Larry could feel the heat of the sun on his face as he woke one Sunday morning. He did not want to wake up, but he knew his wife would soon be up and he wanted to get out of her way and on the golf course before she woke and found other mundane things for him to do with his only day off. Larry slowly creaked open his eyes and looked over to the right side of the bed where his wife was still sleeping or appeared to be sleeping. Sometimes it was hard to tell if the woman was asleep or awake because all he could see was a mass of big boofed blonde hair sticking out of a mountain of blankets. Larry decided to test his luck by gently rolling out of bed, but before his feet could touch the cold hard wood floor he heard a moan come from his wife.

“LAAAAAAREEEEEEEE! You’re not going golfing today?” the mountain of blankets and hair moaned. “I thought you could clean out the attic today. It probably has not been cleaned in a century or two. I went to put some things up there yesterday and it was a wreck.” Larry’s house had been in the Bennett family since his great-great-grandfather built it at the turn of the century for his wife Sarah. Larry and Susan had only just moved in after Larry’s grandmother passed away four months ago. Susan hated the house, but since he was a small boy Larry had always loved it and he could not imagine letting the house go outside the family. It was only after a great amount of pleading from Larry that Susan had agreed to move in, so Larry always tried to accommodate her as much as possible hoping she would come to love the house as much as he did. And if cleaning the attic would help move things along he was willing to give up a day of golf.

Larry turned toward his wife and lifted her hair up trying to find her face under the mass of frizzy blonde fluff. Not finding her face he kissed the delicious curve of exposed neck and whispered. “I’ll get to it this morning my darlin’.” He then lifted the covers even more to see if he could get a glimpse of the rest of her. “Where is the rest of you honey? Hello is anyone under there?” Larry chuckled.

“Well if you turned up the heat I would not have to go to bed wearing my baggy old sweat pants and sweat shirt,” Susan replied. Jim wished that Susan would dress more feminine. She could weigh three hundred pounds and have a hump on her back for all he could tell. Day and night all she wore were a pair of her brother’s oversized sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt. “You just have to get used to living in this big old house. When we lived in the apartment and the heat was covered in the rent we could keep the thermostat set as high as we wanted it. But look at all the room we have here now. Isn’t it great? And after I clean out the attic we will have even more room.” Larry pulled the covers back over Susan, got dressed and went downstairs to have some breakfast.

Larry got around to cleaning the attic around nine o’clock that morning. “Grandma was sure a pack rat. Jesus… Look at all this crap. This is going to take all day and then some. Forget trying to make the one o’clock tee time I set with Peter and Bob. Buggers!” Larry surveyed the room and got to work by first clearing out forty years of old newspapers and when he was done with that he started to sift through the piles of cardboard boxes and trunks that were scattered all over the place. When he first started to clean he allowed himself to fantasize about all the hidden treasures that he could find. He was a big fan of The Antiques Roadshow, a TV program where people brought in things that have been lying around in their homes or had bought in garage sales to be appraised by experts. It was thrilling to see the faces of these people when they found out the vase or plate they had bought for one dollar was actually worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. But as hours seem to pass he started to get discouraged until he opened an old steamer trunk and found a small mahogany box with the initials JRB carved on the lid. “Jacob Robert Bennett… Hmmmmmm….. Maybe he stashed away some jewelry or bonds or something else. Antiques Roadshow here I come!”

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Well what he found came under the last category, something else. He lifted the lid and inside he found a pair of intricately carved antique scissors, a straight edge razor and a leather strap with which to sharpen the scissors and razor. “Nice. I just have to clean it up. Maybe I can get a few bucks for it,” Larry commented as he removed the scissors from the case. Then Larry began to feel the attic grow uncomfortably cold. He clutched the scissors tightly in his hand as it began to vibrate with a power which began to scare him. Suddenly he felt dizzy and stumbled almost dropping the scissors and falling onto a plush red sofa.

“Wait this was not here when I started….Hey…What is up here? Who in the hell are you?” Larry looked around and did not see an old cluttered attic, but a room that looked like nothing Larry had ever seen and looking down on him on the sofa was the most gorgeous woman Larry had ever seen. She was dressed in an old-fashioned red velvet ballgown. The dress was old fashioned, but it did nothing to hide her milky white shoulders and breasts, which seemed to want to jump out at him as she leaned over and put her hand to his forehead. “Jakey darling are you alright? You look mighty peeked to me.”

Her midnight black hair was so dark it almost had a blue tint to it. It was piled up on top her head in a very elaborate hairstyle, which must have taken someone hours to create. If he just removed one of the long hairpins in her hair he knew the whole creation would come tumbling down in beautiful dark molasses waves. Just as he was about to reach out his hand towards her she stood up and said, “Now Jakey I know you don’t like this wig. But I have to keep up appearances don’t I my love?”

Larry sat up and shook his head. “I can’t be dreaming. This is too weird. Maybe if I shut my eyes everything will return to normal.” He dropped the scissors, which still pulsed in his hand, closed his eyes and when he opened them he found that he was sitting on the dusty attic floor that he was only trying to clean that morning. “Damn. What the fuck was that? Either I ate too much Chinese food last night or I am going bleeding psycho.” Larry grabbed the scissors and ran downstairs to tell Susan what had happened.

When he got to his bedroom Susan was still a huge lump of blankets on the bed. “Susan. Susan,” Larry called out, but Susan did not budge. Larry looked at the clock. “10:30! I thought I’d been up there for hours. Well at least someone can sleep around here,” Larry thought to himself as he sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Susan’s hair. As he continued to stroke her hair he could feel the scissors he still held in his other hand begin to vibrate. With each stroke of his hand the vibrations got stronger and stronger telling him to cut… cut….. cut…Larry knew this was not right, but he was soon under the control of the scissors. Acting as if he were under a trance Larry grabbed a handful of Susan’s hair, exposing her neck. “Cut…. Cut…. Cut…..,” chanted Larry as he began to cut away the hair at the nape of her neck. Though he was under the trance of the scissors Larry was beginning to get aroused by what he was doing. The more he saw of her neck the more he wanted to kiss and caress the newly exposed areas of skin.

He only cut way about a 1/4″ inch of hair when Susan moaned, rolled over and opened her eyes. “What are you doing Hon?” she asked. This was enough to snap Larry out of the trance. He dropped the scissors and replied, “Nothing honey. Found something in the attic I wanted to show you. Sorry to wake you.” Susan seemed to be clueless to what had been going on. Larry was glad that she was a sound sleeper. “Larry, I’ll be up to help you soon. Just let me get dressed. I worked a double shift last night and boy I needed the extra sleep. Thanks for being so considerate. Oh. What did you want to show me?” Susan sat up and kissed Larry on the cheek. Larry wanted more than a kiss, but he wanted to get back to attic and to get to bottom of what was going on. “Oh I can show you later. I can finish the attic myself. Why don’t you get some more sleep or take a day for yourself? God knows you deserve it,” Larry replied. Susan did deserve a day to herself, but Larry was really not ready to tell her what had happened that morning.

Feeling a little guilty that he had not been up front with his wife Larry stuffed the hair he cut from Susan’s head in his pocket, grabbed the scissors and went up to the attic again. He cautiously crept up the stairs. He knew what he experienced up there was a hallucination, there was no logical explanation for what had happened to him. But on the chance his attic was really haunted Larry began to yell. “Hey Ladeeeee! I don’t know what your game is? But you better be gone before I get up there and here I come!” He was almost at the top of the stairs when he started to feel the scissors grow warm in his hand. He swung open the attic door and instead of being assaulted by the scent of dust and mothballs he smelled a sensual aroma which, if his nose served him correctly, reminded him of lavender, sandalwood and candle wax.

Upon entering the attic he was bathed in candle light coming from candles which were placed all over the room. And at the center of the room was a large iron post bed and lying in that bed was the very same woman he met before, but this time she was only clothed in a red silk and lace corset with garters and stockings. She was not a thin woman, but plump in all the right places. Her legs were so long that they seemed to go on forever. Lying stretched out on her stomach she had a feline appearance about her. If he ran his hand down her spine Larry could imagine her purring in delight, but Larry was married and for a minute he tried to put these thoughts from his mind. But she was only a figment of his imagination, so what harm could happen if he went along with it for a while?

The woman propped herself up on her elbows and placed her head in her hands giving Larry the most seductive smile he had ever seen, real or imaginary. “Jakey could you help me remove the pins so I can take this wig off?” As he made his way towards the bed Larry caught a glimpse of himself in the floor length mirror that was next to the bed. He saw that he was no longer wearing his favorite New York Giants sweatshirt and grungy jeans, but a silk robe which seemed to be only thing he was wearing to his surprise.

Larry sat on the bed and started to remove the pins from her wig. “A very realistic wig. You sure did not get this from the Dolly Parton wig catalog,” Larry commented as he removed the wig from her head. Her real hair was pinned close to her head so the wig would have a snug fit. As Larry slowly removed those pins tendrils of platinum blonde hair fell just hitting her shoulders. This struck Larry as odd because women at that time did not begin to cut their hair until twenty years later.

“No Jake only buys the best for his Blaze. That’s why Blaze loves him so. I remember the day you had the wig specially made for me. Though I knew you had fun doing it. First you scoured the poorer parts of town looking for a woman with hair that was as black as midnight and long enough to make our wig. When by good fortune you found her and bribed her with enough money you brought her to our special love nest on Mckinnon Street. There you cut her hair with several swipes of your scissors, gave the woman her five hundred dollars and me her hair. Then after she left we made passionate love for the rest of the night and into the next morning. Your wife almost caught on to us that day.” She then laughed shaking the rest of her hair free of the pins that were holding it back.

“So Great-Great-Grandfather Jake had had a mistress named Blaze. But why in the hell did she need a wig when she had such gorgeous hair that was hers naturally?” Larry thought, shaking his head at her. Blaze then got on her knees, turning her back to Larry she bent her head down showing Larry the reason she needed the wig. Blaze lifted her hair exposing a long sensuous neck and a shaved nape. This sort of thing did not usually turn him on, but Larry was feeling aroused at the sight of her as the scissors he was still holding throbbed in his hands. He was longing to remove more hair and Blaze looked like she was ready to let him do it.

“Jakey you promised me that you would cut my hair even shorter tonight,” Blaze purred. “Why don’t you cut it all off at once? I won’t cry like that simpering downtown girl that sold you her hair. She should have been happy. With the money you gave her she could take care of her family for a long time. And hair does grow. And last time you promised to go all the way.” Larry thought her remark about the downtown girl was a little cold. In Grandfather Jake’s time a woman’s pride was her hair and the downtown girl was giving up the only thing she had of value. He was almost about to leave the attic when he felt the scissors vibrate in his hand. Blaze was on all fours on the bed. She arched her back in a cat stretch, her milky white breasts almost spilling out of the red corset she was wearing or not wearing. Larry savagely grabbed a handful of Blaze’s hair, cruelly pulling it so hard he knew that it had to hurt her, and hacked off a large chunk of hair with his scissors.

“You are not being particularly charitable Blaze. And this should teach you to be a good girl.” Larry could not believe what he did and said. He should have been disgusted and repulsed at what he had done, but instead he was aroused to a point that he was going to lose it any minute. He looked at Blaze, expecting her to be angry with him. For sure Susan would have killed him if he had did such a thing and she said nasty things about her friends all the time. But Blaze only arched her back and moaned, “Again Jakey do it again. I have beeeeen so badddddd and I should be punished.”

“Do I sense that you are enjoying this? Ahhhhh yes you are, you nasty girl.” Again Larry grabbed another and another handful of hair wielding his scissors until there was no more hair left to grab. All the while Blaze moaned in ecstasy. “Now you are not so pretty with all your pretty hair on the floor. I think I will leave it like this to teach a lesson in Christian charity.” What was left of Blaze’s hair was a mess. There were some bald spots where Larry had cut almost to the root and the other uneven longer pieces stood up making her look almost like a mad woman. Larry was aroused to the point that he had better satisfy himself or he too would turn into a madman. Both Blaze and Larry were on fire and all Larry had to do to sate his hunger was to remove his robe and enter her from behind. Larry liked to do it doggy style, but Susan would never let him do it, even though he begged and pleaded with her.

He almost had his robe off when Larry felt the scissors grow cold in his hand. He dropped them realizing the cruel things he had done and said. Blaze looked up at him in disappointment, as if she knew her time with him was coming to an end, sat up and said, “You better finish this next time Jake. You can’t keep me waiting forever, my love.” Larry suddenly felt the room begin to spin and he closed his eyes. When he opened them again Blaze was gone and he was sitting alone on the floor of his dusty attic. He was once again dressed in his Giant’s sweatshirt and jeans. “This could not have all been a dream. It was all way too real.” Larry laughed and looked down at his pants and saw that he was still aroused by his experience with Blaze. But if she was real why was he so aroused when he cut her hair? Larry always loved long hair on women and he never thought he could be so aroused by cutting a strange woman’s hair.

“It must be the scissors,” Larry cursed as he searched the attic floor. After finding the scissors Larry carefully put them back in the box he found them in and went downstairs. His bedroom was empty when he entered it. “Susan must have gone out,” Larry thought to himself. He quickly hid the box in his sock drawer, put on his jacket and went for a walk. “Maybe the cold air will help me get my head straight again. I love my wife and would never do anything like that to her. The scissors must be cursed or as a Trekkie would say, ‘the scissors must have torn a hole in the space time continuum allowing me to travel back in time.’ But what would explain my inexcusable behavior towards Blaze?”

When Larry returned from his walk he went back to his bedroom and there to his surprise he found Susan standing in front their floor length mirror not wearing her usual t-shirt and sweats, but a teal silk Teddy. She must have been going to the gym because she looked fabulous. Her legs were long lean and muscular, her stomach was firm and flat and her breasts firm and perky. And she finally took the out the twisty thing she always wore in her hair on her day off, so her dark blond hair fell in tight curls down her back. “She is a goddess and she is mine,” thought Larry. Then Larry noticed that Susan was holding his Great-Great-Grandfather’s scissors. Larry held his breath, as he watched Susan take those scissors and aimlessly cut away large chunks of her hair. Larry being reminded of Blaze was aroused, as pieces of Susan’s’ hair floated to the floor. Susan as if in a trance did not notice Larry was in the room until he approached her and kissed the nape of her neck.

She then turned around and embraced him. He could feel her erect nipples through the thin silk of her negligee. She was cutting her own hair and was as aroused as he was. Her hair was now very short and she seemed to love it. “Was it the scissors? Or was this really Susan? Who cares? No sweatpants and no hair thingy. I am going to go for it,” Larry mused.

Susan slowly ran her fingers through her hair. “This feels marvelous. But I feel it could be shorter. I feel so light and free. Hold me so I don’t float away.”

Larry embraced his wife even tighter, then he felt her hand him the scissors. But this time they were not warm to the touch like in the attic, but cold as ice to Larry’s delight. He did not feel like having any more supernatural experiences that day. Then Susan pulled him towards the bed. “I need you finish this for me before I lose the courage. Take the rest of it off, but do it slowly. I want to savor this. I read that hair cutting can be a sensual experience.” She threw herself onto the bed then threw Larry a magazine. “Turn it to the page I marked off. That’s what I want to look like. She looks so elegant. Don’t you think this would be great for me? I’ve always wanted to go for it, but never had the courage and then I found these scissors cleaning out your drawers. They seemed to reach out to me and say cut it off. Then I did and that’s when you found me. You never thought I was that spontaneous. Those scissors may be magic,” Susan laughed. Larry looked at the magazine and saw a picture of a model with a buzz cut. She did look great and Susan would look great too. He just hoped she would not regret it later.

Susan flopped on her stomach, bent over and reached under the right side of the bed and pulled out a pair of electric clippers. “I bought these last week after I saw the picture in the magazine. Why pay someone else to do something we could do ourselves?” She sat back up on the bed pulled off her negligee and tossed it then the clippers to Larry. “Before you use them on my head I want you to run them up and down my body. That’s why I bought the cordless Osters. So we would not be restrained. Brrrrrrrrr…. It makes me tingle just thinking about it.”

“Wow Susan I had no idea you felt this way,” Larry exclaimed as he pulled off his clothes and started to massage her shoulders. Susan’s head began to bend over ever so slightly, as she began to relax exposing the area of her hair that he had cut away that morning. Larry planted kisses down her neck not stopping until he reached her lower spine. He grabbed her shoulder and positioned her so she was lying on her back. He then turned on the cordless Osters and ran them up and down her body lingering at her private areas letting the vibration of the Osters pleasure her while he suckled her breasts. He told her to turn over as he removed the plastic guard from the Osters. He straddled himself over her naked body and started to slowly run the clippers through her hair until Susan’s hair was 1/4″ inch in length all around. He put the clippers down and got off Susan so that she could turn over to inspect his handywork.

Susan slowly ran her fingers through her hair. “It feels like velvet. But never mind that.” She grabbed Larry by the shoulders, pulled him down onto the bed and began to slowly and sensually plant kisses down his chest. “You’ve worked your magic on me. Now let me work my magic on you.” Larry happily let Susan take control of their love making, because if he were in control it would be over in six minutes and he knew Susan was not about to let that happen. Larry could see the sweat drip between Susan’s breasts and down her stomach when she finally gave in to her passion and allowed him to penetrate her, their bodies writhing together until each found their own release.

When they were finished Susan planted a kiss on Larry’s forehead. “Hon that was the best. I should let you cut my hair more often. And now if you will excuse me I will take a shower.” Susan laughed and left the room. Larry slowly got up from the bed and saw his great-great-grandfather’s scissors lying on the floor. He quickly got dressed, picked them up and brought them back to the attic. For all he cared now he never wanted to see those scissors or Blaze again. He had his Osters and his wife and that was all he needed. He felt a cold chill run up his spine as he opened the attic door and when he looked inside he saw Blaze sitting naked on his great-great-grandfather’s antique iron bed holding a razor out to him.

“Jakey, I thought you were going to finish me tonight. But I guess you were too busy with your wife tonight. And by the smug look on your face you enjoyed it too. It could not have been that good? I give to you the only thing of value I have. My hair. And unlike that downtown tramp I don’t ask for money. I only ask for a small bit of loyalty.” Blaze took the razor and started to run it over her dry scalp. Larry could only stare at her in horror as pieces of scalp and hair fell upon the bed. Blood ran down Blaze’s forehead as she continued to cut the scalp away from her head. “Is this what you want Jakey? For me to just disappear? Maybe if I keep at it I will.” She then grabbed and pulled the flap of skin that hung from her forehead in one big bloody piece, cutting the skin away until her once beautiful face was replaced by a grinning skull. The skull that was Blaze opened its mouth and howled as it rose from the bed and began to walk towards Larry holding out its arms as if it were going to embrace him.

Larry screamed and ran out of the attic as fast as he could. He almost ran down Susan as he rushed down the stairs, two steps at a time. “Susan, don’t go up there. It… it… itsssss haunted.” Larry panted and grabbed Susan’s hand and led her back down the stairs. Susan could only stare at him in shock. “I remember your grandmother telling me that the attic was haunted by the ghost of a woman who claimed to be your great-great-grandfather Jake’s mistress. She killed herself after Jake refused to divorce his wife for her. The girl, who was also your great-grandparents’ housekeeper, lived in the attic. But these were only stories made up by a lonely old woman, Larry,” Susan stated as she dragged Larry back towards the attic. “Come on I will show you.”

When they reached the attic and opened the door they found the attic empty except for a lot of trunks and cardboard boxes. “Is this your ghost Larry?” Susan asked as she pulled from the back of the attic a dressmaker’s dummy. Larry finally calming down shook his head at her. She began to dig further past the boxes and trunks when she squealed in delight, ” Look an antique iron bed! I’ve always wanted one of those beds. They are so romantic! What fun we can have with this.”

“Yeah right…. Lots of fun,” Larry slowly replied. “I think I’ve had enough of that for today. But tomorrow is another day.”


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