Women’s Barber Shop

Women's Barber Shop

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I have often wondered where the women in the town I live in go to get their hair cut short like men. I love to see women with short haircuts. I searched all the shops I thought women would go to for their short haircuts. I found a few where women got their hair cut but none where they got crew cuts or any haircuts of that sort. So I have had to be happy with seeing these women and dreaming of where they got their hair cut. I have seen at least fifty women in my home town with crew cuts, flat tops, high and tights and other haircuts that most would only think men would have.

The other day while we were in bed my girlfriend asked me out of the blue if I would mind if she got her hair cut real short. She has hair down to her waist. It is red and looks very good on her. I thought about it for about five seconds and said, “No not at all, as long as I could see you getting it cut.”

Now my girlfriend is a very beautiful woman who is dominating over me. She likes to dominate me whenever we are alone. I enjoy this role a lot. She has even spanked me on several occasions. As we talked she grabbed my hair and said, “You could use a haircut yourself. A friend of mine told me of a place where we can both get our hair cut without any men giving us any strange looks. I have made an appointment for the two of us later today.”

I had no idea Kim had ever thought of getting her hair cut short. I knew some of her friends wore their hair short. My heart raced as I thought of seeing Kim getting her hair cut short. And the possibility of seeing other women getting short haircuts.

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Kim got up out of the bed and said, “Let’s take a shower and get ready to go to the Barber Shop. It is going to take several hours for me to get you ready for your haircut.”

I thought she must have meant for her to get ready. I asked, “You mean for you to get ready. All I need to do is shower, wash my hair, and shave.”

Kim gave me that stern look that she gives when she is about to say something she means for me to follow to the letter. “No I mean for me to get you ready. Not only am I going to shave your face, I plan on shaving your legs, under arms and chest. You can’t have hair on your legs wearing my clothes. So get your ass in the shower now! We are going to a Woman’s Barber Shop, no men are allowed there. So you have to look like a woman. And that means you cannot say a word while we are there. I will do all the talking. do you understand me?”

All I could do was to follow her directions. Kim did allow me to wash her body before she sissified me. She shaved my legs, under my arms and my chest. Then she put her powder all over my body. She ordered me to sit at her dressing table where she proceeded to pluck my eyebrows to look like a woman’s. I must say it hurt a lot. As Kim tweezed my eyebrows she said, “Now you are just beginning to see what a woman goes through every day to look good for her man.” She then went to her closet and took out two short dresses, a pink one and a black one. She laid out two bras, two pairs of stockings, one pair of lace thongs, two pairs of heels and a girdle. She ordered me to get dressed. I told her I had no idea how to put on those clothes. She said “Ok I will help you but first I think you need to learn some manners, young man. Lay your ass over my knee.” I did as I was told.

After Kim was done giving me a good sound spanking she ordered me to put the girdle on (this thing was tight) and to tuck my dick between my legs. she then put the bra on me and stuffed it with those false breasts she wears sometimes. She helped me on with the stockings, and the dress. She then put make-up on me and ordered me to sit while she got ready. It sure is hard walking in pumps.

On the way to the Barber Shop Kim reminded me that I was not to say a word at all while we are at the Barber Shop. She told me if I did she would expose me to all her friends there. I had no idea what that meant. But had no plans on saying anything at all. I did not want anyone to know I was a man under these clothes. Anyway this was the best role-playing Kim and I have ever done. Yet I was beginning to wonder about how much of this Kim was playing and how much she was doing for real. After all, a while ago when she spanked me she did use a paddle and did hit me harder than she has ever hit me before, my ass still hurts. Kim stopped the car and told me she had to blindfold me before we got to the Barber Shop, because I could not see where it is. She put the blindfold on me and drove on. We made several more turns and then the car stopped. Kim came around and opened my door and whispered in my ear. “You think that last spanking hurt. Open your mouth and you will feel pain like you have never felt before. Now walk with me.” I could hear women’s voices as we started up some stairs. Kim then took the blindfold off and kissed me on the forehead. As she pulled away she put her finger to her lips, and said, “Not a word, understand me!” It was hard walking in those pumps (I still don’t know how women do it) The dress was so tight that I had a hard time walking, my legs would hardly spread apart as I walked. Kim opened the door and said, “After you, dear.”

Inside was one barber’s chair, six or eight waiting chairs and hair all over the floor. The barber was a tall blond woman with a high and tight. She was only wearing a black lace bra with black stockings and a black lace thong. She was very beautiful. There were several other women in the shop also. Over in the corner I could see what appeared to be a saw horse covered with fur. I had no idea what it was for. As we entered the barber said, “Hello Kim, I see you brought your sissy with you today.” (My heart stopped. What has Kim got me into this time?) “Who is going to be first? You or the sissy? I must say you have done a lovely job with him.”

Kim pointed to the chair nearest me and said, “SIT down!” She than said, “I think I will go first Jane. When you are ready for me.” The other ladies in the shop just looked at me and smiled at each other.

This Barber Shop was not like any I had ever seen before. It had an old-fashioned barber’s chair that had straps on it. The walls were covered with mirrors. There were whips, straps, paddles and belts hanging on the wall by that saw horse looking thing. I was aroused with being in a barber shop where women got very short haircuts like I had always wanted. But this girdle made my dick hurt every time it started to become erect. What was about to take place I had never thought I would see or be a part of. I was about to become the center of all these women’s attention. Jane finished cutting the woman’s hair she had in the chair and called Kim to the chair.

Kim sat down and said, “Take it off into a nice flat top with the sides and back shaved. I need my bush shaved also.”

Jane smiled and said, “Now you’re talking, let’s get this over with, Kim.” Jane took her clippers in her right hand, snapped them on and looked at me and said, “Take a good look Sissy because this is the last you will see of Kim’s hair on her head.”

Jane went straight down the center of Kim’s head. Red hair started falling into Kim’s lap, on the floor and flying through the air. My dick got as hard as it could in that girdle, it began to throb with pain. I moved around trying to relieve the pain. Kim spotted me moving around and said, “Looks like that girdle is working, it hurts don’t it? we aren’t ready for you to become erect yet. Mary, I think my sissy is enjoying this too much. Would you be kind enough to help him to be still?”

Mary, the lady sitting next to me (a very big woman I might add) grabbed me by the arm and forced me over her knee and began to spank me across my bare thighs. After she had finished she told me, “There is more to come later.”

I looked back at Kim as Jane continued cutting her hair. Jane put her finger to her lips and said “Shh, not a word.” Kim was beginning to look better than I had thought she would without all her hair. Jane finished up with the clipper work and took out her straight razor and put cream all around the sides and back of Kim’s head. She shaved the sides and back clean. She than laid the chair back and told Kim, “Spread them!” Kim spread her legs, raised her ass up and removed her thong to reveal her fire-red bush. Jane spread shaving cream all over Kim’s pussy and shaved it clean. Kim moaned as Jane shaved her. Jane placed the handle of the razor in Kim’s hot sex several times. Each time she looked at me and smiled. Kim was enjoying this very much, I could tell. She appeared to enjoy this more than when we had sex.

Jane cleaned the last of the shaving cream off Kim and said, “Sissy, come clean your mistress up right.” I did as I was told. I was then told to take my seat again. Jane helped Kim out of the chair kissing her as she got up.

Kim walked over to me and said, “On your feet sissy. Get your ass in the barber’s chair NOW!” As I got up Mary also got up.

Jane said, “Sue, you work the camera, the fun is about to start.”

Kim pushed me down into the chair. Kim and Mary strapped me in as Jane held me. Jane placed her hair cape around my neck, as she did she said, “Now to clean you up girl.”

Kim said, “Shave it all off, Jane.”

Before I could blink an eye the clippers were running across the top of my head and my hair was coming off. Thirty seconds later I felt hot cream being applied to my head. Jane began shaving my head. She pushed my head around like it was a ball. I could feel what I thought was warm water running down my face. But it was not warm water as I could see in the mirror. I was bleeding in several places. Kim saw me looking in the mirror. She slapped me across my legs and said, “Who told you you could look at yourself? Now don’t do that again until you are told to do so.”

Jane than laid me back and said, “Now to finish him off. Take that girdle off him Mary.”

“You better be hard as a rock or I will give you a good one,” Kim said to me.

As Mary pulled the girdle off me I could feel myself getting harder and harder. Kim said, “Nice, will you look at that, Sue. Get a good shot of Jane shaving that, Sue.”

After Jane shaved my genitals clean I thought it was all over. Boy was I wrong. I was left laying in the chair while the other women in the Barber Shop mounted me and had their hair cut. They used me to get off while they were getting their hair cut. I had hair all over me. I was forced to clean each one of them up after they were done with me. I was raped by six women that day. I was made into a sissy with a shaved head. They took turns beating my ass after they all had their hair cut while fucking me without my consent. Kim enjoyed every second of it all. Kim takes me back there every Saturday so these women and more can use me to get off while they get their hair cut. Then as the past Saturdays they take turns beating me.

I now sleep in a small room with a dim light and a small bathroom in Kim’s house. She only feeds me two times a day. And only lets me out to go to the women’s Barber Shop once a week. This is not fun any more, Yes it is. Kim just smacked me across the ass and gave me one of those looks. She totally dominates me now as you can see. She made me write this also. Well it is time to get my nightly beating, then I am allowed to have my enjoyment of fucking Kim until she is pleased.

Kim’s sissy


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