Bahia is a hellish place to spend a summer holiday. I had missed carnival and had arrived in time for the worst of the summer heat. I spent the afternoons trying to catch what little sea breezes came off the South Atlantic and the nights in the cantinas and brothels. Bahia has the greatest collection of beautiful women in Brazil. Since arriving I had spent every night, the variety of women was beyond belief, from blondes to raven haired bronze beauties and each moved to the samba beat that Bahia is well known for.

This afternoon I had stopped at a vendor’s stand, bought a cold Brahma beer and headed down to the beach. There was a crowd of kids who I had seen before begging in front of the cantinas, they ran passed me without the customary “Hello Senhor, can ju help me?” I followed the throng to near the water’s edge. The beach vendors were hawking beers and sodas to the tired looking tourists. I saw the bartender from my hotel in the crowd.

“Carlo, what is happening?”

Carlo said, “Senhor, you want to see this? This is what happens to thieves here in Bahia.” He pointed at a tall white man in a brown uniform. “Senhor, that is the chief of police, a very rich and important man. Those girls stole his wallet at the cantina last night.” I looked into the crowd, Carlos pointed to the center of the crowd.

There were two chairs and two bare-breasted brown girls tied to the chair backs. Carlos said, “Those little whores tried to take his wallet after he fucked that one,” pointing to the girl on the right, “the other one she was caught with the money, now they’re both going to jail. See all these girls – they’re from the cantina, the owner is going to teach them all a lesson.” Then Carlos said, “Watch this.” I moved closer to the center of the crowd with Carlos. Carlos said, as the man in the uniform started to speak, “You two little thiives are going to pay for your stupidity, and all of you bitches are going to watch.” Then the older woman gave a nod to the other uniformed men in the crowd.

Two men came up to the chairs carrying a small table. The older woman siad to the girls as she unwrapped a black cloth roll and set a bowl of soapy water on the table, “You brought shame on my house and I want everyone here to see what happens to ungrateful bitches like you.” Then she slapped the girl on the right who was screaming, and with a single motion she turned and backhand slapped the girl on the left.

Then the air was silent for a moment. The silence was broken by the girls screaming when the men pulled out two pairs of big shears from the cloth. Each then gathered up the girls’ long black hair into a long pony tail. Both the girls were crying and flailing in their chairs. The crowd was still silent. Then the woman said as she stared at the girls, “Begin,” and the men closed the shears, severing the pony tails and laeving a bald spot in the middle of the girls’ heads. The woman picked up the two severed tails and slapped each of the girls across their face repeatedly. Then she held up a mirror and yelled, “Look at yourselves!” The men turned on the clippers and began to remove all of the girls’ hair, leaving swathes of brown scalp and black stubble in the clippers’ wake.The woman held the girl on the right’s face up and screamed at her, “This is what I get for taking you in, you little cunt!” The barbers plunged the clippers into the hair and held their heads down. They slowly clipped all the thick black hair from their napes to the necks, as they let each pass drop hair to the sand the crowd cheered.

Carlos said, “They shave them in jail anyway, but the owner of the cantina says that these girls are bad for business.” I moved closer to the center of the crowd as the barbers finished up with the clippers on the girls, who had both stopped resisting. The barbers wiped the girls’ heads with the soapy water and started shaving off the remaining stubble as the woman held the mirror in front of the girls, forcing them to see their heads being shaven bald. The man in the unifrom stepped forward with two white jumpsuits and handed the barbers handcuffs. The barbers untied the sobbing girls and led them away. Carlos said, “Well you don’t have to worry about getting robbed at the cantina, it will be a while before those two come back!”


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