Zero Point

Zero Point

Zero Point – Ted Morgan

Be born again at the Zero Point Club, where a little goes a long way. First, we take you to center stage, where you disrobe in spotlighted splendor before an audience lost in darkness. Every element of your body falls into critical view as you follow strict orders to reveal what you keep hidden.

Second, the hooded figures join you. They explore with gloved hands all revealed places and all places still hidden and recessed.

Third, you take the snarling clippers the hooded masters hand you. You follow their orders to run the clipper straight across the top of your head from brow to crown.

Fourth, you repeat the motion repeatedly until no hair remains. You follow directions to bow your sheared head for all to see your depilated ruin.

Fifth, a fine youthful man comes from the darkness with a small razor to cut away your eyebrows.

Sixth, a beautiful woman with ravishing long hair comes to trim away your eyelashes. A great round of laughter greets the final act.

Slowly, the room empties. Your lover comes and wipes the tears. “You have passed the zero point test,” he whispers. Naked, cold, hideous, you suddenly laugh, “So I have, so I have.”


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