One of These Days

One of These Days

One Of These Days – Sue

I have known Connie for several years now. Connie is a barber at a nearby military base. She works at the Reception Station Barber Shop giving the new arrivals their induction haircuts. Connie is a very well-built woman who doesn’t mind letting these new recruits seeing just how well she is built. Connie wears an ultra short pink dress to work every day that shows off not only her long shapely legs but also her great cleavage. I like to drop in on Connie from time to time while she is working just to say hello and to chat for a while. Ok, I like to see Connie at work giving those young recruits their first military haircuts. I love seeing the looks on those boys’ faces when they get a good look at Connie and her body. While she is shaving all their hair off, Connie will tease them by standing in front of them as she cuts all that long hair right off to the skin. I have seen Connie remove all the hair off a recruit’s head in just over 30 seconds. Connie has very lovely blonde hair that she likes to wear up in a French Twist most of the time. Connie has looked at me on several occasions while giving induction haircuts and said “One of these days.” I have often wondered what she meant by that.

Connie has been cutting my hair almost as long as I have known her. She is fully aware of my hair fetish as I am of hers. I think that is one of the reasons we get along so well. I have long, thick red hair that is down (used to be) to my butt. Connie trims it for me every six weeks. Every time she cuts it she always tells me, “I think you would look good with an induction cut.” I have always told her, “Maybe some day but not today. I’ll just stick with watching you give those poor recruits induction cuts.”

Connie likes to use her clippers to trim my hair. She says she can get my hair much straighter with the clippers. I like the sound of her clippers and the teasing she does with me with them. Connie has pinned my hair up off my nape and placed her clippers on my nape several times the last few times she has trimmed my hair. The feeling of the clippers on my neck has been a very erotic feeling. They send shivers all up and down my body that always end up arousing me beyond words. I think this arouses Connie just as much as me. At least the time in bed has always been better after she has done that.

A few weeks ago Connie called me and told me it was time for my haircut and that she would be expecting me at her house the next evening at eight. And I should wash and dry my hair before I came over. I didn’t think any more about it until the next day when I was drying my hair. I had not dried my hair in such a long time I had forgot just how hard it was to dry. It seemed to take forever. Connie is the one who washed and dried my hair for me in the past. As I would wash and dry her hair for her. So this made me wonder what she was up to. I came to the conclusion it was that today was the day. Five new companies of recruits were coming in. And she would be working late. So I finished drying my hair and got dressed and drove over to Connie’s house. When I arrived Connie called out to me to come into the kitchen where she was already set up to cut my hair. Connie had everything all laid out to cut my hair. I thought it was a little strange that she still had on her pink dress. I thought she would have been home long enough to have already changed clothes.

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Connie looked at me and said, “Good evening, have a seat. Today is the day.” That was all she said as she snapped her white and pink pin-striped hair cape around my neck. She pulled my hair up out from under the cape and re-adjusted the cape around my neck. Connie started combing my hair and as she did she asked, “So how was it having to wash and dry all this long hair tonight? Did you enjoy it?” Then I heard her clippers snap to life. (I love that sound they make when first turned on) Connie then stepped in front of me and ran her large comb up beside my temple and then she said once again, “Like I said, today is the day.” I saw the clippers come close to my face and then the hair started raining down into my lap. (I now know what Connie meant all those times when she said. “One of these days”) All I could say was, “I hope this is not one of your 30 second induction haircuts.” Connie looked me eye to eye and said, “Who gave you permission to speak?”

After cutting the top down to the skin and both sides the same way. Connie stepped behind me and pushed my head down. Then I felt the most erotic feeling I have ever felt as the clippers made their way up the back of my head. I wanted this feeling to go on forever. Connie brushed the hair off my neck after each pass. I just sat there shuddering all over. Connie kissed my now clean neck and then went back to cutting my hair. When the haircut was over Connie removed the cape and all my hair fell to the floor.

“What a pile of hair,” I said to Connie as I stepped out of the chair.

Connie looked at me and said, “Welcome to the Army. You will never see that much hair come off your head ever again! You may rub your head Miss.”

I looked at Connie as I rubbed my head and said, “One of These Days.” Needless to say it was the next day before we cleaned all my hair up off the floor.


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