Why Don’t I Cut It Off..?

Why Don't I Cut It Off?

Why donīt I cut it off…? – Vanessa Parker

It was one of this very bad days, it already started with my alarm clock which I had forgotten to turn of so it rang at 6 am – on a Sunday. I tried to sleep again but I couldnīt because of this heavy pressure in the area of my pussy, so I got up to have a piss. Slowly I entered the bathroom, lifted up my night-dress, placed my little butt on the toilet and began to piss. While the water ran out between my legs I took a look at my pubic hair and began to play with it. Suddenly I asked myself wherefore it is. I had no idea so it was clear to me to shave this useless and annoying hair.

As I had finished pissing I stood up, took off my night-dress and was now totally naked while I was searching for my razor I normaly used for my legs and armpits. I found my razor but I had no shaving-foam any more so it had to do without. I sat down on the edge of the bath-tub, spead my legs as wide as I could, took the razor and began to shave first from my asshole up to my clit. It was great feeling this cold metal gliding over my clit and how it slowly turned bald.

Having no shaving-foam makes the whole thing more difficult, the razor pulled out many hairs instead of cutting them off, I also cut myself very often and had many little red dots on my cunt but I didn’t care because I was too aroused. There was only the little bush over my clit left which was quickly shaved off. I looked at all the pubic hair on the floor, that was on my pussy some minutes ago and got on my nerves for so many years, and then I looked at my bald pussy, it was so great and felt so soft that from this day on I never gave my pubic hair any chance to grow again.

I wanted to see it in the mirror so I placed myself in front of the washbowl, stood on the tips of my toes and watched my bald area in the mirror hanging over the washbowl. Suddenly a lock of my golden hair fell into my face and I shouted into the mirror: “You are nerving me my whole life, too! Damned hair!” I took a long look at my thick golden blonde curls that hung down over my shoulders in the mirror. And then I decided: “I cut my pubic hair – why donīt I cut YOU?” And I went to get a pair of scissors.

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I took the scissors in my right hand and took a strand from my forhead to cut off. I already had placeed the scissors over the strand and wanted to close the scissors when I put them back on the edge of the washbowl. I looked at my curls again and then I took all my hair and held it together to a horsetail in my left hand and took the scissors with my right. I took a deep breath, placed the scissors over the horsetail and thought: “Cut it off now before you change your mind again!”.

And without thinking any more I closed my eyes and then the scissors, made a hard and self-confident snip and heard this loud and painful crunch. As I opened my eyes again I saw short strands of my hair hanging in my face and after some more hard cuts I held this bundle of hair in my left hand that remained to my golden curls some moments ago. At last I had to finish my new style by shortening the still chin-length hair hanging in my face up to the level of my eyebrows, then I freed my ears from the hair hanging over it and a nice bob took the place of my wavy long hair.


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