Naughty Nurse!

Naughty Nurse!

The Naughty Nurse! by DPTemplar

Gloria was feeling a bit sore after her workout. She had pulled a few muscles in the gym, and she thought she needed some medical help. When she went to the hospital, she noticed it was rather hectic, and she sat and waited for her name to be called. When her name was called, she went inside the room and waited for the doctor to show up. Instead, Gloria saw her….

She was an absolute knockout. She stood 6’3″, had hazel colored eyes, was quite endowed, and had auburn hair that went down to her lower back. “Hello, miss. We try to keep this hospital as friendly as possible, so we’ll be on a first name basis. My name is Annaliese.” She had an accent that was half German and half British, and it sounded quite sensuous coming from her mouth.

“Hi. I’m Gloria.”

“Well, Gloria, let’s see what the problem is.”

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She tried lifting her arms, and felt a bit of a twitch, and she winced. Annaliese then made her do slow lifts, to gradually get her adjusted in order to make the pain subside. Gloria accidentally placed her hand on Annaliese’s large left breast. She apologized for the accident, then the nurse said, “Oh, that’s okay. That’s good progress.”

During the treatment, Annaliese kept noticing Gloria’s head. Gloria’s brunette hair was now in a crewcut style. “Did you get your hair set up as a crewcut on purpose?”

“No! I actually, to be honest, had it shaved. This was 3 months ago.”

Annaliese just giggled and said, “Hmm. Sounds odd, but fun, I guess.”

Gloria chimed in and said, “Oh, come on! As if you never did anything crazy and fun before! Come on…what’s the last silly weird thing you’ve done?”

Annaliese looked her right in the eyes and said, “Well, I took a slow long bath in thick chocolate pudding last night. Odd enough?”

Gloria’s eyes beamed! At last, she thought, another girl that likes messy play, like me! Gloria then brought up her love of getting messy, then told of the times when she shaved her head. Annaliese was getting aroused with all this talk of messy play and head shaving. The nurse then said, “Well, I have other odd things in mind that I like to do, too. Perhaps you can meet me at my place, and we can have some fun?” Gloria agreed, and got her address.

That night, Gloria came to Annaliese’s place. Gloria looked at the place, and noticed the playthings that were lying around: a straight razor, a few disposable razors with lubricated strips, shaving gel, needles, thread, and two empty buckets. She also noticed a weird-looking spray bottle lying around. Annaliese then went into her closet and pulled out a camcorder. She put in a blank tape, and got on camera, then pulled Gloria in front of the camera, and said that they were about to do yet another tape. Yet another? thought Gloria. Annaliese then stopped the tape and explained that she had made tapes of herself doing messy stuff, or other odd things. Gloria then commented on the shaving supplies. Annaliese explained how she got them so quickly: she is a nurse, and she sometimes has to shave the patient before surgery. So, she was used to shaving, but she had never shaved for any sexual experience. They then got the two buckets and went to the bathroom to do the first scene.

Inside the bathroom were a shower stall and a large full-body sized cast iron tub. The tub was filled with thick creamy chocolate pudding. They stripped off on camera, and Gloria got in first. Still in pain, she slowly lowered herself in the goo. She loved how the pudding flowed on her ass and between her legs. Then Annaliese dipped the bucket into the mess, and poured the pudding on Gloria’s face and head. Gloria then started to finger herself while getting glopped. Annaliese then took Gloria’s finger, and sucked on it. Next, Annaliese climbed in. Gloria took the second bucket and filled it with pudding, and coated the large-breasted nurse with the goo. Then she slowly submerged herself under the pudding. and stayed under for 30 seconds. Her massive mammaries were the only part of her that stuck out of the pudding. She then slowly rose from the gunk, and her face, body, and long red hair were thoroughly coated in pudding. Gloria knew that this was a woman that loved to get messy. Then they placed the camera in front of the shower. The nurse and patient walked carefully to the shower, and washed each other thoroughly; during the cleaning, the two started to finger each other, and then looked into each other’s eyes, then kissed each other. Neither woman had ever kissed a woman before, but it just felt like the right thing to do.

After the shower was over, they decided to do some shaving fun. After all, their hair just had one last wild fling with the puddng, so why not shave it off? Annaliese only had razors and shaving gel, but no clippers. Gloria went to her purse, and pulled out a large pair of Wahl clippers. “Don’t leave home without it!” exclaimed Gloria. She asked Annaliese to wash her hair with a mild shampoo, then with a strong shampoo, so it can get the hair weak and ready to be shaved off. After washing her, Annaliese plugged in the clippers, and ran them through her hair. She then removed the No. 2 guide, and used the clippers without any guards; Gloria was getting clippered bald. Then the nurse lathered Gloria’s head with shave gel, and took her straight razor, and scraped the cream off her head. She then recoated her head, and shaved her again, this time using one of the many disposable razors. She then applied moisturizing cream to her head, and massaged her scalp. She then went on to shave Gloria’s eyebrows and vagina. Gloria now was wearing nothing (neither clothes nor hair) It was now Annaliese’s turn to go under the razor.

Gloria went to find a pair of scissors, and she found a very sharp pair. Before she started to cut, Annaliese said, “Gloria, could you pull it? Please? One sharp hard pull, as though I’ve been naughty, since I have been, and I will always be, quite naughty.”

Gloria smiled and complied. She pulled on the nurse’s head quite hard; her large breasts bouncing hard for each pull her hair received. Gloria then began to wash Annaliese’s hair until it was ready to be removed. Then, Gloria looked at the camera, and grabbed a large section of the nurse’s hair, and SCHRITCH SHRARCH, her long hair was now up to the middle of her neck. Considering this was her first time getting her hair cut, Annaliese didn’t cry, or freak out. She was smiling! Gloria then took the clippers and shaved the nurse’s sweetness and her eyebrows, then applied cream to the areas, and shaved her clean. Gloria then realized that the guard was off. Since she was loving it this much, thought Gloria, she might as well leave the guard off. She ran the clippers up and down her head, until only the right half of her head had hair. Annaliese felt the half that was gone, and was getting very aroused at what she was feeling. Then, Gloria finished the job, and coated her head with shave gel, and shaved her bald. Then after recoating and reshaving, Gloria gave her large-breasted friend a sensuous head massage with moisturizing cream. Both women were now completely hairless, and it was all caught on tape.

Gloria then asked what the weird spray bottle was. “Ah! Thanks for reminding me. This is used to make certain areas numb, for surgery. We’re almost done with our fun. Let me spray you….” She took the spray, and spritzed it on Gloria’s recently shaved love. She then sat her down, and had her spreadeagled. Then, Annaliese sprayed the formula on her lips. She then got the needle and thread from the table, and lay in front of Gloria. She stuck her tongue deep within Gloria’s sex, then she did something unbelievable…she started to take the needle and thread, and carefully sewed her lips to Gloria’s lips, without spilling any blood! This was why she used the spray; under any other circumstance, it would have ROYALLY hurt! Gloria had never had any experience like this, but she was loving every second of it. She tried to move a bit, and in the process, Annaliese moved ever so slowly forward. The naughty nurse’s tongue was acting crazy in Gloria’s hole, and she couldn’t contain it any longer, and she orgasmed on Annaliese’s tongue and lips. Annaliese then carefully pulled the thread out from her lips, as well as Gloria’s, then kissed them, in case they felt sore. Then, they took the camera to the bathroom again, and each did one final dunk in the pudding. While washing up in the shower for a second time, the two women made out.

When she stopped the camera, Annaliese then went to the closet and pulled out a wig. It looked similar to her hair, back when it was first cut down to neck length. She told her that she’d always wear the wig at work, but once work was over, she’d take it off, and take a quick dip in the pudding bath. She then asked Gloria if she could come by at least once a week for the next 4 months to shave her bald. Gloria agreed, and thus her friendship with the strange naughty nurse began.



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