Bleached Blonde Hair with Dark Roots – Brrrr!

Bleached Blonde Hair with Dark Roots - Brrrr!

Bleached Blonde Hair with Dark Roots – Brrrr! by Barber Jos

From time to time I amuse myself and sometimes my wife, having a look at the message boards to see what specialities are represented in the world of hair fetishism.

For me the real thing is a very short haircut or even a headshave. Every two or three weeks my wife, Justine, and I enjoy the humming sound of the clippers. Sometimes I give her a crewcut, at other times I just clipper shave the sides of her head and leave her curling hair at the top somewhat longer, but always with very short wispy bangs showing that beautiful forehead.

The colour of her hair is still a dark brown and only one time in her life she had it bleached and I was the happy witness of that “disaster”, which ended in a perfect makeover.

I’m sure that the message of a guy who names himself Napebuster will cause a lot of amusement and that is why I printed it:

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“Would anyone be interested in chatting about bleached blonde hair, with dark roots showing? I think short blonde hair with1/2 ” or more dark roots is very sexy. Does anyone know of any sites with pictures like this?”

Of course Justine started out laughing when I showed her the message, because she remembered far too well how her favorite short hairstyle started.

She giggled and said: “That boy should move to Israel or to Eastern Europe; he could amuse himself with the dark roots of all the women who tried to bleach their hair or he can be the ultimate comfort for all the bleached dark-haired women who are frustrated by those sexy dark roots.” She continued with her story.

I have known Mike now for 9 nine years and that means that it is 9 years ago that I lost my very long hair.

Eleonora and I finished our studies for welfare worker and tried to earn as much money as possible for a holiday in central Europe. We were quite different persons, not only our characters differed, but also our appearances seemed to be opposite. I am rather small and the happy owner of rather dark and curly hair and she was a tall girl with, at that time, medium-length, lank, very blonde hair.

For some reason I was jealous of that blonde hair and wanted to change my hair colour and Eleonora wanted to curl her hair. The holiday seemed to be the ideal period to try a drastic change.

At first I doubted if I really wanted this change, but soon “Leo” was very enthusiastic about it and even developed the crazy idea that she wanted her hair dark. First we were playing with the idea to do all the colouring ourselves, but then we changed our mind when a friend of ours suggested that the hairdressers were very cheap in the countries that we were going to visit.

Early July we started and after a tiring night we arrived in Prague. At first we looked for a camping somewhere outside the town, but then we found out that it was extremely cheap to hire a private room near the centre of the old town. At that time still many buildings were extremely neglected, but at the same time Prague had an enormous charm and we strolled for hours through the old streets. The restaurants were still very cheap and we enjoyed our freedom after our study. It was clear to us that this town had been very prosperous in the past.

And sometimes we just entered the inner courtyards of the old buildings to have a feeling how it must have been there long ago.

Of course we did not forget our planned visit to a hairdresser and looked around to find a good place. During the second day we found somewhere the old entrance of an old shopping centre, where a kind of market seemed to be and then Leonora exclaimed: “Oh heavens look there, nothing but hairdressers!”

Indeed there was a whole row of hairdressing salons and barbershops, even though several of them seemed closed now. Most of the salons were almost identical and it looked as if this whole business had been more or less standardized in the past. All of the shops seemed to have the same atmosphere, with an old-fashioned interior and even the hairdressers, mostly women, seemed to be identical, wearing a kind of dust coat.

At first I found the whole atmosphere far from attractive, but the Eleonara discovered a price list and with the help of a dictionary we saw that the prices were as low as my friend had said. I still doubted if this was the place for my change, but the over-enthusiastic Leo just dragged me to a shop where three hairdressers seemed to be doing nothing.

The women started to talk to us, but we could not understand anything of it. But then Leo surprised me when she took a piece of paper from her trousers and gave it to one of the women, who took spectacles and started to read. I whispered: “What is that?” and Leo just smiled and said: “The mother of one of my friends came from here and I asked to write down exactly, what should be done. Don’t worry, it is more or less what we discussed.”

The woman started to smile and pointed to the chairs and started to discuss with one of the other hairdressers. First our hair was washed and then we were seated and a couple of old clean capes were wrapped around our necks. My hairdresser combed my very long hair and then from a drawer she took scissors and started to cut my hair at the back. Leo just said, “Oh she wants it somewhat shorter, shoulder length seemed nice to me.” Before I could protest the scissors did their work and to be honest when the hairdresser showed me the result with a mirror and seemed to ask if it was enough I could agree that it was nice, even though I was somewhat angry that Leo did not ask me beforehand if I agreed with her proposal. On the other hand I knew very well that I never would have visited the hairdresser without my friend.

Again to my surprise, the woman took some pieces of hair in front of my ears and before I knew what happened I had bangs reaching to my eyebrows. I was satisfied with the result and just wondered if I would indicate that it was more then enough. In between Leo’s hair had been cut as well and her hair reached halfway down her neck. And her hairdresser started to wrap her hair around rollers, which reminded me of my mother when she visited the hairdresser in the past.

Suddenly I saw that my hairdresser seemed to have prepared a kind of liquid and I was too shy to cancel her activities and wondered what would happen. She took some gloves and a brush and started to apply the liquid on my hair. She worked very fast and all my hair was put under a cap and I just had to wait. In between Leo’s hair was covered by quite a collection of curlers and her head was covered by a dryer. There we were sitting and to kill the time I took my travel guide of Prague, sometimes wondering what happened under the cap. Soon I did not have any concentration for the book and started to imagine what I might see as soon as my head would be freed again. Suddenly I noticed my rather thick dark-coloured eyebrows and realized that the contrast with the hair might be strong and unnatural. My heart started to beat stronger and stronger.

And then it was time and I was taken to another place where I could not see what was coming from under the cap, my hair was washed again and then the hairdresser placed a horrible hot dryer over my head. After some time the thing was removed and the hairdresser took me to my old place and walking there I saw in the other mirrors a head with unnatural, almost white, hair.

My hair was combed ad brushed and there I looked at that strange face. It was not really bad, but the contrast with my brows was very strong. Leo saw me and said that it looked nice, but I was far from happy and….

I had to wait for a long time, because the curling of Leo’s hair took much more time than we knew beforehand and then still more time to get the black colour that she had planned. I wondered if Leo was satisfied with her curls; it were many small curls. The curly head was not too bad, but the combination with the too straight bangs was no success at all.

When we came outside we were very uncertain and for some time we did not speak to each other. First we did not dare to talk about it, but both of us realized that we had made a mistake. It really took some time before we had the courage to speak about it and started to wonder how to solve the problem. For the time being we had no solution and we decided that we did not want that this unsuccessful makeover should spoil our holiday.

At first we got used to our new hair, but soon I realized that my hair bleaching was done using a far too aggressive chemical. When I brushed my hair, I lost much more hair than usual.

And the situation with Leo’s hair seemed to be even worse. Her hair was much more curly than she wished and the combination of perming chemicals and the black ‘paint” seemed to be disastrous. Our next visit to a hairdresser followed sooner than we wished when we decided that it seemed to be better to cut off most of our hair; the only thing that we could do was wait till the rest grew out. We decided to go to another hairdresser in the same shopping complex and studied a lot of pictures and decided to go for a rather short haircut.

It must be said that the hairdresser made a nice job of it. At first I was extremely upset that my hair that had been long since I was eight years old was cut this short. It was strange to see how the hair at the sides was cut very short, maybe 1-2 cm long, with the rest of my curls more or less 3-4 cm long and my bangs now very short. At first I found it boyish, but the more I saw it the more I liked it. Leo’s hair was also cut, but it still curled very much, but it looked not too bad.

Soon we left the town and travelled, first some weeks to the southern parts of the country and then to the north in the direction of the mountainous area near the Polish border.

Here we stayed several weeks at a nice place, in the orchard of an old farmer. We walked in the mountains, and during other days were just lazy: sitting near brooks, reading, doing nothing. And then some weeks later we travelled to Poland and found a small camping in the Klodzko area.

And here we met Mike, my future husband, who was travelling alone and just arrived the day before. Most of the other guests seemed to be rather poor Polish people and the only other foreigners were two blonde Swedish girls, with short but not very extreme short hair.

When I visited the wash and toilet cabins that evening I noticed in the mirror that my hair was growing rather fast and showed already dark roots of maybe a length of 8-10 mm. To be honest I did not like it, but cutting the rest of my hair seemed to be ridiculous.

When I came back I saw Leo talking with the Dutch boy and soon we were talking about our experiences and plans for the rest of the holiday. We even mentioned our haircut disaster and Mike just made a joke and suggested that a headshave at a barber seemed the right solution.

It seemed that Mike wanted to go to Krakow and later to more eastern parts. I found him an attractive boy with his rather short hair and felt a jealous pang when I discovered how easily Leo talked with him. But my jealousy was not necessary, because already the next day I discovered that he seemed to be much more interested in me.

In the late afternoon we went to the nearby old town, B., looking for a restaurant, because preparing food ourselves was unnecessary. The only trouble was the excessive use of vodka by the Polish men and we were more than happy when we met Mike again and visited together one of the restaurants.

He told that within some days one of his friends would arrive, but that for the time being he would stay at the camping. We talked about our plans for the next day and Mike proposed a nice walk in the nearby mountains. Leo, who discovered my interest in Mike, agreed that this would be nice and later, when we returned, she teased me, because she knew very well that usually I am the shy one. We had a very nice trip the next day and when we returned by bus in the small town, we first went to a small coffeehouse that we had discovered in one of the side streets near the central square. In the shop we saw the Swedish girls: one of them seemed to have visited a hairdresser and looked really very attractive with extremely short hair. Mike could not suppress a “Wow, that is nice,” and somewhat shyly he added, “That might be something for you, Justine.”

“Why not for me?” was the comment of Leo, who clearly noticed Mike’s interest for me. Before I could say anything she walked to the girls and asked them where the haircut had been performed and returned with the girl who was willing to show the barber where she seemed to have been. Just for a few seconds I wanted to stop this new enterprise guided by Leo, but I realized that I liked Mike and following his curious advice I certainly would have more chance that he might fall in love with me. I did not realize that at the same time Mike’s heart was pumping as strong as possible, hoping that I might fulfill his wishes that started when our talks about an extreme haircut started.

We paid and together with the Swedish girl we walked to an old-fashioned barbershop in the main square. We had luck and were welcomed by two old potbellied barbers, who grinned when they saw that the girl brought two more victims. The girl, who did not speak any word of the Polish language, pointed to her own hair and the barbers nodded that they understood what should be done.

I wondered what might happen, even though I knew that the intention was to remove all the blonde hair. The barber felt the blonde hair and shook his head in an exaggerated disbelief. I looked in the mirror and saw Mike smiling and realized that he enjoyed this happening very, very much. I expected that the barber should comb my hair and might cut my hair with scissors. To my surprise he took something that I vaguely recognized as clippers, but that I never saw working in the hairdressing salons where I came once or twice a year to cut a little piece of my hair.

From a drawer he took something that he put at the end of the machine and then he switched it on and I heard a lot of noise. I wondered where he should start and then he placed the machine under my bangs and pushed it over my head. Almost in shock I had the idea that he was shaving my head, but I saw, while locks of blonde hair were tumbling down that the machine left short black hairs. The strip that had been clipper shaved looked crazy as it divided my hair in two still blonde parts. But the barber was repeating this movement some centimetres to the side and a bigger part was cleaned of that terrible blonde hair. To my surprise all the short dark hairs were neatly pointing upward. Some more movements and the whole top was cleaned. The barber repeated the whole procedure several times to be sure that all the hairs were exactly the same.

To be honest I almost forgot Leo, who seemed to enjoy her own “spikes”.

The barber removed all the clippings with a brush and for a moment he looked in the drawer and seemed to change the attachment that was put on the clippers. Again I heard the sound of the machine and this time he pushed my head forwards and I felt the machine again quite near my skin. For some time I could not see what happened and wondered how much hair was removed. Then he seemed to be finished for the time being at the back and I saw that Mike was fascinated by what he saw. I could not resist the need to feel the back and noticed that the barber had made those hairs extremely short.

How short it was I saw when he started to shave away the hair at the sides. Almost all my hair at the sides seemed to disappear and I saw that even the newly grown black hair was almost totally removed, leaving a very short stubble and I even saw the white skin of my head. But it looked very nice and clean and I really enjoyed it when I saw that almost all the hair around and above my ears disappeared. I looked like a very nice boy but at the same time it was extremely attractive. For some moments the transition between the shorn hair of the sides and the spikes on top seemed to be too abrupt. But the barber made a nice tapering transition and then my haircut was almost ready. I wondered how it was with Leo and saw that her blonde hair was back also and there we sat, grinning and enjoying what we saw. Mike paid our haircut and we walked away, happy that our hair disaster had been solved and that our artificial hair colour had been removed totally.

The next day Mike announced that he liked a haircut himself .His friend arrived and he seemed to like Leo. The four of us continued the holiday together and later back in our home country our friendship developed in a quite nice way.

Mike found that the work with clippers was something which we could do ourselves. It did not surprise me that he has a small hair fetish, but to be honest I enjoy our haircuts as much as he does and it did not surprise me when he brought me that print of the message of that guy that calls himself Napebuster. That we don’t agree….

Please send me a message when you like my stories. With my last story the wrong e-mail address was mentioned and messages probably will never reach me. So if you like it when I continue to share my ideas and feelings, the address is [email protected]


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