Revenge Story

Revenge Story

Revenge Story – Deiter

“Oh man…,” Dave murmured as he caught sight of Toni’s car in the back of the parking lot at the club. “The last thing I need tonight is to have to see her hanging off her latest boyfriend!” he muttered. He had come to the bar tonight to just have a few drinks and relax. This was his usual hangout, and she usually didn’t come here at all, she said she didn’t like the “atmosphere”.

When they had dated a few years back, he had brought Toni here on a Friday night, and she had wrinkled her nose at the place as they pulled up. “What a sty!” she said as they walked in, and as the evening wore on, she picked the place, and the people inside it, apart. Dave was angry at the way she acted, but kept his mouth shut. He didn’t want to piss her off, and basically just wanted to avoid giving her an excuse to bitch even more. They had left and gone to some cheesy, plastic dance club that was filled with the type of people she liked…..insincere, egotistical assholes, much like herself, Dave thought. He liked Toni, and they had great sex, but she was slowly drifting away from him as time went on. She dropped the bomb one day and said they needed to talk, and unloaded the “friends?” on him. She said she loved him, but “not like that” anymore, and wanted to move on. He tried to make her stay with him, but knew his words fell on deaf ears. She had said that he was too much of a “nice guy”, and she knew what she could get away with around him. This hurt Dave deeply, but he tried no to let her see it. She wanted them to keep in touch, and would call him from time to time to meet her for drinks, only to have her newest boyfriend show up shortly after and hang on her in front of him. He finally had enough and told her that she made it too hard to be friends, and said he didn’t want her to call anymore. She was upset and said she wanted to see him, and still thought they could make the friendship work, but he told her that he hated being kept on a string for her enjoyment, and ended any contact with her. He hadn’t seen her in years.

He walked up the to car to make sure it was hers, and if it was, there was no way in hell he was going in. He still had feelings for her to a degree, and remembered how much it hurt to see her with anyone else. As he got up to the car, he saw her vanity plates on the back, “2MUCH4U”, and groaned. It was her car all right, and as he walked up to it, he could see someone slumped across the drivers and passengers front seats. It was Toni! She was asleep or passed out, he guessed.

“Unbe-fucking-lievable,” he muttered, and opened the door. He could smell the liquor on her as soon as the door was open, and he knew she had had more than a little too much. What the fuck was she doing here, he thought? She never came here… He knew it was stupid of her to leave her door unlocked like that, so she must be pretty drunk. He leaned over her and checked to see if she was ok, and could hear her breathing slowly.

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“Just like the Christmas party…..” he thought, and remembered how much she had drunk at his company holiday party a few years ago. He had to carry her to his car and get her to her place and into bed. She was so out of it that he had undressed her and taken her contacts off her eyes without her ever stirring! The next day she awoke and couldn’t remember a thing. Dave didn’t want to have to re-enact that night, but he was, as Toni had said, a “nice guy” and knew he had to help her out. He leaned over her to get her purse and see her address, and realized he had stopped to just look at her lying there.

Her body was still fantastic, her tight pants and top showed him that in a second. He gazed at her upturned face, and remembered all the kisses he had put on those beautiful lips of hers… His favorite thing of hers though, was the thick soft dark brown hair that spilled across the seat. So straight and gorgeous. He had always had a thing for all that hair of hers, and loved to run his hands through it as be brushed it for her when they were together. He snapped out of the mesmerized state he was in, and grabbed her purse. He found her driver’s license and saw she still was at her old place, and evidently single, by the lack of a wedding ring on her left hand, which lay across her chest.

“This is just my luck,” Dave thought. “Go out for a drink, and have to help your old girlfriend home… again!” He chuckled to himself, and shut the door and walked around to the passenger side to pull her out a little easier. She would be dead weight, and her head and shoulders were on that side as she slept, and he could lift her under her arms and just pull her out. He got the door open, and a thought hit him as he saw her hair spill out and hang off the seat edge. He stared at her for a moment, and a smile spread across his face. He looked around and saw that the lot was devoid of any people, and was fairly dark and not easy to really see in. His car was just a short distance away, maybe 7 or 8 spots from Toni’s car. His hands snaked out and seized her thick brown hair and he yanked her out of the car by it and pulled her onto the ground. She was so out of it that she didn’t make a sound as he quickly pulled her body across the lot by the thick mass of her hair, and pulled her up into his car onto the back seat. He shut the door, looked to see if anyone else was around, and went back to wipe his fingerprints off her car handles. He grabbed her purse and darted back to his car. She was still out, and he tossed her purse into the floor by her feet. He drove her back to his place for his little plan, and parked in the garage. He buried his fingers in her hair again and pulled her out from his side onto the floor, where he dragged her into the living room and released her shiny tresses. He smiled at her, and whispered, “It’s time for me to have a little fun, baby… and you can’t do a thing about it.”

He walked away, and returned with a strong twine, rubber bands, and sharp shears. He gathered up her hair on top of her head and began to brush it out into a thick ponytail. He tied it close to her scalp with a rubber band, and began to tie and twist the twine just above it. He had tied and retied it several times, then threw the line over the beam in his living room. He had suspended ceilings, and dark wooden beams cut across the room a few feet down from it. The twine looped over and he caught it. He pulled it tight around his hands, and began to pull on it. Toni’s hair pulled upward from the floor where she lay, and as it tightened and began to lift her head, he pulled harder. Her head and shoulders left the floor, and he was delighted to hear a soft moan escape her lips as her scalp began to pull tight against her head. He pulled and walked backwards, and her body was lifted off the floor until her toes were an inch or two off the floor. He tied the line onto the closet door handle, and walked up to gaze at her hanging in his living room by her beautiful hair. He left the room and returned with a Polaroid, and began to snap pictures for his personal scrapbook. He could hear her moan occasionally from the pain she must have felt, even in her drunken state. He went over and pushed her body, making it swing back and forth. The line creaked under the stress, and he knew if she was awake, she’d be screaming in agony as her body weight hung supported only by the gorgeous mass of soft thick hair she was tied by.

He cut the line from the door and she slumped to the floor in front of him. Dave untied the line from her hair, and grabbed the thick ponytail and began to drag her across the floor. She must have awakened slightly, as she moaned “M-my hair…” and lapsed off into unconsciousness again. He walked from room to room, just dragging her along by her hair for the fun of it. He loved how the hair felt gripped in his hands, and pulled it harder. He pulled her into the den, and released her hair, and he heard her head bump on the floor as her hair was freed from his grasp.

He set up his camcorder and positioned it on the tripod. He walked back over to her and yanked her upward by the hair. He had her positioned where he could tape his little “payback”. He took the shears he had grabbed earlier, and pulled them from his back pocket. He whispered, “Say goodbye to your hair, Toni,” and began to hack through her ponytail. The scissors made a crunching noise as they separated her from her gorgeous mane of hair. Dave smiled as he knew he had finally gotten the prize he had always wanted from her. She fell to the floor and her face struck the carpet hard as her hair was taken from her. She had a bald patch in the top of her scalp, and ragged remains of hair all around it.

Dave knew he had to get her back to her car, and grabbed a chunk of the remaining hair on the back of her head and dragged her back to his car, where he tossed her into the trunk. He went back in and cleaned up all the items he had used, and put the tape and the “prize” of Toni’s stolen hair into his wall safe. The drive back was short, and he tossed her back into her own car and started it up and drove it a few blocks away to a seedy little pub nearby. He parked it in the back of their lot, and left her after putting her back into the driver’s seat. He took the purse, emptied out the contents, and took any money she had. He wiped it down with his handkerchief and tossed it nearby. He wiped down the shears and tossed them onto the ground too, then giving Toni a peck on the lips, he quietly slipped away and walked down the dark streets to his old hangout. The waitresses all smiled and hollered his name as he came in… they all liked him and knew he was a nice guy, not like some of the other customers they had.

“Hey Dave!” one of the waitresses hollered to him. “There was a woman here earlier looking for you, named Toni, I think. Said she knew you came here and wanted to see you.”

Dave feigned surprise, and then made a face. “Oh shit, I used to date her a long time ago! We broke up, and I haven’t seen her in years. And I sure don’t want to see her now!”

The waitress, Charlene, continued “Well, she got pretty fucked up and was hanging on half the guys here, and really pissed off some of their girlfriends! She ended up staggering out and said she was going to another bar, and to tell you she was here.”

Dave laughed and thanked her for the info, but said “I don’t have any reason to talk to her, so to hell with her!” and ordered a drink.

The papers ran a story the next day……………..

“On Saturday night, a woman was robbed and brutalized outside a local bar at or around midnight, police say. She had been out drinking, and had stopped outside a local bar and was evidently going to go in and have a drink, when she was attacked. Police say the woman, whose name has been withheld, was robbed and assaulted before she could get out of her car. The authorities surmise that the assailants were probably members of a local gang, and out on a membership stunt to gain admittance to said gang. The woman’s purse was dumped and her money taken, but that was not enough for the attackers, they say. Probably as a token to take to show their stunt, the woman’s hair was yanked and cut from her head and taken from her. The woman has no recollection of the event, and it has been said by doctors checking her out that her blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit, and said it’s not surprising she had no memory of the attack.”

Dave chuckled as he read the story, and sat back to watch the tape of the “gang attack” on Toni’s hair. His fingers fondled and stroked the thick soft trophy he had taken from her, and he thought to himself “Not so nice a guy now, am I, Toni?” and he began to laugh.


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