Brad & Me

Brad & Me

Brad & Me (Female Haircutting Story) From: LopMyLocks

The plane had just begun its descent when my heart seemed to skip a beat and I got that all too familiar lump in my throat. “What am I doing here?” I pondered to myself. I thought my New Year’s Resolution was to live my life a little more conservatively, but what I was doing showed no such action. Here I am, landing in a strange city where I’ve never been, meeting a man whom I’ve only gotten to know in the past three months through e-mail and telephone conversations. This IS crazy! But at the same time, I knew it was what I craved, what I wanted, what I needed.


Brad and I had met through America Online. He was new to the Hair Affair bulletin board and read one of my postings and responded. I was a bit reluctant at first, like I usually am with anyone new. After meeting numerous liars, psychos and women- haters through this medium, a girl tends to be more cautious. But giving him the benefit of the doubt, I responded to his e-mail and started a friendly relationship with a man who seemed to be truly sincere. He had admitted to me that he was a bit shocked to hear my voice and know, without a doubt, that I was a female. I laughed but knew why he would have such doubts. After talking on the phone for over an hour one evening, I felt even more positive that he was just a regular guy with a terribly embarrassing secret — or so he thought.

He told me of his secret. He first realized that he enjoyed watching women get their hair cut when he was about 12. His mother was getting her hair cut and told Brad that she could drop him at his friend’s house on the way back. As his mother sat in the stylists chair, discussing her usual frumpy, housewife cut that she got every time she went to the salon, Brad sat in the waiting area, watching a lovely lady in the chair closest to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her as the stylist removed the towel from her wet hair and began to brush out the damp tangles of her long, brown hair. The two discussed how she wanted her hair styled, but Brad could only make out a few words. When the stylist picked up the comb and scissors and cut off a good 8″ of the woman’s hair with one smooth slice of the shears, Brad gasped aloud. Frightened that people might notice him staring at the two women, he quickly squirmed a bit in his chair and picked up a magazine that was sitting next him. He thumbed through this hair fashion magazine, stopping to admire the women with short hairstyles, all the time glancing up at the woman’s transformation. By now the stylist had removed all of the length in the back and was beginning to layer the sides and top. Some of the models in the magazine had hairstyles that Brad had never even imagined, no less seen on any women in his hometown. Some had short, feathered hair, with the tips frosted light. Others had tapered cuts that went from longer in the front to nearly shaved down to their bare scalp in the back. But Brad flipped to a model on the next page that took his breath away. She must be one of those European models he thought. She was posed with her head turned slightly so that her shaved nape was showing. Only dark stubble remained, being covered by a mop of blond, almost white hair. Dark roots, about an inch of them, were peeking out from underneath the white tips. Her hair was sticking up in all directions, but somehow looked very beautiful. His eyes trailed from her untamed locks, to her sparkling green eyes, to her red, full lips, then finally coming to rest on her shaven neck. He felt a stirring deep inside and suddenly felt very embarrassed. These were sensations that he never knew he possessed, and why? Why was he so intrigued and even aroused by these women? He quickly closed the magazine and tried to compose himself. He had almost forgotten about the woman in front of him, who was now getting her hair blown dry. The woman looked simply stunning. Her new short style showed off her shapely face and neck, while her earlier long, stringy strands only hid her best features. That day was one that Brad would remember forever. He tried to block it from his memory but he learned the he would carry these deep, secret desires with him forever.

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Listening to the stories of his experiences and his anxiety towards these feelings, I could only feel sad. During his adolescence, these “unnatural” desires tormented him. He thought he was weird. Disturbed. Even perverse. But finally, in college, he learned that he was not alone He met a girl that was the best friend of his current girlfriend, Laura. The first time he set eyes on her, he knew that he had to get to know her. Being an artist, he accepted the fact that she was a bit eccentric. He found himself wanting to spend more time with Laura’s friend than with Laura.

One Friday night when Laura had left to visit her parents, Brad went to Laura and Lynn’s dorm room. Lynn answered the door. looking a bit surprised when she saw Brad. She must’ve been planning on spending the evening alone because he noticed that she had an old, torn T-shirt on with cut-off jean shorts and her hair was piled on top of her head being smothered with hair bleach. “Hi, Brad! C’mon in. Laura went to her parents’ house for the weekend. I thought she would’ve told you.”

“She did. I was kind of bored so I thought I’d stop by and see what you were up to. But I see you’re busy, so I better leave.”

“No! Don’t leave! I mean, stick around. That is if you don’t mind watching me do ‘girl things.’ I could use some help drinking this vodka Laura left for me.”

As the evening progressed, Brad had watched Lynn go from a bleach blond to a redhead in a matter of an hour’s time. He tried not to seem too interested, but all the while, thinking of her hair and how beautiful it was. How he wished he could be the one coloring it, washing it, brushing it. But he kept it to himself, casually talking about classes and the people that they knew. After the final rinse of the red coloring, Lynn appeared with a whole new look. A vibrant red head of hair. The highlights glimmering in the light as her wavy, thick hair flopped over the right side of her face. She began talking about all of the transitions her hair had been through as she brushed it back from her face.

She told Brad of how she would lock herself in the bathroom when she was 13, hiding from her mother, trying to lighten her hair without it being too noticeable. Finally, at 15, her mother gave in and let her dye her hair. A light brown at first, then going lighter each time, until working her way up the entire Clairol line of coloring. Each time, her mother would just shake her head in disapproval and say, “You’ll get tired of having to color your hair all the time!” But just the contrary. Lynn loved changing her hair color and styles. She told Brad that she had had short hair since the third grade and loved it. So sporty and easy to take care of. As she spoke about more experiences, Brad couldn’t believe what she was saying. That she was so interested in hair. Almost obsessed with it. She even confessed to him that when she turned 16, she went to the local Kmart and stole a pair of Wahl clippers by sticking them down her jeans in the dressing room and walking out with them. He laughed and asked what she had done with them. “I still have them. I could never give these up!” she said as she pulled a small black bag out from under her bed.

“Can I see those?” Brad asked.

“Sure. You want a haircut?” Lynn asked, laughing.

“No way! Especially not since you’ve drank almost half of that bottle of vodka!”

“Hey – you’ve helped, y’know?”

Before Brad knew that the words had escaped, he asked, “How about you? Do you want a haircut?” He held up the clippers and grinned.

“Well what the hell! Its time for a change anyway. Geez – I haven’t shaved my head in almost two years.”

Brad suddenly got nervous. He really didn’t think she would take him up on his offer. Lynn must’ve noticed his nervousness. “Hey. Its easy. I used to buzz people all the time in high school. I AM a punk rocker after all, y’ know?” she said, laughing.

“Easy, huh? Well, what do I do?”

Lynn set up all of the attachments on the corner of the bed and plugged in the clippers next to her night stand. She snapped them on and showed Brad how the blades adjusted and how the attachments snapped on. He took them in his hand and flipped the switch, feeling a powerful vibration, matching the loud buzz that they made. He felt his heart race, pounding inside of his head which was now filling with so many thoughts and desires.

Lynn returned from the bathroom, dressed only in boxer shorts and a towel draped around her shoulders. Brad almost fell over when he saw her. Did she know what she was doing to him? She pulled up the desk chair and positioned it next to the bed where Brad had now sat down, gathering his wits.

“Well, are we ready for a haircut?”

“As ready as I’m going to be!” Brad replied.

As Brad snapped on the longest attachment and set the blades at their longest length, Lynn told him to start right behind her bangs and shave off everything but the bangs. Brad stood behind Lynn, combing her bangs over her face. They were quite long. He made a horizontal part behind them and combed the remaining hair towards the back of her head. With one hand planted firmly on her bangs, he snapped on the clippers with the other. His heart pounding so loud he thought for sure that Lynn could hear it. He glanced up and noticed her expression in the mirror across the room. She was smiling from ear to ear, looking as though she was enjoying this immensely. But probably not nearly as much as Brad was. Seeing her smile put his worries at ease and calmed his shaking hands.

He started just above her right ear, slowly drawing the clippers upward, carefully following the part he had made behind her bangs. Clumps of hair were piling up on the clippers, then dropping onto her shoulder, then tumbling down into her lap. He stopped halfway up and dumped the remaining hair into her lap. As he paused, Lynn put her hand to her head, lightly touching the shaven area. “Mmmm. Nice. But we should take it a little shorter.” Brad snapped on the next shortest attachment and adjusted the blades once again. He traced the path that he had just made, hearing the snipping of the tiny hairs a little closer. Pausing again, Brad took Lynn’s hand and guided it over the freshly clipped trail. “How’s that? Better?”

“Yes, much! Thank you.” Lynn replied, smiling.

As Brad continued the careful path behind her bangs, he noticed how Lynn was squirming. “Is everything OK? Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“No! Don’t stop! I have to tell you something, Brad. And you might think its really strange.”

“Go ahead. I’m listening.” Brad said as he turned off the clippers and sat them on the bed next to him.

“Well, Brad, you see, I have this ‘thing.’ This ‘thing’ about getting my hair cut. Its kind of like foreplay to me. I’ve been this way ever since I could remember but I’ve kept it to myself. I knew people would think I was nuts or something, but you seemed different to me.”

Brad interrupted and said, “Lynn, I have a confession to make also. I feel the same way you do. Well, kind of. I’ve dreamed of cutting a woman’s hair short for years. Its a sexual thing for me too. I think women look beautiful with really short hair and I’ve always had the desire to make them that way. I could never tell anyone either because of what they would think, but you’re different.”

There was an awkward moment of silence, then Brad got up from the bed and stood behind Lynn. He gently took her head in his hands and massaged, resting it on his chest as his hands rubbed her temples, working their way through her bangs, then over the clipped path. Her hair felt wonderful slipping through his hands, tickling his palms. His hands worked their way down her neck, massaging all the way, then slowly removing the towel that Lynn had draped over her shoulders, exposing her breasts. Brad looked at himself in the mirror, rubbing her bare shoulders, then her neck and back to her beautiful head. He could barely control himself. This was the most wonderful experience he had ever dreamed of and it was really happening. Finally. Lynn was moving her head with every touch of his hands, as if she were completely enjoying the special massage he was giving.

Taking a moment to pick up the clippers again, with one hand firmly placed on top of her head, Brad started at the very base of Lynn’s neckline, slowly drawing them upward, watching the hair tumble down her bare back. He repeated this again, this time firmly pushing her head forward to expose more of her lovely neck. He stopped and placed the clippers on the bed. He took Lynn’s hand once again and guided it over her partially shaved head. Lynn’s voice cracked a bit as she said, “Brad, you are giving me the best haircut I have ever gotten. Better than I could ever imagine. This feels so wonderful I never want it to stop.”

“Well, we still have a lot to do yet so don’t call it quits quite yet.”

Brad began with the other side, this time outlining her left ear ever so delicately. He positioned Lynn’s head between his forearm and chest and slowly traced around her ear. Her ear that was so inviting to him now that it was free from all of that hair. He lowered his head near her ear and lightly blew away the clippered hair. He felt her shiver with anticipation as she tilted her head a bit more. He traced his tongue along her earlobe, down her neck and along the closely cropped neckline. She tasted so good to him, but he wanted to finish her haircut first. He couldn’t wait to see her.

He resumed clipping, taking long, methodical swipes from her neckline to the clipped path behind her bangs. As he removed the last of the remaining long hair, her red crewcut looked like crushed velvet. Brad wanted to feel every inch of that beautiful buzzed head. He removed his shirt and pressed Lynn’s head firmly against his bare chest. The short hairs tickling, yet caressing his skin. He took her head with both hands and began to massage with great intensity. She was squirming with every grasp of his hands, pressing her head even harder into his chest. His hands roamed all over her head, neck and breasts.

The two had worked themselves into such a frenzy that they had to make hot, passionate love until they both collapsed. Lynn resting her head on Brad’s chest while he touched her freshly cropped hair with long, tender strokes. This was truly a dream come true for the both of them.

But as all good things come to an end, the couple never discussed that night again. It was the result of several things. Maybe the vodka. Maybe the desires. Whatever it was, it never happened again. Brad continued his relationship with Laura when she returned for another two months until it came to a mutual end. Lynn and Brad tried to avoid each other, almost embarrassed by the fact of what happened between them. Lynn transferred to another college that next semester. To this day, Brad still values that experience, although I am the only person he’s ever told it to.

So, knowing of Brad’s experiences and fantasies, I felt compelled to meet him. His story about Lynn made my heart skip a beat. I thought I was the only woman who had those feelings. But now I knew differently.

To be continued . . .


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