. He felt me tighten and pull away as the click-click-click tightened around my wrist. He reached for my other wrist and secured it with a bear-like grasp.

I thought I heard him chuckle, but then he cleared his throat and said, “Just relax. This doesn’t hurt.” Before I knew it I was cuffed and in the back of his squad car. We pulled away and I noticed there were not any police radios, or other police items in his car. The flashing light I pulled over for was only a small dash light. I felt embarrassed and did not question him about his vehicle. As we began our trek into the city, he quickly turned into a parking lot. I looked around but did not see any police station. By now it was getting dark and he pulled around the back to a building I recognized having passed it many times before.

He stopped as reality began to hit me. No way this can be happening I thought. The back door of the building opened and two other large men came up to the car. The officer got out and spoke to the men.

As we had passed the front of the building to drive around the back I had seen what had sealed my fate – a barber pole. I began to think wildly of the message I’d sent nearly two months ago. I gave away any advantage I may have had by saying I was 6′ and 175 pounds. They had come prepared. One slim hope I had was to escape before I was brought into the building. They broke their circle like a football huddle and approached the car. One open the door and smiled. “We’re gonna have some fun. Do you know what’s in store for you?” He reached in the car and quickly slid his hands under my arms and pulled me to his chest. I tried struggling but I only had my legs. But this too soon came to an end when the other back door of the car opened and the other burly man produced a pair of leg irons. They went on skilfully and quickly. Then the officer grabbed my legs as I was pulled out of the car. I was now brought inside. My fear must have been apparent as the officer stated, “Remember your challenge? Well, you’re going to experience it. Very slowly. And when we sit you in that chair you must behave. We won fair and square.”

I looked at the chair and began to sweat. The voice I now spoke with did not seem my own. “Who are you?”

The officer smiled as he removed his uniform shirt. He said, “My name’s Dan. My friends are Tom and Bob. Tom works for a private security firm – thus the uniform he lent to me. Bob works for the state, that’s how we tracked you down – by your location and the vehicle you drive.”

Bob came close to me and put his hand in my blonde, curly shoulder length hair. “We’re not going to hurt you – we’re only going to do what we want with your head and hair. Or soon to be lack thereof.” They all just smiled as they closed in again and brought me to the chair.

It was late evening by now and of course the shop had been closed and the shades drawn. They had now uncuffed me long enough to seat me in the chair. Two of them held my arms and pulled me back so I was seated. They were larger and stronger than I. Struggling got me nowhere. My arms were pulled behind the chair and somehow secured again so I couldn’t move. Two belts appeared and were put around my shins and waist. Their handiwork completed – they stepped back to take a look. They smiled.

Bob came from the back room and had a video camera and a 35mm camera. He was whistling as he set up the video. When he finished he turned and looked at me. “Have to live up to our part of the bargain!” Tom came out of the same room with a rolling table. My greatest fears and joys became real as I saw a large and small pair of clippers with many blades laid out on the table. Dan appeared again with a folding chair and sat down next to me. He smiled and said,”We’re going to take turns shaving your head. This is going to happen one way or another. You said in your message you would surrender your head once seated in a barber’s chair. Do you?”

I looked at the running video camera and the three men. “Do you know what you’re doing?” I asked.

Dan said, “Yes, I own another barber shop and I’ve helped many women fulfill their dreams. You happen to live in a friend’s city who also owns a barbershop and loves to shave women’s heads. He let me borrow his shop.” I ran down the options in my head… I had no options and soon to be no hair.

As I began to think about what was going to happen, I thought I may as well try to enjoy this. I nodded to them and they sprang to action. I asked if they could uncuff me and Dan smiled as he patted my shoulder. “No,” he said. I shrugged and settled myself deeper into the chair. Tom started taking before pictures as Dan put the cape around my neck. Dan then picked up the larger clippers. He put them near my ear and turned them on. I jumped from the noise and nearby vibration. They all laughed. “Never been shaved have you?” they asked. They smiled even more when wide mouthed I nodded no. Dan asked the others, “Should I stand in front or behind her?”

Tom said, “Stand in back so the first swipe down her head will be a Kodak moment from a frontal view.” Dan nodded. He turned the clippers on again and I began to tremble. As he pushed my head forward with his free hand, he brought the clippers to the base of my neck. I felt them vibrate as he slowly began his ascent to my crown. My permed locks fell to the floor as he rose to the top of my head. He finished the first pass and stopped. Tom finished taking a picture and said he’d like a turn. Dan reluctantly handed him the clippers. Bob was standing close by nodding encouragement. Tom began his path next to Dan’s. I was prepared for the hum of the singing clippers and I think my grin began to match theirs. Tom went even slower than Dan, placing his free hand on my head as he clipped me. He made another pass. Bob then joined the fun as he made some quick, firm passes and finished me off. Dan said, “That gives us at least 1″ to play with yet.”

They changed blades on the large clippers. “Lets try 1/4″ and see how she likes it.” I had not seen their creation yet – they kept me faced away from the mirrors. I felt my head and ears grow as they stopped for a moment to take more pictures. I looked down and saw all my hair minus 1″ lying on the floor. It was a curious sight. With the new guard on they began their passes again. The buzzing felt closer and I enjoyed it. They finished and now 1/4″ was all the hair I had on my head. They spun me around and I saw what I had been dreaming about for years. I tried to bring my hand up to touch my new stubble, but I was still cuffed.

“Not yet!” Dan said smiling.

“But I’d like to feel it” I said.

Dan ran his hands over my shorn head and said, “You’ll have to wait a few weeks.” I looked at him with a curious look. Tom came over to play with my stubble and said, “Your message said we could do whatever we want – remember?” Bob left and came back shortly with shaving cream and disposable razors. They were going to shave me bald. I thought the fun was coming to an end when it was just starting. Dan picked up the smaller clippers and began to run them over and over my head. It was the most wonderful feeling – I wished he would never quit. Little splinters of my hair flew everywhere.

They all were laughing as Tom took more pictures. Dan told me to hold still as I began to wiggle. Bob finished the work with the small clippers. “You now have a clipper shave,” he told me. “A 5 o’clock shadow on your head.” I was still facing the mirror and was shocked to see my reflection smiling.

Tom put the camera down, looked at my face and said, “That’s more like it.” He rubbed my head and I pushed back against his hands. He rubbed my head more vigorously in return. What a wonderful feeling. Why did I wait so long to do something I’ve wanted to do for so long? They put a hot towel around my near bald head and I felt myself relax for the first time in an hour. Suddenly my hands dropped to the sides of the chair. Dan whispered in my ear, “Now behave yourself or we won’t lather you.” I only nodded. They removed the towel and the belts.

Bob stood in front of me – still not sure if I was going to run – as Tom lathered my head. Dan repositioned the cameras and made sure the video was still running. They were smiling as each of them held a razor in their hand waiting their turn. Bob said, “I’d like to do the top and back if each of you would like to do a side each.” Dan and Tom grinned. Bob took my head in his hand and positioned me for the best advantage to shave the top and back of my head. He was skilful and quick. I asked him if he’d done this before and he laughed and said, “You should see my girlfriend. Every morning whether she wants to or not!” Lucky girl, I thought. Dan was more deliberate as he manipulated my ear to shave me clean. Tom was also slow and careful. “We want you to look your best!” he said.

Dan took a towel and dried and powdered my bald head. Stepping back they admired their handiwork. “Looks great,” they said. I also looked and for the first time felt my bald head. So smooth. They saw I liked it and Dan told me who to call when I needed another trim. “But it’s going to be a while,” he said. Everyone laughed!


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