Andrea’s Australian Adventure

Andrea's Australian Adventure

The Qantas plane had landed smoothly, and amongst the visitors to the great continent of Australia was Andrea, a woman with a fantastic smile, sensuous eyes, plus she was known to have her head shaved on occasion. On this particular hot July day, she was sporting a nice-looking crewcut style; her hair was still growing back from her last recent shave.

With her camcorder and a few disposable cameras, she wanted to spend these next 2 1/2 weeks Down Under with as many memories and photos as possible. She did hear of a nude beach that was in Australia – Lady Bay Beach. She figured that at least on one day of her vacation, that she’d give it a try.

On the cab ride over to the beach, she noticed many men and women with tans. She wanted a tan, but she was worried that it wouldn’t come out even. She asked the cabby if there was a way to get a great tan on the beach. The cabby said all tans end up the same, and that had it not been for the hair on her head, she could get an all-over tan. With that, Andrea’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, sir!” said Andrea. She then told the cabby to drive her to the nearest barbershop. There was a barbershop about half a block away from the beach.

She walked in, and saw a big tall blonde barber. He looked as though he was middle-aged. He said, “G’day. My name’s Paul. How are ya?”

“I’m fine, Paul. Um…I’d like a cut, please.”

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Paul looked her over and said, “Well, Renee just finished her lunch break; she’ll give your hair a go. What kind of look were you trying to get?”

Andrea stated that she wanted to get shaved. Paul had a puzzled look on his face, and said, “Hold on one moment.” He ran to the back to confront Renee. He went, “Oi, this sheila wants to get her head shaved! She must be from the States….”

Then both Renee and Paul walked out. Renee was a tall, slender, beautiful raven-haired women, with a cute round face, and a great physique; her hair was done in a bob that went to the middle of her neck. “How are ya? I’m Renee. Look, I don’t do the shaving itself; I mainly do highlights and cuts. So I’ll tell you what…. I’ll wash your hair to get it nice and clean, and easy for Paul to shave it off. Sound good?”

Andrea loved the idea. She then got in the chair, and was about to get her hair washed, when suddenly a thought popped in her head. “Wait! Don’t do it!” Paul was thinking that perhaps this girl from the States was finally coming to her senses. “I can’t let you shave me yet, because the guys of the group won’t have proof that I did it!” She then explained that she’d had her image posted on a website of her head being shaved, and that if she got shaved just now, and didn’t get any photos of it, she’d never hear the end of it! “This explains why my hair is in this style now,” said Andrea. “It’s just growing back from a shave I did months ago.”

She got her camera out, and knowing that Paul had to prepare the cream and razors, and Renee would be washing her hair, their hands would be full. So she leapt out of the chair, and asked a random person that was walking by to come in and tape her getting shaved. This random person just happened to also be from the U.S., and more importantly, he had seen her photos of her with and without hair, and instantly recognized her. “Andrea! Oh my God! It’s you! Cool! Can I get your autograph?” Blushing, she gave her autograph, and then he took his disposable camera and snapped a photo of her. She then gave him her camcorder, and she sat back down, and got her hair washed with a strong shampoo with hot water. This made the hairs on her head get weak and ready to be shaved off.

Paul then came behind her and toweled her head off, then got the clippers. He used a Number 2 guard and sheared her head. She was giggling over how it felt; even though this had happened to her before, she still loved that feeling of the first brush over her head with the clippers. Paul then re-oiled the clippers, and used them again on her head, this time with no guard. The metal teeth on the clippers chewed away what was left of her hair until it was all gone. She was bald, but not as bald as she wanted to be. Paul then applied hot shaving cream on her head, then wrapped a hot towel on her head. After it cooled, he removed the towel, and applied more cream on her head. He then started to sharpen his straight razor. This caused Andrea to shiver a bit; she had never been shaved with a straight razor before, just the disposable kind. When Paul found it to be as sharp as he could get it, he lowered her left ear, so as to not nick it, and started to scrape away. He worked as quickly as he could, so that the cream wouldn’t dry up on her head. He went from the front of her head to the back with the razor, without one nick. He then recoated her head with shaving cream, and with a disposable razor, went from the back of her neck and head to the front. He used a disposable this time so that he wouldn’t accidentally nick her on the way up her scalp. He then recoated her head, and gave her a quick shave, to make her head nice and shiny.

The man from the U.S. caught this whole ordeal on tape, and was very grateful for this moment. Paul then said, “Hey, I usually shave men’s heads right before they’re about to play football, but this is the first time I ever shaved a woman before.” Renee commented on how beautiful and alluring she was without hair. She then said she wouldn’t do it herself, at least not at this time. At that moment, both Renee and Paul expected this bald beauty to pay them, but what she said next shocked everyone in the barber shop.

“Well, I wanted to go to the beach out there and get an all-over tan, so… would it be a hassle if I asked you to shave my eyebrows?” The man who was recording this was digging this scenario. Paul reluctantly agreed, and he took the clippers, which still had no guard on them, and buzzed her eyebrows off, then took cream and a razor and SWIPE, SWIPE, her eyebrows were no more. She then told them that she could always pencil them in.

Paul was getting a bit randy, and mischievous, and asked, “Well, miss, if you’re getting an all over shave, then perhaps you’d like to me to, well, you know….down there….”

Catching his meaning right away, she smiled at him and exclaimed, “Well, Paul, I’ll leave that to your imagination.” She then paid the barbers, gave both Renee and Paul a big hug, then went to her “director” to get her camera back.

“I want to thank you for doing the filming. I’ll make sure that you’ll get a copy. Say, I never caught your name….”

“Chuck,” he said.

“Well, Chuck, I have one more thing I’d like to ask you to do for me. I’m about to go out to this beach, which as you know has nude sunbathers. Could you coat me with suntan lotion?”

“Well, gee, that’s a tough question….”

Chuck and Andrea laughed, then went out to Lady Bay Beach. As they walked to the beach, people commented on how sexy she looked without her hair. She sat on the sand, and started to remove her clothes. He then coated her from the feet upward; she loved his touch as he applied the lotion. He then rubbed the lotion on his face and scalp, and rubbed it in slowly. She giggled at the feeling. She then sat on her stomach for 20 minutes, then flipped over to get her front tanned. Seeing that it was Chuck’s last day in Australia before he went home, he asked her out for dinner, and they enjoyed a great feast. Even though his vacation ended, hers was just half over, and it was indeed a great Australian adventure that neither would forget.



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