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Fun Time

Fun Time – HotCutie100

This is the first time I have written a story and I hope to have more after this one. This is all not true but I would like it to be true. This came to me as I was sleeping so I wrote it down. The names are not the people’s real names.

I am a high school kid that likes to have fun sometimes on Saturdays. This Saturday I am going to have fun with four girls. We will start around 8:00 in the morning and do some pretty strange things for the day. The four girls that I choose will be from my high school. They will have to sign a contract saying that I can do whatever I want to do to them and they can not get mad. The four girls I will choose will have to have beyond shoulder length hair and one of them has to have hair below the middle of their back. The four girls I choose will be Brooke with shoulder length hair, Holley with a little longer than shoulder length hair, Ashley with hair below the middle of the back, and Skye will have below the shoulder length hair. They are some of my good friends with pretty hair but some of them won’t have much hair left when the day is over.

To start out I need to get the supplies ready. I will need a storage shed with power in it, 4 chairs, scissors, combs, clippers from a salon that will rent them to me or I might have to go buy a pair, shaving cream, razor, and reservations for that day to have the four girls’ hair colored the color I choose.

They will meet me in our school parking lot with their hair washed and they will be picked up by me in my car. As soon as they get into the car they will have to read and sign my contract. When they sign the contract they will be blindfolded and tied up for the rest of the day. I will tell them this is a little game that we are playing together. They will not see where we are going. They will stay tied up and blindfolded until we are all done doing what I am going to do to them.

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I will take them to the storage shed and I will give them the straws of my picking. The straws will vary in size. There will be a long, medium, half, and short straw. Holley will get the short straw, Brooke will get the long straw, Ashley will get the half straw and Skye will get the medium straw. When the person sits down and is tied up she will automatically get two inches of hair cut off from the bottom, up on the hairline.

The way the order of cutting will go will be the girl with the long straw will go first, the girl with the medium straw will go second, then the girl with the half straw will go third. The person with the short straw will go last but they get to choose the hairstyles for the first and second girls. I choose the hairstyle for the third girl and the last girl will be shaved bald, no exceptions.

Brooke will have the long straw and go first. Then Skye will have the medium straw and go second, she will also have earplugs on so she can not hear any words. Ashley will have the half straw and go third, she too will also have earplugs on so she can not hear any words. Holley will have the short straw and she will go last but she gets to choose Brooke’s and Skye’s hairstyles. During all this Brooke, Skye, and Ashley will be tied up to the chairs and blindfolded. Holley will have her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded when she is telling me what to do. If there are to be no bangs I cut and shave that area no matter what, also with the no setting on the clippers I will shave that area bald.

Brooke goes first. I give her the choice of the settings between 0-5 for the clippers and she will choose the second setting. The cutting begins. Brooke will be tied to the chair and blindfolded and gagged so she can hear everything and suffer and so she can not say no or stop. Holley chooses the haircut. I ask Holley: bangs or no bangs; three fourths, half, or some left; right, top or middle. Holley chooses no bangs, three fourths, and left. So I do what she says. I cut off the bangs and shave that area right there and then. I then get the top three fourths of the hair and get it out of the way. I then use the number 2 setting on the clippers and clip all of the hair off from the three fourths mark and down. With the remaining hair I put it in a ponytail on the left side and cut it right as close as I can to the scalp. That leaves the effect of long hair on the right and short hair on the left with a really cute haircut from my point of view.

Skye goes next. Skye’s hair is a little longer than her shoulders. She does not get to choose her setting but I do and I choose the zero setting which is there are no clips on the clippers. The cutting begins. Skye will be tied to the chair and blindfolded and gagged just like Brooke was. Holley will choose part of her haircut this time. What Holley does not know is that when it is her turn she goes bald completely. I ask Holley: top half or bottom half; short, medium, or long. Holley chooses bottom half, and long. I choose to leave Skye’s bangs. I separate the bottom half form the top half evenly and I cut and shave the top off right to the scalp like she is bald. With the bottom half the length of hair she has will stay the same length but a little trimmed so it is even.

After I get done with Skye I take Holley to her chair and tie her up to it. She is still blindfolded.

Ashley is third. I choose her complete haircut. She will have no bangs and there will be no clipping with the clippers. She will have two ponytails, like pigtails, on the left and right sides of her head. I cut them off as close to the scalp as possible. I trim her hair to make it look pretty but I don’t trim much off when I do it so that it would look nice and cute. Ashley is still tied up and blindfolded.

Then there is Holley. She has no idea what is going to happen to her. She is tied up to her chair and blindfolded. What I do to her is I shave her hair all the way off and right down to the scalp with the razor. She is completely bald. No hair left on her head or neck. She looks so pretty. I do this to her because I really like her.

We started at eight and we got done at twelve.

Before any of this took place I called the hair salon and set up reservations for hair coloring at three o’clock. I will choose the hair colors for the three girls that have hair left. During the three hours I talked to the 4 girls and asked if they were having fun and I gave them something to eat. I had to hand feed them one at a time because they were still tied up and blindfolded because I did not want any of them to see each other or feel each other’s haircut. When three o’clock approached I took the girls and loaded them into my car and drove them to the hair salon. During this time I was thinking what the hair colors should be. Brooke’s hair color would be very red; Skye’s hair color would be blond; and Ashley’s hair color would be dark, dark brown with blond highlights. So we get to the salon and the four girls wait patiently for their turn. I have Holley just sit with her hands still tied and still blindfolded at a chair. Brooke, Skye, and Ashley all at the same time get their hair colored. When Ashley gets done, she gets the blond highlights in. When all of the girls get done with the coloring, I take them back to the storage shed still blindfolded and tied up. When we get there, there will be a mirror for them to look in. I untie them first then I take off the blindfolds. They look in the mirror and scream. They are mad but that is tough luck. After words they get used to the look and said that they actually had fun doing it.

All of a sudden I had four pairs of hands on me and I was being tied to a chair and blindfolded. I heard them discussing about something. Then I heard the shavers come on and then I was pushed into the car and taken somewhere. We then came back to the shed and they showed me what they did. They put a Mohawk down the middle of my head and it was dyed blond. I was mad but I knew it was payback.

That is the end of my story and I hope to write another one. This story was not true but I would like to do it sometime if I got the guts to do it. The contract is below.

CONTRACT We the undersigned will allow you to do what you ask us to do and will not get mad.

You can do whatever you want to do to us and WE WILL NOT GET MAD!!!

You can blindfold, gag, and put ear plugs on and also we will allow you to tie us up to the chairs.

I will sign and make this final

Name: ________________________ Date: _____________


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