Your Haircut

Your Haircut

Your Haircut – JAE1226

Elaine, first I would take your hand and lead you over to my chair. I would then take a brush and slowly brush your beautiful hair. With each stroke of the brush your anxiety level would increase as you feel the locks being smoothed out. I would then ever so lightly start messaging your shoulders and neck until you went into a relaxed position. I would then stroke your hair with my hands feeling the silky smoothness that is about to be lying on the floor. While you are in a very relaxing position, I then reach behind me and grab the clippers. As I turn them on you hear the buzzing noise and become nervous. At this time I reassure you that this is going to be the most sensual haircut you will ever get. As I move the clippers toward your head you heart starts pounding and your legs start to weaken. I then place the cold clippers to your cheek: as you feel the vibration your heart starts to pound faster. You then tilt your head forward till it touches your chest (as if to say you are ready). I then place the clippers to the back of your neck and slowly start moving them up the back of your head. As the locks of long beautiful hair start falling in your lap a tear begins to run down your cheek. It is a tear of excitement. I then reach the top of your head with the first stroke and I see this beautiful mane lying on the floor. This is now getting me excited. I then keep taking slow smooth strokes until all the hair in back is buzzed. I then work my way around to the side and top, with each stroke your head is becoming lighter and your head is happy to be getting rid of the massive weight you had put on it. After buzzing it high and tight you take your hand and start to rub it. You like feeling the stubble that is now there, you then ask for a mirror to see yourself. As you look into the mirror you see a new beautiful person that was hiding behind the hair. Your face radiates with your new look.


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