Big Break

Big Break

Big Break by Ex Dutch

Sarah was a model. Well… not a supermodel or anything, but she modeled for some small catalogs. She just had not met the right people to break away from the level of modeling she was doing now. Her looks definitely had national or international possibilities: she was almost 6ft tall, with a very slender, yet curvaceous body. Her face was perfect: full lips, high cheekbones, large eyes, clear skin. She had long, very dark hair, and it flowed way past her shoulders, all in one perfect length.

Then she got signed on a big contract. She was not entirely sure what the job was going to be, but she had always trusted her agent, and the money was great. The shoot would be in a few weeks, in New York City. Her agent had shown her the parts of the contract where she agreed to let them make changes to her appearance. She did not care. He had already told her this would be her big break! She could not wait for this job to start. And a few weeks later, it did.

She flew first class to NYC. She was put up in the Waldorf Hotel on Fifth Avenue, and that day she was shown all around town in a limo just for her. Sarah was having the time of her life. The next morning a car picked her up and took her to the shoot location. The crew was ready for her. They showed her around the set where she would be spending most of the next week. This is when she was first told this was a shoot for hair products. Sarah was excited, because she knew her luscious hair had landed her this job. They introduced her to the hair and makeup crew, which was led by a young woman named Zoë. They talked a bit and Zoë mentioned how her team was charged with making sure that the ‘total look’ would be right.

For the first session, they put her through makeup, and barely touched her hair. She was given some clothes to put on that seemed to hide most of her best features, and were almost boring. The shoot only took twenty minutes. Then they sent her back to hair and makeup. This time, Zoë started brushing her hair. Sarah loved that feeling. Zoë then announced she was going to cut some off, and before Sarah realized what was going to happen, Zoë had put her scissors into Sarah’s hair. She cut it just below the shoulders, removing a good five inches. Sarah paled, and asked what was going on. Zoë explained that this was part of the deal. The whole look had to be in synch with each other. Besides, she had agreed to any changes to her appearance that were needed for the shoot. Sarah realized that she had. She asked what Zoë was planning, and Zoë shrugged. She indicated they didn’t usually tell her what they were looking for until it needed to be done. That way, the look would be much fresher. Sarah just blinked. Zoë then grabbed a device that looked like a staple gun. Sarah could only watch in frozen horror as Zoë quickly applied it to her ears. In rapid succession, Sarah was given three new ear piercings in each ear, next to the two she already had. The earrings that were applied ranged from a small stud in the top piercing, to 4-inch hoops in the bottom of her lobes. Makeup was a lot vampier now. She was dressed up in a very nice starched white shirt, which was left open to show the top of the lacey bra she had been given. With a black skirt and high-heel boots, and her hair all brushed back, she looked amazing. As she checked her look in the mirror, she shot herself her sexiest look. The photographer saw it and made her repeat it for the camera. Sarah was really having fun now.

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Lunch in her dressing room was a great time to rest for a bit. They had actually gotten her a massage therapist, and he has doing a chair massage on her. She had him pay extra attention to her head, and he massaged her neck and scalp for most of the lunch break. Rapid knocking on the door signaled it was time for hair and makeup again.

Sarah sat down in Zoë’s chair without worries. Obviously they loved this new look, because they had taken a ton of pictures in a few outfits. They had all been very classic looks, with a bit of sex appeal. Zoë took Sarah to a shampooing station. After a quick wash, Zoë was applying a variety of foils. It seemed that Sarah was getting highlighted. After some processing time, her hair was rinsed, and blown dry. Sarah had sat down at a station where she could not see what was done. She was starting to regret this, as she was anxious to see what the highlighting had done to her hair. Zoë quickly started cutting, wasting no time. She cut Sarah’s hair to chin length, and applied some very choppy and short layers. Then she took great care in styling the cut. Sarah still had no idea of the look she was getting. Finally, Zoë was finished with the style. Sarah rushed over to a mirror. She blinked. The highlights were all red. Overall, her dark hair had a reddish tint to it now, and there were tons of streaks of different colors of red, pink and purple throughout the wispy hairstyle. Sarah was at once floored with the dramatic look, as well as devastated that her beautiful long hair was now gone and what was left was unrecognizable. Zoë took her by the hand and they started applying makeup. Zoë also pulled out the piercing gun again, and hit a shocked and stunned Sarah with two piercings in the left side of her nose. Both were fitted with small rings.

For this shoot, they fitted Sarah with an all-leather outfit. The top was laced up in the front and it was showing enough skin to make her wonder if it was not two sizes too small. But the snugness of its perfect fit proved it wasn’t. The top was somewhat low-cut, pushing her full breasts upward. It also showed a lot of her belly, which was exposed down to where the hip-hugging low-rider leather pants started. Sarah flexed her hips and had to smile at the way the eyes of all in the room were glued to her curves. Zoë called her back. She had forgotten one thing… In a matter of seconds, she pierced Sarah’s belly button and fitted her with a dangling piece of jewelry. Sarah was speechless. The shoot progressed rapidly, and when it was over they wrapped for the day.

The car that took Sarah back to her hotel was hers for the rest of the day. In the waning daylight, she decided to walk around Times Square a bit. She had been given the leather outfit to keep, and was still wearing it. She enjoyed the looks she was getting. That evening she did some window shopping on Fifth Avenue, around her hotel. She spent about as much time looking at her reflection as she did looking at the merchandise behind it. After dinner she had a drink at the bar, and retired to her room, exhausted. She talked to her agent on the phone, telling him all that had happened. He was very supportive, and underlined that this would give her a great number of different looks for her portfolio. The job would also pay enough for her to take a few months off and get back to whatever look she wanted. Short of the long hair, of course. Sarah was relieved and decided to just go along with the rest.

Early the next day the car was back to pick her up. She was quickly whisked to Zoë’s station, where Zoë immediately took her back to the coloring area. After a quick rinse, she applied some chemicals, which were left in forever to process. They rinsed and repeated the process. Sarah was worried about this process. After the next rinse, Zoë applied a covering color. After drying, they led her back to a cutting station, where Sarah stared back at a wholly new image. Her hair was white. Not blonde, but white. Zoë quickly went to work and cut another 4 inches of Sarah’s hair. The resulting cut was no longer than 6-8 inches overall, and most of that was on top. Sarah’s hair now only reached barely past the middle of her ears. The piercings were very exposed. Zoë again reached for the piercing gun and put two new piercings in the top lip on the left. Some more were added to both ears, as well. Sarah was mesmerized with the process. With a little chain, the hoops in her lip and nose were connected to her ear on that side. For makeup the crew darkened her skin, to give her a pretty deep tan. Then they dressed her in a tight short jeans skirt. It was extremely short. As a top they put a short, thin linen, starched shirt on her. It had no buttons, and was very short. It was closed with a knot below her breasts. She was not given a bra, and as tight as the shirt was, it was pushed apart by her full round breasts. The tanning makeup had been applied to all exposed skin, and the stunning look she ended up with made her feel she was a beach girl. She giggled at the thought.

During the shoot they had her do several poses in a beach setting. There was sand that they had her roll in, which turned out to be hard to do without her breasts falling out of the shirt. For a final series they asked if she would consent to her shirt being wet. Sarah did not hesitate, and told them it was OK. They carefully doused her with cups and pitchers of water. Zoë was brought out to mess up the hair a bit with wetness and the cold water quickly made Sarah’s nipples hard. Zoë whispered something to her. Sarah grinned and told her to bring it on. Before anyone knew what was happening, Zoë quickly took Sarah away, and they returned only minutes later. They applied some more water, and it suddenly became clear that Sara had just received two more piercings. Through the thin linen, which was stretched across Sarah’s round breasts, her nipples were completely hard. And they were now obviously pierced. The photography quickly started and was over in a flash.

That night, Sarah’s agent called her. He had received several calls that day and had a few pieces of news. Her current shoot had turned from a one-page ad in a few magazines into a multi page ad in at least a half dozen of the big national fashion magazines. The beauty and hair care company that the shoot was for, was so excited about the proofs they were shown that they had decided this was going to be their main marketing tool. There would also be some prominent billboards and posters for in hair salons and department stores. The contract fee had just been tripled. She was also going to be invited by both late night talk shows in a few weeks, when the ads were coming out. She had arrived in the big leagues.

Sarah had a restless night, but managed to get enough rest. She was a little sore from all the piercings, but felt great the next morning. Today was the last day of shooting. She was very curious to see what they had in stock for her this time.

Zoë greeted her like a long lost sister that morning. She was going to get a huge bonus based on the work they were doing. She got to work on the last look. With a pair of clippers humming loudly, she buzzed up the sides of Sarah’s head. The white hair scattered all around as she was left with almost no hair on the sides and back of her head. Zoë put on the largest guard she had and put the clippers to Sarah’s forehead. Sarah gulped as Zoë pushed the vibrating machine through the last hair she had left. No more than an inch remained as Zoë buzzed her head. Sarah was strangely aroused, and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Then Zoë applied the final color. She used the new color only on the spiky ends of Sarah’s hair. The end result was that the white base remained, but with electric blue-tipped spikes. To complement the look, more piercings were called for. Her ears, the other side of her nose, and two in one eyebrow. The last one was a stud, which was applied below her lip.

They gave her a small, tight T-shirt to wear, as well as some tight torn blue jeans. The last photo shoot went quickly and they then all went to a local bar to celebrate their success. Sarah was the center of attention, and loving every moment of it. It marked the beginning of a whole new life for her.

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