Vacation – Part 1 by Goldi

As I sat on the plane, I found myself staring out the window, a bit nervous about what I am about to do. You see, I have a serious hair fetish. I met a very special man on-line, an excellent hairdresser, who happens to share my fetish. He sent me pictures of him in his high & tight haircut. I got so turned on looking at his precision haircut with shaved sides and back, a shaved landing strip down the middle, his fringe so flat and erect… I got so turned on! He looked so hot in it!

We became friends… well actually, more than friends. He turned me on and my feelings for him started to become sexual and emotional. We shared not only our hair fantasies, but about our personal lives. I found myself reaching orgasm just by chatting with him. My desire to have him cut my hair became overwhelming! Several times prior to this, he instructed me on how to trim my hair. It looked so good when I finished with it. He is such a good stylist. We exchanged pictures and I sent him a picture of myself in long hair. He convinced me that I would look stunning in a short haircut. He even morphed one of my pictures to show me how good I would look!

So here I was, planning to spend my vacation with this hunk of a hairdresser who has become very special in my life. As I got off the plane, I gave my natural blond shoulder length hair a final pat. He was waiting for me… even better-looking than his pictures. His hair was longer than it was on the pictures. I excitedly thought to myself, maybe I would get to watch him cut it!

We hugged and kissed when we met and he said to me, “You are even more gorgeous than your pictures, but that hair!” I knew that he thought it needed to be cut… I could feel myself getting wet thinking about it. (grin)

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After lunch, he took me into the salon where he works, a high-end salon in that city. I met some of the people that he works with, and then he led me to his chair. When he put the cape around me, I thought I would lose it. Of course, I knew that this haircut was just going to be one of many that he would give me over the vacation. “To start out with, we need to get that hair off your neck and ears!” he said as he pulled my hair back while looking at my face shape and ears.

I smiled and said to him, “You’re the doctor!” The thought of a surprise haircut was very exciting for me.

He combed my hair parting off and pinning up the entire top and crown section of my hair, so that the sides and back were hanging straight down. I silently watched in the mirror as he, starting from one side of my head, cut a straight line above my ear and worked his way around my head until he came to the other side. I could feel myself getting excited as he exposed my ears. He then pushed my head down so I was looking down at my lap. I heard the clippers snap on. I could feel the blades on the back of my neck, working their way up to above my ears. I could feel the cool air on my neck… ohhhhhhhhhhh. Pass after pass, all my long hair falling on my shoulders. Soon, I could feel nothing but cold air on the back of my neck. I wondered how short he was making it! He must have read my mind, because he put my hand up to the back of my neck and let me feel how short it was! Oh God! It was so short, I couldn’t even grasp a piece of hair between my fingers! I felt myself getting so wet and excited. He chuckled at my reaction, inflaming me further by rubbing the back of my neck a bit. “You like?” he said laughingly. All I could do was nod! Oh God, I only hoped that I could conduct myself like a lady in front of all his coworkers!

He now began to cut the sides. He parted off and clipped up all the hair at eye level, clipping off everything below that so that no hair touched my ears or even came close to it. My eyes got wide as I watched all my hair falling away. I said to him, “What kind of haircut am I getting?”

He grinned and said, “A veeerrry short bowlcut.” Oh God! I was squirming! The sides and back were clipped so short, there was nothing left to comb!

He then began letting down layers of the top and scissor-cutting them so that they blended in, forming a symmetrical cap around the top of my head. He used thinning shears on the top to get it to lay down nice and flat. He cut my bangs to the middle of my forehead and made them wispy. My new haircut looked so good… I loved it! But he wasn’t satisfied yet. He took small trimmers and trimmed around my ears and at the back to give me a whitewall. When he touched my ears, I almost orgasmed in the chair! My hair was shorter than I had ever worn it, and it looked soooo good, and I was sooooo wet!

When we got to the car, we kissed. I said to him, “You know, you have more hair at the sides than I do! He looked at my hair, slowly rubbing his fingers over the top of my ears where it had just been clipped to the skin. I began to moan in lust.

He then said, “Lets go home, I need a haircut!”

I said, “Oh goody!” The entire way home, I was feeling the back of my neck and my shaved sides. Wondering what was next. Oh my fantasy is finally being realized! Sigh!

To be continued…


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