The Witness

Kelli peered into the mirror as she brushed her long, thick hair. She guided the brush in smooth, even strokes through her dark-blonde mane again and again, long after the need to brush had ended, long after her hair hung in perfectly-groomed, shining waves down below her shoulders. It was almost a sensuous experience for her; she loved her hair, loved the softness of it as it lay against her back, loved the heavy heft of it as the brush stroked it, releasing the heavenly smell of her favorite shampoo; loved the rich blonde hue…her hair was stunning, she admitted proudly to herself. She hoped they wouldn’t change it too much.

With a sigh, she turned from the mirror and addressed the two FBI agents guarding her. They were pretending to play cards, but both were secretly watching her as she tended her hair. Kelli smiled inwardly. She knew her golden locks were a major turn-on to the male gender.

“So when does the stylist arrive?” she asked.

“About three-thirty,” O’Brien answered. He was a sweet kid, Kelli thought. A big dumb-looking Irishman who could quote page after page of classical poetry. Looks sometimes deceived, she realized.

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She turned back to the mirror. Twenty minutes. In twenty minutes the stylist would be here to disguise her, to change her looks. Kelli wasn’t thrilled at the prospect, but she wanted very much to continue breathing; and you don’t continue breathing long if you inform on a top mobster, and then his buddies catch you out on the street. Hence the Witness Protection Program. A new life, a new look, a new name…she really wished she’d never stepped out into the alley for a breath of air just as the mob hit went down. She’d seen it all as Vito “The Ape” Nunzio gunned down that cop, and her testimony alone had convicted him. There was almost certainly a contract out on her, so drastic measures were needed…especially since Vito had then escaped custody and was on the loose…

She jumped as she heard the knock on her door. O’Brien and his partner Walsh stood slowly and drew their guns. Walsh headed for the peephole.

“It’s okay. It’s them,” he announced as he pulled the door open, making sure the hairdressers were alone.

Three women strode into the room. All three wore white stylist’s smocks, but there the similarity ended. Leading the formation was an immense woman with stiff, obviously-dyed black hair piled high atop her massive head. Her makeup was applied in a clownishly-thick manner. From her demeanor it was apparent that she was in charge. Her two assistants were whippet-thin, with pinched features and mousy-brown hair pulled back into very severe buns. They looked…well, tough was the only word that came to Kelli’s mind. Her heart quailed a bit; this did not look promising.

“WELL!” the boss exclaimed dramatically. “You must be Kelli! Gorgeous, darling, simply GORGEOUS!” She shook Kelli’s hand. “I am Madame Inga, and these are my assistants, Barbie and Katie.” Both nodded at Kelli distractedly. “Shall we start?”

“I…I don’t know…” Kelli averred, casting a beseeching glance at O’Brien, who remained oblivious to her discomfort, lost in his newspaper. “Come, come, my dear. Time wastes. You will be FABULOUS when Madame Inga finishes with you. Ladies?” The two assistants took hold of Kelli’s arms and led her into the suite’s bedroom. O’Brien and Walsh hardly gave a second glance.

“SO!” Madame Inga chirped as Kelli was led to a straight-back chair in the middle of the room. “Tell Madame Inga how you would like to be looking.”

“W-well,” Kelli stammered, “I kind of like my hair as it is now…maybe a slight color change…but keep it long…” “Yes, it is LOVELY. So smooth and shiny. But we must be changing it to keep you safe.” And without further preamble Kelli was deposited in the chair. Madame Inga opened her stylist’s satchel, removed a large brush, and began to brush Kelli’s long hair. Almost despite herself Kelli felt herself relax. Madame Inga really knew what she was doing…Kelli felt her eyes close…

The sharp sting of a hypodermic needle entering her arm shook her out of her reverie. She bolted upright, only to feel two pairs of hands seize her and drag her back down into the chair. A cry started in her throat, only to be muzzled by the clamping hand of Madame Inga. Kelli reeled. What was going on here?!?? Why was the stylist attacking her? Kelli’s struggles weakened as the drug she’d been injected with took effect.

“You like?” Madame Inga crooned menacingly. “My own invention…a curare derivative…you won’t be able to move or speak or feel anything, but you’ll remain conscious. It’s important for me that you remain conscious.” And she removed her hand from Kelli’s now-disabled mouth, reached up, and yanked off the jet-black wig. It was Vito Nunzio! Kelli’s heart sank. She knew she was a goner. Desperately she tried to raise an alarm…to alert O’Brien and Walsh to her plight…but her body refused to obey her commands. “And these are my daughters, Rosa and Natalia. You’ve inconvenienced me, Bitch. You’ll pay with the thing you care about most. I could kill you now, and be gone before those two FBI clowns realized what happened. But that would be too easy. No, I have a much, much better revenge in mind. Strip her, girls.” Kelli, limp as a rag doll, was helpless as the two daughters stood her up and began removing her clothes. Within minutes she was nude, then they sat her back down. Nunzio whistled appreciatively. “Madre…you’re incredible. Such a waste.” He smiled cruelly. “Girls, let’s get on with it.”

Clippers appeared in Rosa’s bony hand. Natalia spread Kelli’s legs apart and stroked Kelli’s bush lovingly; Rosa explained. “Natalia’s a lezzie. Her own bush is kinda sparse; she’s always envied girls with lush, generous pussy hair.” “Yeah…” Natalia snarled. “Then I take care of ’em.” And with a sneer she yanked out a tuft of Kelli’s nether fur by the roots. So effective was the numbing drug that Kelli couldn’t even twitch!

Natalia grabbed the clippers from Rosa’s hand and began mowing off Kelli’s bush, pressing the electric razor hard into Kelli’s mons to ensure shearing the hair as close to the nub as possible. Kelli’s mind squirmed with the humiliation. She was being shaved! Her beautiful bush was being stolen from her by these wenches! The razor whined as it chewed again and again until the barest stubble was left. Natalia stroked Kelli’s denuded pussy, satisfied with the result. Her seeking fingers spread Kelli’s naked love lips; inserting her index finger into Kelli’s helpless twat Natalia began to stroke her clit expertly. Kelli felt nothing due to the drug, but in spite of her peril she began to get wet. Then Kelli heard an ominous hum and focused her eyes at Rosa, who was holding an electrolysis needle! “No! NO!” Kelli thought helplessly as the instrument was lowered to her crotch. The smell of burning hair wafted to her nostrils; tears coursed down her unmoving face as the needle did its foul work…killing her roots…she realized that she would be forever bush-less…as hairless as a little girl…

When they were done they angled a mirror so that Kelli could gaze upon the wreckage. Although her face showed no expression she was awash with shame and humiliation. Her bare mons looked red and irritated from the electrolysis. And how naked she looked! She could see EVERYTHING! And to her further shame she could see her naked pussy lips glisten with the juices of her forced arousal.

Her contemplation was shattered by Vito’s next words. “You’re gonna look real different, Bitch. Your own mamma’s not gonna know you.” Her eyes tracked up and saw Vito approaching her face with a syringe! “Oh…god…no…” Kelli thought to herself. Vito carefully inserted the large needle into Kelli’s lower lip and injected the clear fluid therein. Kelli could feel a slight tugging as her lower lip inflated…it had to be collagen…she’d heard of this treatment for those unfortunate women with thin lips, but Kelli’s lips were fine…or at least they were… Again and again Vito injected her lower lip, then he began on the upper. The needle dipped to its task time after time. At long last Vito decided that he’d done enough and held up the mirror.

Despite the drug Kelli gasped in horror. The symmetry of her beautiful face had been destroyed. Her lips were monstrous… huge and bulbous. She vaguely remembered her mother referring to big lips like these as “Fuck-Me Lips”. Her mouth seemed to cover the entire bottom half of her face. Tears once again flowed down Kelli’s immobile cheeks.

The electric razor returned, and Kelli sat helplessly as her eyebrows were completely clippered away. Electrolysis ensured that they’d never return…Kelli knew her face would always look curious and strange, but she didn’t care…she was silently praying that O’Brien or Walsh would check on her before Vito Nunzio turned her attention towards her…

“…beautiful, beautiful hair,” Vito said almost reverently. He was taking handfuls of Kelli’s locks and rubbing them between his hands…bringing her hair up to his substantial nose and inhaling deeply of its sweet aroma…stroking it with awe. Kelli’s heart sank. Her worst fear, seconds away from being realized and her unable to do anything about it…

Vito brushed Kelli’s long mane and gathered it into a pony-tail very close to her scalp. Kelli could feel the tugging as her locks were collected and fastened atop her head with a red rubber band. Vito then released his grip, sadistically letting the long skein of golden hair flop forward into her eyes, obscuring her vision. Kelli could smell the sweet scent of her fragrant hair…her mind whirled in horrified anticipation of what was coming…

“Not yet, Bitch, not yet,” Vito crooned as he callously flipped the pony-tail back out of Kelli’s face. “First we give you jewelry. Girls?” Kelli strained to look downward as Rosa and Natalia approached. Kelli heard the pppsssssttttt! of an aerosol can, and glanced down to see Rosa spraying her nipples with something. Morbidly fascinated, Kelli watched as her unfeeling nipples engorged and lengthened…saw Rosa grip her right nub tightly and stretch it out…while Natalia brought forth a large needle! They were going to pierce her nipples! Deface her beautiful breasts! No! she thought in terror. But she could do nothing as the needle entered one side of her nipple…stretching the skin before poking through on the other side…a small drop of rich red blood appeared, only to be licked away by Natalia. Kelli sat helplessly as her other nipple was similarly punctured, then watched as two large golden hoops were affixed to her chest and fastened permanently in place with superglue. Kelli writhed in humiliation, but the two demons weren’t done yet! Again Kelli heard the ppssssstttt! and her eyes snapped down to see her pussy lips being streched out by the don’s daughters! In short order Kelli’s hairless pussy lips, too, were pierced and ringed!

“God…what more can these maniacs do…” Kelli thought in despair. If only she’d known…the tattoo needle was next. Vito handled this part himself. He began at Kelli’s mons and tattooed a large green alien over Kelli’s pussy, using her cunt lips for the creature’s mouth. Kelli struggled ferociously against the insidious drug, but to no avail. She remained absolutely motionless as Vito colored her flesh forever…turning her love tunnel into a crude, garish cartoon. A pair of demons soon joined the alien, one demon leering from each of Kelli’s previously smooth, tanned breasts. Finally, Vito turned his attention to Kelli’s face. He tattooed her newly-bulbous lips a bright, bright red, forever fixing her face with a slutty look; and rimmed her eyes with heavy black. Then he put the needle away.

Kelli felt her head being drawn to one side as Vito yanked her pony-tail. “Bet you think I forgot,” he said with a smile. Kelli’s eyes flew to the door and she willed O’Brien or Walsh to come to her aid; no effect. All hope fled from her heart as behind her she heard the snick! snick! of scissors snapping shut.

Her head was forced erect by the tension of Vito’s grip on her pony-tail. Rosa held up a mirror; Kelli could see the scissors sliding down the long blonde length until they rested at the pony-tail’s base, very close to her skull. The scissors opened…then began to close again and again, working their way through the thick blondeness… chewing… making a crunching noise as the long golden hair worked free…With a final snap! the scissors closed, the dark-blonde mane came free in Vito’s hands, and the short, ragged ends escaped the confines of the rubber band to fall about Kelli’s head. Tears streamed down her unmoving face as she saw her beautiful hair destroyed…stolen from her…years of growth, taken in seconds…

The electric clippers once more came into play. Kelli watched as her remaining hair, short and ragged, was mowed off, leaving her head with the barest stubble. “God…” she thought as she beheld herself. “…I look like a freak…” Rosa and Natalia then attacked her scalp together with the electrolysis equipment, rendering Kelli permanently bald…

Their work done, the three stood back to examine Kelli. In front of them sat a formerly-beautiful girl…a former long-haired blonde with pristinely beautiful, unmarked skin…with a perfect face…now rendered freakish. The light glinted off her nipple and pussy rings…her head and crotch gleamed unnaturally…her clownish red lips pouted garishly…her body adorned with new, brightly-colored tattoos…They smiled sadistically as they made their way to the fire escape. No one would catch them…and Vito Nunzio had had his revenge on the silly little cunt who thought she could inform on him.


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