Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards by Kelli21257 & Fortuneer

KELLI21257: I watch you…almost not realizing I am topless…
Fortuneer: Then off comes the thong, which I throw out to a guy in the audience. Everybody cheers.
Fortuneer: The audience loves the show. Then somebody yells, “But she’s supposed to be totally nude!”
KELLI21257: I try to cover myself…starting to realize that I am totally nude and people are taking pictures
KELLI21257: “I am totally nude…you moron!!” I say …totally embarrassed already
Fortuneer: “Enjoy those pictures, guys,” I say to the crowd. “But she isn’t totally bare yet!”
KELLI21257: “Hey…give me a chance to win my clothes back…C’mon..please” I pout…
KELLI21257: I take my hands away…letting you see me completely as I plead
Fortuneer: “Normally, I would, but you cheated!!!” I say. The crowd jeers you.
Fortuneer: I whisper something to one of the spectators….he leaves and returns with a small jar.
KELLI21257: “What is that?” I ask…forgetting to re-cover myself… my body totally exposed
Fortuneer: I open the jar. It’s filled with some kind of foul-smelling cream, which I spread over your mound.
KELLI21257: I am obviously a natural blonde…a few women laugh…they thought I was a fake until now
KELLI21257: “HEY!!! What are you doing?” I try to squirm away
Fortuneer: Then I spread a thin layer over your eyebrows, then massage it through your thick blond hair
KELLI21257: “Quit it!!! What are you doing to my hair?” I say… people hold my arms as you do your work
Fortuneer: “This stuff is depilatory cream. The best on the market.”
Fortuneer: I grab a small tuft of your pubic hair and pull. It comes loose with no effort whatsoever.
KELLI21257: “Omig god…noooo….what have you done?” I say in horror…
Fortuneer: The crowd scrambles to pull out your pubes. “I told you I wanted you nude.”
KELLI21257: I feel my arms grabbed… legs grabbed…I am held helplessly horizontal in the air
Fortuneer: I smile as I gently rub your eyebrows… the hair comes off effortlessly.
KELLI21257: “But…but…I am already nude!!!” I say. “What have you done to me?!?!” I screech
Fortuneer: “I meant TOTALLY nude, didn’t I mention that? I’m sorry,” I say mockingly.
Fortuneer: I spread more cream on your arms and your legs.
KELLI21257: “NOOOO…I’ll be bald…I am a fucking blonde….” I tremble in shock
Fortuneer: You are placed in a chair. Your scalp has begun to burn.
Fortuneer: You rub your scalp to stop the burning, but as you rub, your long
hair comes off in your hands.
KELLI21257: “NOOOO…NOOOOO..” then I can’t even talk..I gasp in denial
Fortuneer: Rubbing your scalp is the only way to stop the burning, but rubbing only makes more of your hair fall out.
KELLI21257: “How do I make it stop? How do I make it stop?!!?!?” I wail…seeing people laughing
Fortuneer: To stop the burning, all you have to do is get the cream out of your hair. It’s that easy.
KELLI21257: I keep rubbing…tears flowing down my face
Fortuneer: I watch with a cruel grin as you sit there literally pulling out your hair.
KELLI21257: I keep going…rubbing it all off
Fortuneer: When the hair on your scalp is gone, I gently rub the hair off your arms and take the cream off of your legs.
Fortuneer: “That should prevent any unwanted hair growth.
KELLI21257: I cringe…feeling defeated and docile… an ex-blonde…
KELLI21257: A long-haired brunette named Amber walks up and runs a hand over my now bald head with a teasing smile
Fortuneer: “Jealous of that long hair? The depilatory is strong enough that even if your hair grows back-IF it grows back- you’ll never have that thick blonde mane you had before.”
Fortuneer: “You are a former blonde!”
KELLI21257: she looks over …listening to you with a smile….”ohhh…I like her like this…”
KELLI21257: “noooooo…it won’t grow back blonde?” I am totally freaked out…
Fortuneer: “You really like her?” I ask. “Well then, take her, she’s yours.”
KELLI21257: She says …thank you…
Fortuneer: “It probably won’t grow back at all,” I say, as you realize that your looks are destroyed, maybe forever.
KELLI21257: “My hair…not grow…back…no…it isn’t possible…” I fall to my knees in shock
Fortuneer: Amber says, “Hmmm…on your knees…I like you like that.” She fastens a collar around your neck.
KELLI21257: I cringe…but allow her to collar me
Fortuneer: She attaches a leash to the collar and snaps her fingers. A small man runs up, carrying a tattoo machine.
Fortuneer: The man knows what to do…he starts the tattoo machine and writes, “blonde” on your forehead, as a reminder of what you once were.
Fortuneer: Amber snaps her fingers again…a woman with long black hair walks in, leading several women on leashes. Each of them is totally naked and bald, and they all have identical “Blonde” tattoos on their foreheads.
KELLI21257: We are all so pitiful now…our manes cut off…foreheads tattooed
Fortuneer: Amber leans over and kisses your bald head. “Don’t worry,” she says. “With training, I’m sure you’ll be a good slave, like all the others.”
Fortuneer: You are led out of the room and into Amber’s car, about to begin a new life as a naked, hairless sex toy.
KELLI21257: Her bald pet


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