Found Out

Found Out

Found Out! By Ex Dutch

Lucy was typing on their computer one night when Bill was out of town. After she had saved her file, she noticed some strange file names on the computer. When she opened them she was shocked. They were all stories of women getting their hair cut. Her first thought was that some hacker must have put those there, but she quickly realized that would be nonsense. She realized nobody but Bill and herself ever had access to the computer in their den. She started looking at files on the hard drive and found several more stories. She also found pictures of women with short haircuts. When she looked in the history folder of the internet browser she located the source of the stories: a website called the Haircut Story Archive.

Lucy spent the next few hours browsing the stories. She could not believe what she was reading. She could also not believe how turned on she was from most of the stories. When she finally went to bed she fantasized about haircuts as she pleasured herself. She thought of her long blonde hair. It was all one length, and it had taken her five years to grow it to its current length of mid-back. Right after she and Bill had gotten married, she had been talked into chopping most of her hair off. She had enjoyed the ease of the short cut, but had been worried about Bill’s response. He had been very fascinated by the shorter cut, but she was never sure whether it was a good thing. She had noticed how Bill always remarked on attractive women with short haircuts. In fact, she could not remember him ever looking at someone with long hair like hers.

The next morning, she spoke to Bill on the phone. Lucy did not tell him of her find. He was chipper as always, and assured her that he missed her more than she missed him. He would be back in two more days. After they got off the phone, Lucy decided to surprise Bill. She copied all the short hair pictures onto a CD and took them to work. At work, she looked for differences and similarities between the pictures. She thought she could tell which were Bill’s favorites. She printed those out and called her salon.

After work, Lucy drove to the salon. Her regular stylist was on maternity leave, so she went with Heather. She had seen Heather at work many times, and had always loved the styles. She showed her pictures to Heather and asked for her advice. Heather got all excited and remarked that the change would be huge. Lucy just grinned in agreement. They picked a style. Lucy went to get her long hair shampooed and brushed one last time.

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Heather carefully brushed out all of Lucy’s hair. Lucy’s stomach was filling up with butterflies by now. She smiled and nodded nervously when Heather asked if she was sure. Heather pulled out her sharpest shears, and started the cut. At Lucy’s request, she cut the largest cuts first, so that Lucy would not have a chance to back out. She gathered a large two-foot-long section on the left side. As the scissors closed on the hair Lucy gasped. Almost two feet of naturally blonde hair slid to the ground. Heather did not hesitate, but continued the process, working her way around to the other side. Within minutes, not a single hair was past chin length.

Heather spent a good amount of time making sure the line was just right. It angled ever so slightly up to the back. When she was finally done, a new Lucy was ready: she had a terrific chin-length bob. Lucy found it almost impossible to stand up, but somehow made it home. She sat in front of a mirror for a long time. She liked the look, but it did not seem to work just right. She went back to the pictures and haircut stories and realized she would have to go back to Heather the next day.

On her lunch break, Heather was waiting for her. Lucy quickly explained what she wanted and Heather agreed. Heather wet Lucy’s hair and combed it out. She snipped away at the front, leaving Lucy’s hair just past her lips. As she worked her way to the back, she elevated the line somewhat, creating more of an angle. At the back, Lucy’s hair was about an inch and a half shorter than the front. This was great!

When she was back at the office, Lucy found that her hair was no longer long enough to tuck behind her ears. No matter what she did, it would keep falling forward, swinging in her face. And she loved every second of it. She was startled by a voice. It was Jim, the new intern. He was in grad school. She could not remember what his master’s would be in, but from his looks, it required him to spend many hours working on his body. She would definitely give him a passing grade. Today, even though they did not have any work together, he kept coming up to her and initiating conversations. She finally realized he was hitting on her. She could not wait for Bill to see the new, appealing her. By the time Bill pulled up in the driveway, Lucy had prepared a romantic setting. Candles, a fire in the fireplace, and dinner was being kept warm in the kitchen. She had poured two glasses of wine, and was wearing her favorite dress. She was on the couch when he walked in. He stopped and stared. His eyebrows slowly rose. Lucy noticed it was not the only thing on him that was rising. She was right! He did love short hair! As he slowly walked up to her, his smile was getting bigger and bigger. He could not get his eyes off her hair. He reached out and softly touched it. As he touched her hair, it fell in front of her face. He pulled her close. They kissed passionately. It was a while before they got to their dinners.

In the next week or two, Lucy never let on that she knew about his hair fetish. They had some of the best sex in their marriage. He did not travel out of town for those weeks, until he had another overnight trip. Lucy had plans.

Heather was ready for her when she showed up after work. They discussed the cut and Heather went to work. First she took another inch off the hair in the front. Just enough to lift it past her lips. In the back, they changed more. Lucy had been reading more haircut stories and was intrigued with the clipper stories. She asked Heather to shorten the back enough to where she would be using the clippers a bit. They had decided to keep it a straight line from front to back. It would angle up at a sharp angle. Lucy shuddered as the clippers popped on. Heather put the tip of the guardless clippers at the base of Lucy’s neck, and slowly moved up. Lucy moaned with her eyes closed. Heather quickly moved up a few times, and cleaned up and blended on the sides and back.

When the cut was done, Heather brought out the formulated color. This made Lucy very nervous, since she had never colored her hair. Heather carefully applied the paste to every strand, and let it set for a while. When it was rinsed out, the result was stunning. A deep, rich red. Due to the technique Heather had used, it looked very natural. And very red.

This time, Bill was already home when Lucy returned. He must have been in a romantic mood, because he had cleaned up a bit, and put out some candles. The look on his face as she walked in the door was priceless. His jaw dropped, and his eyebrows shot up. Fire lit up in his eyes, and in his pants. She pirouetted in front of him and he seemed to nearly faint. The sex just kept getting better.

Lucy visited Heather after two weeks to get the lines cleaned up and her neck buzzed clean. She loved that feeling. The next time Bill was out of town, he was disappointed when he returned. She had not changed her hair. They sat down and finally talked about it. He confessed he loved short. But more than that, he loved the changes. Lucy told him there was not much left to change, and he grudgingly agreed. He told her that he would not want to see her bald. He was not into that. She was somewhat relieved.

The next day was a day off for her. She decided to visit Heather for an encore. Lucy had really loved her hair hanging in her face, but they agreed that there were no other cuts that would allow her to keep it that way. After some discussions, they agreed on a style and Heather went to work. She pulled out the clippers and put on the longest guard. They turned on with a loud pop and hummed. Heather put them to the back of Lucy’s head and pushed them up. She slowly ran the clippers all the way to the top of Lucy’s head. Showers of red hair were cascading on all sides. More fell as Heather moved up over and over again, clearing most of the back of Lucy’s head. With the guard, Lucy’s hair was reduced to an inch to an inch and a half in the back and on top. Then Heather stopped. They looked at the result. Lucy nodded.

Heather turned the clippers back on and now put them to Lucy’s forehead. Pass after pass was made from that side, and more hair fell everywhere. After removing the length on top, Heather removed the guard and used a comb to shorten and blend the sides. After the clipper cut, Heather pulled out her shears and started texturing Lucy’s hair. The result was a very short pixie cut, with little spiky sections sticking straight up all over. Heather then brought the coloring formula and applied the product. After a set, and a few rinses, Heather styled Lucy’s hair, or what was left of it. It was now all black.

Bill loved the new look, of course, and over the next year or so, Lucy slowly grew her hair out a bit, making sure she had some fun style changes and color changes along the way.

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