Melissa’s New Cut

Melissa's New Cut

Melissa’s New Cut – Buzz

Melissa, a 23 year old female, with long brown hair, one day decided it was time for a change of style. She got on the phone and called her favorite hair stylist, Lisa. She said, “Lisa it’s time for a change.”

Lisa said, “Well, why don’t you come right over now. I can get you in immediately.”

“Well Lisa I am not feeling the best right now – I have had cramps all day long.”

“Well,” said Lisa, “I am going to be gone away on vacation for the next 3 weeks, can you wait that long?”

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“No,” replied Melissa. “If I wait that long I will have changed my mind. Well, I will stop at the drug store and pick up something to help my stomach pains.”

When she got to the drug store the cramps were very bad, but she had to go through with it, she needed that new look. As she was walking down the isle to the Druggist she glanced down on the bottom shelf and saw a bag of adult diapers. “Hmm,” she thought. “I have been running to the bathroom all day, it might be an idea to wear one of these while getting my hair done, Just in case.”

She arrived at Lisa’s Salon and asked if she could use the bathroom. Lisa said, “Sure, what’s wrong?”

“Well I have had a problem with diarrhoea all day. Thought it might be for the best if I put an adult diaper on.”

“Well,” Lisa said. “I will wear one also. You never know, I might need to go also.” With a chuckle and grin,. both girls went into the bathroom and changed into the diapers.

Melissa sat down in the beauty chair and Lisa said, “OK, what is it going to be?”

“I want it cut real short all over and give it a perm. I also think it might look good blond, what do you think?”

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Lisa.

With that Lisa pulled out a black vinyl cape and said, “Once the cape is on it won’t come off with out you looking different.”

Melissa said, “Let’s go for it.”

Lisa put the cape around the neck and started getting into the drawer and pulled out the scissors. She said to Melissa, “OK, what stinks?”

Melissa said, “It wasn’t me!”

“No I guess it wasn’t.” All the excitement of giving Melissa a major cut made Lisa make a mess in the diaper.

“Well, let’s get on with it,” Melissa said. “Once you start the perm I will never notice the difference.”

Lisa started in the back and snipped straight across the back removing over 12 inches of hair. Lisa spoke and said, “Now for the fun!” as she picked the clippers up from the bench. Mellissa was very silent as a very strong odor came over the salon. Lisa said, “Melissa did you do something in your diaper?” Melissa just put her head down and Lisa started the clippers up. She placed a guard over the clippers so not too much hair would get clipped. She started at the nape and worked her way to the sides. when she got to the sides she removed the guard and clipped the sides very short, to less than 2 inches. As the odor got worse from the stench of the two girls’ diapers they both seemed to get very erotic.

Lisa said, “This has to be the best time I have ever had cutting someone’s hair.”

When the cut was done it was time for the perm. Melissa’s hair was now very short and all curly. The final step was to color it blond. When it was all over, Melissa said, “I love it. Lisa,” she continued, “I think you would look good with a short cut, why your hair is already blonde. Can I cut yours and you could guide me on how to do it?”

“Sure,” replied Lisa.

Melissa got up and Lisa sat down. WOW, what a odor, both girls still had the mess in their pants and it was over 2 hours old. Melissa took the cape and placed it around Lisa’s neck. Her eyes were just a glare. You could tell she was getting very horny, Clipper horny. She took the scissors and cut straight across Lisa’s back. She said, “Now for the fun!” She took the clippers and wasted no time clipping all of Lisa’s head. Blonde hair was falling everywhere. Lisa at that time started masturbating under the cape. with that, Melissa grabbed her and said, “Let’s do it baby!”

They both went into Lisa’s bedroom and changed from their messy diapers and both had sex.

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