Anna’s Punishment

Anna's Punishment

As a drop of sweat rolled down my forehead as I sipped on a glass of ice tea in a vain attempt to cool down. The oppressive heat of a summers night has left me clad only in my bra and panties while relaxing on the coach in the apartment living room. All of a sudden I hear the sound of a key turning the latch in the door lock, it must be my room mate Debbie. The door swings open and in walks Debbie with a bag of groceries. She turns towards me and her face turns white as a ghost. She drops the bag she is carrying and screams, “Oh my gosh, Anna! What happened to your hair? Why your head has been shaved bald!” Although it just happened to me a few hours ago it already seems like eons in the past, and I already have grown so accustomed to my new look that I forgot that just this morning I had three feet of black curly hair. I answer my shocked room mate, “It’s a long story Deb, so sit down on the couch and I’ll fill you in.

I got to work this morning at the health club as usual and started into my daily routine of working the reception desk. The normal stuff of giving out towels and checking ID’s. Since the boss told me to be careful about people trying to sneak into the club I was being pretty strict about people showing me their card. I guess I sort of been on a power trip, and was getting a little nasty with some of the clients, kind of being a ‘Desk Nazi’. I was especially cocky today and if someone didn’t have their card I made them search for it even if they were regulars. About noon time a woman comes in, dark black hair olive complexion, thin, very handsome but real business like. She was wearing a designer business outfit and loaded with jewelry, real important looking. I guess I felt that I had to show her who had the power, so I made her search her bag for her ID card. She was more than a little annoyed as she showed me her card, it was then that I noticed the diamond bracelet that she was wearing. I looked at the piece and thought, “Wow they can’t be real, not that huge they can’t be!” Later I was in the ladies locker room and I notice that the bracelet is laying on a bench. I pick it up and look at it and think, “Who would be so stupid to leave this laying about!” I don’t know what possessed me but I slipped the piece down my bosom, and went on with my work. Later on her way out the dark haired lady inquired if anyone had found a bracelet, I of course played ignorant. She was quite miffed at my response and left in a huff.

It was 15 minutes past closing time and I was the last person in the club. I was in the laundry room folding towels. It was my responsibility to get things ready for the next day, and lock up before I left. I was concentrating on my work when I heard footsteps approaching . I looked up and saw two of the biggest men I have ever seen standing in front of me. They were dressed in black and must have been 6’5″ and 250 lbs. I said, “May I help you?” The guy on the left replies, “The boss wants to see you , come with us” I try to make a break for it, but they pick me up , one on each arm and lift me off the ground. My legs are running, but I am going nowhere. The man repeats, “The boss wants to see you, NOW!” With that the two carry me into the front of the club at the entrance. The club has both a beauty salon, and a barber shop in the front. There is a light on in the barber shop, and they carry me inside. A woman is inside, it’s the dark haired lady who I gave a hard time to, and whose bracelet I stole. The two men still have me suspended in mid-air. The woman greets me, “Hello Anna, I ‘m glad to see you again. Now for the last time where is my bracelet.” I reply in a smug manner, “I have no idea what you are talking about.” With that the woman signals to the two huge men and they turned me upside down and begin to shake me like a salt shaker. The bracelet falls to the floor, and the woman bends down and picks it up. She looks at me with a stern look and says, “Anna, Anna, Anna, not only are you a thief but you’re also a liar too. I think we are going to have to teach you a lesson. Come here NOW!” she commands in a stern voice. I want to run but the two giants block the doorway. I meekly walk over to where she is standing. She puts her arm around me and starts to talk to me in a firm low voice, “Now Anna, you have three choices: One I call the police and report this, of course you know that means you will probably be spending some time upstate with a lot of other woman. I plead, “Oh please not that, please!” “Smart girl,” she replies. “Number two, I can let these two gentleman determine your punishment.” I look over at these massive beasts and I grab on to her and hug her for dear life. “Another wise decision” She comments. “That leaves only number three, I determine your punishment” I nod my head meekly in a positive fashion. She smiles, and says, “Now be a good girl and go sit in the chair over there.” She points to the barber’s chair, and I realize that she means to cut my hair! I start to get real nervous and sick to my stomach. My eyes start to tear, and I implore her. “Oh please don’t cut my hair, I love it so much! “I’ll do anything else you want, anything, but please don’t cut off my hair, I’ll be ugly.” I’m on my knees and begging, she looks at me like a cat playing with a mouse, and says, “Your choice – one, – two or- three” I burst into tears, she gets angry and pulls me to my feet, and slaps me across the cheek, and says, “You did the crime, now you take the punishment! You’re a grown woman, not a child, admit your mistake, and accept your fate!” I pull myself together and force the tears to halt. I slowly walk over to the chair and take a seat. She smiles. The chair feels strange, never having sat in one before. She walks over carrying a barbers cape and tells me to lift my long hair up. I comply and she fastens the cape at the back of my neck, after positioning a small piece of tissue. She brushes my hair so that it falls down the back of the chair. She looks at it for a minute or two, studying all those beautiful curls. I ask her in a very meek voice, “How short are you going to cut it?” she answers with a sly smile on her face, “Well lets say Anna dear, that you will not have to worry about combing or brushing anything, my dear.” A chill runs down my spine! I want to burst into tears, but I restrain myself. She grabs a pair of large black clippers from the rack and turns them on. With the other hand, she grabs the hair on the left side of my head. She pulls my head slightly forward and brings the vibrating machine to the front of my head. She pushes up across my scalp. The strange machine’s vibrations numbing my brain. Slowly the black monster goes, filling the air with my lovely curls as they fall into my lap in front of me. I can feel the vibrations on the back of my head now and soon they are moving down my neck. she stops and pulls my head up so that I can see myself in the mirror. I shudder in horror, there is a two inch white stripe of baldness running down the middle of my head. Down again goes my head, as she takes another pass with the clippers across my curly head. After two more passes she forces my head up to take another look. I have no hair from the front top or back of my head. I still have long hair on both sides, but the middle looks like someone ran a four lane concrete highway across the middle of my head. She pulls hard on the remaining hair on the left side tilting the right side up. Now running the clippers up the right side a pass at a time. My right side is becoming as bald as the top. She soon is running them up and behind the right ear. The only long hair left on my scalp is on the left side. She lets go of the hair, and grabs me by the right ear. Taking the clippers she repeats the process on my left side. All that’s left now is a lock behind my left ear, but the clippers soon sever this too. I look at my head, all my beautiful long curls are all gone, and in its place black stubble is all that remains. I glance at the floor, and feel a pain in the pit of my stomach when I see all my lovely curly hair strewn about in disarray. She turns off the clippers and I breathe a deep sigh, but respite is a short one. A new buzzing sound much higher in pitch replaces the old low throated vibrations. She now is going over my scalp with a very small pair of clippers. They seem to be cutting an even closer path in the stubble left by the last machine. In the places visited by this little humming bee, my scalp looks even whiter than before. She carefully traces across every inch of my former hairy head, cutting ever closer to my naked scalp. It seems like an eternity, but she finally finishes and this machine also falls silent. I feel she must now be finished, my head is totally bald, what more can she do? The answer to my question comes very quickly. She is over at the hot-lather machine gathering a warm white cloud in the palm of her hand. With her free hand she starts working the lather across my scalp. My head is soon covered with white foam. The slapping sound of metal smacking leather greets my ears as she then starts to sharpen a straight razor upon a leather strop. Taking the sharpened blade in hand she proceeds to scrape off the white foam from my head with short deft strokes. My head is becoming smoother and smoother as the razor reveals the naked skin on my pate. She finishes the task and proceeds to run her fingers across my naked head checking for stubble as she goes along. She is evidently not satisfied for she proceeds to lather my head again. This time she uses a disposable razor and repeats the shaving process, once again scraping my entire scalp front to back. Finally with a huge smile she announces that I am done. She wipes off any left over cream from my head, and rubs my entire scalp with baby oil. She then positions me so that I can see my reflection in the mirror. My head is totally smooth and hairless. I am about to burst into tears but hold back. She then says, “Now Anna I want you to take a good look at the results of your behavior. Next time maybe you will think twice about your actions, and the way you treat people.” I bow my head and step down from the chair. I am totally submissive and crest fallen. I walk out of the barber shop and go to the desk and collect my things. I can barely keep back the tears from my eyes. I walk quickly to the door and break into a run. I open the doors and run out onto the side walk. I can no longer hold back, as I explode into tears.

I run about a block cross town when I stop and slow down. My mind is now confronted with another horror. What if someone sees me, I’m totally bald! I continue down the block drying my eyes and trying to hide in the shadows as I walk. All of a sudden as I approach the corner I nearly collide with a guy walking up town. I’m horrified but frozen in my tracks like some animal caught by a predator. He turns looks at me and smiles a seductive smile and says, “Great look, girl, looks really sexy on you!” I open my mouth, but can’t say a word. I sort of smile and nod my head, and run across the street. I reach the other corner and catch a glimpse of my reflection in the darkened window of a deserted shop. For the first time I study what I see. I think to myself, “I don’t look bad at all with no hair! Maybe that guy was right – I am sexy with this bald head of mine. My eyes look much larger, and my head has a beautiful shape! I actually never looked at my ears before, but they look quite nice!” I start to feel a wave of self confidence and proceed to walk proudly down the street.

I stop into an open coffee shop, and go to the ladies room. I get a few stares, but hey this is New York City, most people have probably seen a bald woman before anyway. Inside I proceed to fix my makeup, and put on a large pair of gold loop earrings I found in my purse. I look at the results in the mirror and like what I see, maybe this bald headed look is OK, maybe I should just keep my head shaved all the time. Just at that moment another girl walks into the ladies room and says, “Far out shaved head!, looks fantastic on you!” “Thanks for the compliment.” I replied “When did you shave it?” asks the girl. “Just an hour ago” I answered. “Do you think I should keep it this way?” “Honey, with your features you don’t need hair at all, you’re gorgeous! The only hair care you need is a razor and shaving cream!” “Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll take it!” I reply. I walk out and sit down at a table and order a cup coffee. I’m sitting at the table and who do you think walks in but that cute guy who lives on the 5th floor of this building. You know the real hunk with the crew cut. I’ve been dying to meet him for months, but the guy never seems to notice me. To my complete surprise he spots me sitting at the table and comes over to talk to me. “Hi, my name is Ed. I think we live in the same building?” he says. “Yes I’m in 3c.” “My name is Anna.” I reply. He says, “Oh yes, you had like long curly black hair. I think you look a lot hotter now that you shaved it all off.” I reply, “Thanks, I just did it today and I’m kind of just getting used to it.” He looks at me a second and then answers, “I definitely think you should keep your head shaved, you are a lot sexier without the hair.” I smile and we continue to chat for awhile. Before I know it we exchange phone numbers and he asks me out for a date this weekend. After that interchange I leave the coffee shop and come home to this hot box of an apartment. With this weather I’m glad I’m rid of all that hair, I’m a lot cooler being bald on top! I guess it started out as a punishment and turned out to be an asset! I should really thank that woman for the haircut tomorrow, I bet you that would blow her mind.

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Debbie gets up and without a word heads to the bathroom. She is in there for a couple of minutes when she calls, “Hey Anna, could you come in and help me?” I put down my drink and lift myself off the couch and meander towards the bathroom. When I enter I see Debbie sitting on a chair in front of the mirror by the sink. Around her are a can of shaving gel and pack of disposable razors. And in her hand is a pair of hair clippers. “Well Anna, I like your new look so much that I think I’ll join you. I’ve secretly wanted to shave my head for years, but never could get up the courage, but when I saw your gorgeous smooth look, I said it’s now or never girl! Could you do the honors and turn me into a bald beauty just like you?” I said nothing, but I smiled and took the clippers from her hand. Switching them on, I grabbed the back of her shoulder length red mane, and brought the vibrating machine to the front of her head and started to plow across her scalp. Red hair flew everywhere as I created a smooth white path down the center of Debbie’s head. I stopped at the crown and started another swath next to the original. Debbie watched in glee as her head transformed from red silk to white skin, as I quickly ran the clippers over her entire head. Upon putting down the clippers, Debbie’s head looked pale white with a slight red tinge of stubble. Debbie who seemed to be quite turned on by being sheared then grabbed the can of shaving gel and placed it in my hand and said, “I want to be totally smooth, just like you.” Wetting her head with some water I squirted some gel on the top of her head and proceed to work her the surface of her entire scalp into a white frothy lather. I grabbed one of the disposable razors and proceed to shave her head as if I was shaving my legs. I shaved a little area at a time and then felt the scalp for smoothness. Slowly section by section until I had finished her entire head. Running my fingers across the newly shaved skin I felt that another shave would be in order, She did specify smooth you know. Lathering her head once more I took a fresh razor and again worked until her head was smooth as a baby’s behind. Debbie thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and when I finished brought her hands to her scalp and felt the skin for the first time. She lets out a swoon as she feels the virgin naked skin, now clear of any covering growth. I place a few drops of baby oil on the top of her head and she quickly proceeds to massage it in to her smooth and silky pate. She stands up, and the two of us pose in front of the mirror, marveling at how great we look hairless and free. Debbie turns to me and says, “Well I guess from now on we’ll be known as the two bald girls from 3C!”


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