Through the Beauty Salon Window

Through the Beauty Salon Window

Through The Beauty Salon Window

I was sitting looking through the door of the beauty shop, when I saw this lady with very dark brunette hair sitting in the stylist’s chair. The hairdresser was combing her long dark thick hair straight down and talking about the length that her hair had reached. The lady in the chair was talking and motioning that she wanted her long hair cut short. I could tell by the stylist’s movements that he did not think that cutting her hair all off was a good idea. Her hair was thick and hung to about 10 inches from the floor. The stylist had to squat down in order to reach the bottom of her hair as he combed it.

The hairdresser had the lady get up from the chair and walk over to the shampoo sink. The lady sat down and leaned back as the hairdresser began to wet down the thick mane of brown hair. The lady’s hair was then covered in shampoo and the stylist worked the hair into a rich lather. The suds were rich and fluffy as the hairdresser worked them into her long hair. The stylist had to rinse her hair twice to get out all the shampoo, then he worked a handful of cream rinse into her hair making it soft and silky looking. The hairdresser then took a towel and wrapped the long hair up and had her walk over to the stylist chair. She looked very European as she walked over to the chair with her hair pulled back and hidden under the towel. It almost looked like she had no hair.

The lady sat down and the towel was removed from her hair and the mass of tangles and scrunched up hair fell down over her face. The stylist then took a large comb and started to untangle the brown locks. You could see the lady did not like this, and that day after day of washing and untangling her hair had brought her to this salon today. Soon the hairdresser was finished combing the mass of brown hair, and it hung straight from the back of her head. The lady then seem to be motioning that she would like to have her hair cut about shoulder length. Her hands where raised to about her shoulders/chin. The stylist seemed to be trying to talk her out of it, but the lady would have nothing of it. They talked for a while then the hairdresser started to section her hair into three sections. He then began to braid the long hair and after a couple of minutes the long damp hair was in a very thick brown rope of a braid. The braid hung well below the seat of the chair and was as smooth as a store-bought rope.

The next thing I saw was the lady in the chair reach forward and take hold of a pair of scissors sitting on the workstation. The girl opened and closed them a couple of times and then reached up and pulls the long braid of hair over her head and with the assistance of the hairdresser placed the scissors at the base of the long braid. She then shut her eyes and you could see she was gritting her teeth as she closed the scissors on her hair. She had to almost saw through the braid but soon I heard a loud snipping sound as she finally cut through her braid. As she cut through, the hairdresser pulled up on the braid and it swung free of her head. The remainder of her hair just fell to the side and hung very uneven and it was longer on the sides then in the back.

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The lady was all smiles when the hairdresser gave the long braid to her. She sat there playing with it as the stylist then set about to correct her now lack of hair. He combed it down, all around and looked at the short back and longer sides and I could tell he was telling her that he would have to bob it all off about chin level or higher. With that she nodded her head and seemed to be indicating that she wanted bangs also. The stylist then started to pin up the hair in four sections and left a fringe of hair hanging down the nape of her neck. When this hair was combed down, the stylist then reached for his comb and clippers. He combed into the neck hair and ran the clippers over the teeth: very short hair emerging where once hung this thick braid of over 38 inches. The hairdresser continued comb over clippers until all the hair in the back of her head was buzzed off to almost military in length. The lady then reached up and felt the stubble left by the clippers and seamed to be happy with the feel of it. I then watched the hairdresser shake his head and grin. I recall thinking he must be enjoying this.

Next the hairdresser combed down the back two sections and re-pinned more hair up in the back. When that section of hair was combed down straight the stylist reached up for the hand mirror and held it so that the lady could see the hair length in the back. The hairdresser held his hand at about chin length in back and the lady shook her head in a no manner. So the hairdresser raised his hand to almost the middle of her ears in length. The lady smiled and agreed on the length to be cut. With that the stylist placed the scissors into the hair at the back of her head and held then at mid ear length and asked her if she was sure, she said yes. Then the hair stylist closed the scissors and watched as a large hank of hair fall to the floor. Left behind was only the short clippered hair that the hairdresser had cut just minutes before. The hairdresser then held up the mirror again and the girl smiled at the results.

The hairdresser continued to comb down the thick brown hair and hack it off at mid ear. The finished results of the chopped off hair was stunning to look at. The girl just sat there in the chair playing with her chopped off braid and watching her hair being cut shorter and shorter. Then the hairdresser combed down the bang area of her hair and placed the scissors at brow level and cut straight across. The look of her with bangs was incredible. She had paper thin brows but they were outlined in dark liner making them appear almost drawn on. She did not appear to like the length and motioned for them to be cut shorter. The stylist by this time knew better and re-combed the bangs straight down and placed the scissors about mid length between the brows and her hairline. Snip, snip went the scissors as there emerged very short straight bangs where once almost 38 inches of uncut hair had hung.



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